Becoming God Of A Dystopian World
Becoming God Of A Dystopian World

Becoming God Of A Dystopian World

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Becoming God Of A Dystopian World novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Action, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author The_Fake_God. 299 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


'Welcome to the New Era'

Waking up in an unfamiliar world, Zhao Luo realized the changes in his body.

In this distorted world, the lands that Zhao Luo once knew of, have changed into mountain ranges and every range has a Sect while the sect leader has all the power and control over the surrounding mountains.

Zhao Luo's simple life as a traveler had already ended the moment he was trapped in a sleeping capsule.

Now his goal is to become the strongest and reign supreme in this new world to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a God.

• Zhao Luo's potential attracts the attention of a mysterious old man.
"Master, you are an Emperor, Emperor of Gods?"

Becoming the Disciple of this old man turned out to be a blessing for him.

• Receiving his master's most treasured books lets him meet even more incredible personalities.

"What? The egos of the Ancient Emperas are overseeing my growth?"

• Continuing on the path to rise to the top in the Xin Sect, Zhao Luo finds a Fist Technique.

"Oh, he trained for 78 years to master this? But It only took me 4 days ^.^"

Zhao Luo's journey will bring him to the top as he crushes down his enemies, and make friends with unusual characters, each with a background of his own.

"She is mine."
Going against one of the three Royal families, just for the sake of his beloved, this journey is filled with everything you need.

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Hazardous Gold Tier Winner of WFP#28

The art is not mine.
In case you want to contact me regarding anything related to my novels, feel free to do so.

A work of Fiction by a Fictional character.

This is The BEST discord Channel Ever ( bait )

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  • kalachri 1

    it's so boring the plot won't move forward I am at ch 52 and the only thing that is happening is the mc saying "i have good friends" again and again with different words. . . I bet the mc will beat his enemies even though they are millions of times stronger than hin by using the power of friendship. . .

    Edited: 1y
  • lnwUser101205 1

    Didn't past ch9 to make me sleep

  • Medical 1

    Didnt even make it past ch 3 on armipotent due to grammer from translation unless its changed

  • lnwUser68861 1

    Chapter 22 and I like it so far

  • Guest666 2

    Mc is dumb. I legit feel like he is dumb its not a problem with knowledge but the way he carries himself is so fucking dumb its not even funny. The novel has nothing fun about it that makes up for this stupidness atleast Armipotent is a power fantasy and its not bad in what it does but this one just fucking sucks.

  • MasterReader 2

    so "we" who got vaccinate for COVID-19 will die soon is this what the story telling us about the future? -translation okay, novel okay, got a little bored since there nothing going on ~enjoy reading -after 100 years, the world is still normal beside being broken then suddenly out of no where a guy with a sword appear and let the sword go find a owner? -MC become crazy, require for godhood - become crazy and meet a random old guy in ur mind space who told u that u r talent -Basically similar to other novel where people get transport to new world instead this one, "broken" earth was merge into a new world after passing a test to climb the "mountain entry". -MC who have been asleep and playing in his mind wake up after 110 years

    Edited: 1y
  • HaremDetector 3

    ive read up to 50, its harem.

    • Sofielikestoread04 1

      Thanks for the warning, welp I'm gone novel hunting elsewhere

    • Han_ 2

      To read a story without feeling maximum disappointment, always expect there to be a harem. Its the most used idea because its the most popular idea. If a harem story gets clicks, then the authors will include harem. Of course, I thank you for your service Harem Detector, I am just telling future readers what to be wary of.

      • MyHeadHurtsFromReadingTheComments 1

        Go read soul of negary, it's one of those non-harem stuff.

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  • L_reads 1

    Here I Go!!!

  • deavilzero 1

    good so far i am on chapter 18

    Edited: 1y