Black Iron Magician

Chapter 100: Evil Face

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Chapter 100 Evil Face

After recovering the resurrected Oda, we each begin the preparation to make sure we are ready. That said, Haru just does a warming up. She was fighting the golems a while ago, and I think her body is already warm enough. Well, Oda and the others need to do the preparation, so it can’t be helped.

「Deris-san, are you sure about it?」

As I was waiting while drinking tea on the sheet that Gobuo prepared, Chinatsu sat next to me while saying so.

「What is?」

「I’m talking about the mock battle with them. You intentionally suggested a disadvantageous condition, but what if Toukou accepted it?」

「We would do it as it is.」


She breathed out the usual sigh that felt like giving up. It’s the usual thing, so I reply as usual.

「I know that Haruna wants to fight everyone in the class. However, Touko is a tough one with the best ability among classmates and is well-trained. Isn’t it a little premature?」

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「Is that so? I heard from Nell that you were about to snap at Touko when she first met you.」

「T-That was, you see, Toukou was… to Haruna…」

Chinatsu tried to answer, but she was hesitating. It’s okay, I understand. Chinatsu cherishes Haru as her friend after all. She’s trained unreasonably under Nell, asked to do something unreasonable by me―― but, she’s not whining. It’s all for the sake of keeping up with Haru’s extraordinary growth speed. From what I heard, Chinatsu was the only one who stood as Haru’s ally until the end. That’s a staunch belief. Haru sure has a good friend.

「Knock down all of the classmates. This is a major premise for Haru. However, they are under the protection of old geezer Joseph, an influential person in Adelheit. The trouble is, it’s hard to get at them. Participating in the graduation festival is also for this sake. However, four of them accepted to fight. This is a chance for Haru, right?」

「… Isn’t it still dangerous?」

「Well, you don’t have to worry. Doing it in the form of a mock battle is for that sake. There’s no problem even if they lose since it’s unofficial. If Haru wins, she will be satisfied. If Haru loses, she will get motivated even more. Whichever the result, there’s only profit for us. If we give them a piece of the stone giant’s material, that Fuchi will wholeheartedly accept it and return.」

For that reason, I sent a murderous intent to told them that they can’t beat me. Fuchi, who seems to be very cautious, will probably do his best to find a way to avoid fighting me. As long as I give him the proof of the subjugation, he’ll be happy to accept my proposal. Ahh, I’ll take the reward of the subjugation request from Duke Ortho and Therese, though.

「Deris-san, you are making an evil face…」

Hahaha, there’s no way that’s true.

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On the other hand, at that time, in the hero group.

「Haa!? Why are we going to fight Katsuragi!? Moreover, fighting her together!?」

「Why, you ask? Oda, you were fainting at that time, right? We were risking our lives in the negotiation at that time, you know?」

「T-That’s also mysterious. Why did I faint at that time…?」

It seems that Oda, who makes a gesture of scratching his head, doesn’t remember that he fainted when Touko forcibly made him kneel down. It will be troublesome, so Fuchi decided to not explain it.

「But, even if it’s a mock battle, fighting a girl together is not hero-ish… If I had to say, it’s more like a villain.」

「Oda, are you thinking that Katsuragi-san’s status is still the same as the first day?」

「No, I somehow don’t think so…」

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「… Oda, I’m glad you feel that way. I had the same reaction earlier after all. I’m happy that there’s someone with the same feeling. Still, now that it’s decided, just do your best. I’m sure that’s what Haruna wants.」

「Touko… You are right. Yeah, right. Fuchi said that Katsuragi is as strong as you. Yeah, it’s not the time for us, who are weaker than her, to complain. I’m sorry.」

「Yeah! Well, just try to win if you can! Even if you die, I’ll avenge you!」

「T-Touko-san, please stop with the bad omen…」

It seems that the preparation for the mock battle, mainly mental preparation, is complete. Oda, Fuchi, and Mani are originally close friends, so they can proudly say that their party combination is one of the best in the class. The only question is whether their strategy will work on Haruna or not. Fuchi, the brain of the party, is grateful for Touko’s remarks earlier. If Fuchi flared up at Oda, Oda wouldn’t have obediently given in like this. Also, Fuchi thought like this.

(Touko-san, she kept away the topic about him fainting, huh.)

―― Anyway, they are all ready.

「He~y, can we get started now?」

Deris is shouting from the other side. Looking his way, the opponent of the mock battle, Haruna, was doing warming up with a black staff in one hand. It seems that a long time has passed, she has been sending gaze at them frequently.

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「It seems that we have kept them waiting for a long time. Oda, as a warrior, you will face Katsuragi-san directly, which is the most dangerous role. If we lose you, our shield, we will all fall apart at once. I want you to understand what that means.」

「Hmm, Fuchi is expecting me that much, huh. Is it going to rain tomorrow?」

「Yeah, I think it will rain spears.」

「You are that reluctant!?」

「P-Pfft. I’m glad to see that both Oda-kun and Fuchi-kun are as usual. I’ll do my best to support you.」

「Yeah, I’m counting on you too, Mani.」

The warrior Oda is the vanguard, the ninja Fuchi is the middle guard, and the magician Mani is the rear guard. All of them are level 4 and the balance of the party is very good. The strength of their party is probably incomparable to the Satou group who Haruna fought before.

「Attention please~. The referee for this mock battle will be this Lilyvia, the number one maid of Goshujin-sama~. Challengers, please be careful not to be defeated in an instant by Haru-chan.」


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As soon as they arrived at the center of this huge room, the place of the mock battle, the maid Lily gave her name and advised them in high spirits. Being told so by a maid that’s top class at appearance only, Oda and his friends were immediately stunned.

「Um, Lily-senpai. That kind of favoritism in a sacred match is a bit…」

「Ahaha, don’t worry, Haru-chan. I will be a fair referee. Otherwise, Goshujin-sama will get angry. Now, let’s keep the rules simple! Attacking vital parts and giving a fatal wound are prohibited. If further fighting is impossible or fainted, that person will be out of the match. As long as you follow the rules, touching the breasts and a bit naughty act is allowed! How about it, boys! You can respect me for setting such rules!」

「W-We won’t do such things in the mock battle! Just what are you talking about!?」

「Yep. Thank you for your innocent reaction, Eyeglasses-kun! ―― Well, if you can touch her, that is…」

「…Huh? Did you say something?」

「No, nothing.」

Lily responds with a smile. Her last mutter was swept away without being heard by the Oda who was being somewhat excited. Only at this thing that Oda looks like the main character.

「Everyone, let’s have a good match!」

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「Y-Yeah, let’s do our best…」

Contrary to Lily’s smile that had hidden meaning, Haruna showed a natural smile and asked for a handshake before the match. An orange robe and a black staff, both are equipment they have never seen in the castle. Those are probably something that Deris prepared, so they can’t let their guard down.

(Katsuragi’s hand is really small, huh…)

Even so, Oda feels guilty at this point. He strongly feels that they can’t be forgiven for exiled one girl. Then, he’s concerned about the environment of the girl who shows an unchanging smile like in the past, mainly about how she’s being treated under the care of the unknown man named Deris. Oda knows about the many honors Haruna has established back in Japan. However, the one in front of him right now is just a lovely girl, both in her physique and appearance. He feels that his determination is wavering.

(With that appearance, can she really fight?)

Oda’s thoughts were gentlemanly and exemplary at a glance. But at this moment, that was too much arrogance. Would he come to the same conclusion in front of Haruna who switched the gear? Deris was making an evil face in the distance.

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