Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please


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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Fantasy, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Muziyiqi. 1067 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


The first time they met they had battled fiercely, just for a mere bunch of herbs. She needed it to save people, and he wanted to use it to save his own life.

“Let go of it, or you will die.” The man’s violet eyes were cold and sinister as he said in a low voice.

She held on tightly to the base of the herb and pulled its roots right out of the ground, before she turned her eyes back with a crafty smile. “It’s mine now. Snatch it from me if you can.”

When they met several years later they were no longer on opposing sides in hostility. In order to repay the debt for having stolen the herb back then, she went on to miraculously cure his body’s condition, relieving him of the inhumane torment that wrecked at his body day and night. He was amazed by the godly skills in Medicine she possessed and his heart went on to fall irrecoverably head over heels in love.

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  • AnYeong 2

    Xi Zhan Chen, u made my heart ache!

  • lnwUser121473 1

    This novel is just my style. . I've read a lot of transmigration Chinese novel but this one I just perfect for me. . not too long and not too short. The story plot is so different from he usual transmigration you read. It was so refreshing and emotion enducing. . All the characters here are beautiful and you will be in contant wonder who really are the bad people / villain. I. wont spoil it. . Just highly recommended, . you won't be disappointed. The FL is very lovable and strong and loyal.

  • chibieffi 1

    this story is well worth reading. the flashbacks are a little confusing, but you can get over it and take it easy. I was just a little dissatisfied with the ending; full of holes, characters with unfinished stories, characters completely forgotten. but it makes up for it with the two main characters, super charismatic, fun and exciting without being too tacky and cloying. the story is short compared to others I've read, so you can read quickly and get distracted easily. escrevi com google tradutor, não me responsabilizo pela tradução kkkk Xi Zhan Chen e litlle Ye são uns amorzinhos. dá vontade de pôr num potinho e guardar com todo zelo pra nunca sofrerem ;~; bbs

    Edited: 2y
    • WolfWood 3

      Annoyed with some of the plot holes a third of the way in... Like friend from previous life offering to join him in his kingdom where he's treated like royalty (Duke and he saved the Emperor). "No, my family is here." Person who isn't even biologically their sister makes fake father send her to fake sister's sect so she can try to kill her since she has a crush on the friend from another world... And let's have little bro walk again in 6 months after faking it for so long to join her in a den of snakes... Why not just join friend and take little bro so he can walk off the bat, since their only other family (mom) is dead and little bro was crippled originally for finding out they weren't blood relatives to fake dad to start with... Just stand up out of that wheelchair, say you're not our biological dad, and bounce with friend? You were planning to leave one day, use the easy chance where little bro gets to walk and train like a normal person...

      Edited: 6mo
  • M00N 3

    This novel made me feel so much emotions and xi zhan chen can i just say The sacrifice is really to much.. ark made me shed a lot of tears and now my pillow is soaking wet... and little ye.. My favorite line that broke my heart.. "I love you, Don't forget me will you?" -Xi Zhan chen's line. Ah, shet I'm crying again. I really can't. 😭💔 My favorite sentence. "Even though he had always known that she did not feel that way towards him,he had always continue to long and yearn for her attention, even if it was just the slightest bit, where she would just cast her glance for him at a single instant, he would have no regrets. And he know deep down inside that even though it was only a small and miniscule bit of hope, it would never happened." "As they were people from two different worlds. Even though it was so close,it could even be said to be within hand's reach, the gap between them was insurmountable chasm, where they could forever only remain the closest strangers." - little Ye 😭💔👏

  • Alleyen 1

    A cute story.

  • Everton_Madson 1

    Do not waste time with this, nothing makes sense, the genres are confused by the fact that the character dresses up as a man all the time, and some transitions between present and flashbacks are very bad.