Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse
Chapter 887.2: A fated betrayal (Part 2)

Because the laws of this space temporarily created by the Soul Record were much weaker as the laws were mere copies of the true space-time laws of Eventide World, the fierce attacks of so many Third Order soul evolvers who had completely let loose and without holding back at all began to affect the stability of the inner world of the silver tower.

The Demon Lord took a moment to survey the surroundings as he now said in a calm voice, "You know... I imagined many futures, but I definitely didn't anticipate that one day in my life I would be cornered by a human."

He looked at Bai Zemin and said in a casual voice, "Well, at least not by a First Order human.... Where did you come from? Even if you are young, with your talent and strength you should have made a name for yourself long ago regardless of what kingdom you live in."

Bai Zemin did not reply, but the corner of his lips lifted imperceptibly upon hearing the Demon Lord's question. He understood the intention Ar'gon had in asking him that question, but little did the Demon Lord know that by asking that he actually ended up helping Bai Zemin to confirm completely who the person who would betray him would be.

'Looks like I'll be able to keep my promise sooner than I had hoped.... Although I was hoping that the betrayer wouldn't be that person.' Bai Zemin whispered in his heart as he gently caressed his storage ring with one finger and a glint of sadness shone in his eyes for a brief moment before fading away.

The two looked at each other in silence before their bodies disappeared from their previous positions, leaving nothing but an afterimage that was soon shattered as a terrifying explosion shook the entire pocket world.





"Mages, raise barriers quickly!"

"What's with these two monsters?!"

Everyone was doing their best as they watched the two flashes clashing at speeds simply impossible to follow in real time.

All of them, regardless of who it was, could only see a flash of golden light moving at breakneck speeds as it continuously collided with a black beam that devoured all light around it and tinged everything with darkness.

"Impressive." Murmured the pixie king as with the help of several elders of his race he erected a mighty barrier that somehow managed to withstand the fierce shockwaves caused by each explosion. As the old pixie king watched the flash of golden light intensely colliding with the black beam, a glint of admiration shone in his emerald eyes: "Ar'gon's power is undoubtedly immeasurable, but I am more amazed by that human child.... He really is just a level 50 soul evolver?"

Even though the pixie king could only see two flashes flickering across the sky and earth after each impact, he had no doubt that if he were in the center of that explosion he would suffer serious injuries immediately.

"It's hard to believe, but that's how it is." Said a pixie woman who was already beginning to show signs of old age as she looked on with glistening eyes.


"Damn it!" Demon Lord Ar'gon grunted and with a powerful burst of darkness forced Bai Zemin back several tens of meters as he covered himself with his weapon.

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Both of the Demon Lord's arms were shaking fiercely and the pain transmitted from his hands was simply intolerable so he had no choice but to expend large amounts of Mana to force his enemy back and thus buy time for his aching bones to relax a little.

'It's that damn weapon!' Ar'gon gritted his teeth in fury as he watched the blood-red mist surround the blade of the enemy weapon and curling around his arm.

Every time the Demon Lord clashed blades with Bai Zemin, the bones in his arms felt pressure so great that it felt like they were going to break at any moment even though they were actually in perfect condition. It didn't take Ar'gon long to realize that all the enemy was doing was inflicting great amounts of pain on him but in reality, the wounds were relatively minimal.

But even then, the pain was truly overwhelming to the point where the Demon Lord was about to go insane!

Suddenly, the Demon Lord's pupils constricted as he saw his enemy take a turn by taking advantage of the recoil force with which he had forced him back.

"Bastard!" Ar'gon roared as he quickly jumped to the side to avoid the flying sword that was spinning like a wheel in his direction causing explosions of wind all around.

Not even a moment later, a terrifying explosion finally destroyed the small world completely as Bai Zemin's greatsword engulfed in purple flames smashed against the stone gate where the entrance was.

Everyone was shocked when they were teleported back to the dungeon, to the central area of the city. However, none had time to be surprised for more than a second as the humans and demons continued to fight fiercely.

Not even a second had passed but a great part of the surrounding buildings had been turned to dust after being hit by the resulting shockwaves between two impacts or by physical-magical attacks.

The Demon Lord had barely straightened his stance after dodging the greatsword that Bai Zemin had thrown at him when he suddenly felt the wind howling and instinctively raised his sword to shield himself.


"What?!" Ar'gon's eyes went wide as he saw Bai Zemin now wielding a new weapon.

Bai Zemin waved the golden whip and then began to swing it with dexterity, attacking the Demon Lord from a distance.

Ar'gon used his sword to block, but the speed of the whip was much faster than his sword which resulted in his body taking several hits. He was being forced back as Bai Zemin's right arm turned into a blur, golden light covered the sky as the whip in his hand caused lightning-like explosions booming every time he attacked.

Realizing that his only option was to close the distance despite knowing that he would soon have to experience more of that terrifying pain, the Demon Lord waved his hand forward and shouted, "Spears of Darkness!"

From the buildings still standing in the distance, from the rubble on the ground, from the trees in the distance, from the shadows of the distant dungeon creatures; their shadows twisted and turned into black spears that soared into the sky and rained down on Bai Zemin like a rainstorm.

Bai Zemin had no choice but to slice with his whip at the spears attacking him from all directions, which naturally resulted in giving the Demon Lord some breathing room.

It was then that Ar'gon shouted again.

"Heart Devouring Darkness!"

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Bai Zemin's face changed as he felt some sort of chain coiling around his heart and soul. Soon, he felt himself weakening to the point where he lost about 10% of his overall power and Bai Zemin was sure that if it wasn't for him possessing the skill Soul Manipulation the effect would surely have been much more terrifying.

The Demon Lord sneered, "We all have darkness in our hearts, even saints are no exception to this rule!"

"Call of Darkness!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!...

Under the shocked eyes of Bai Zemin and all those who took the opportunity to watch now that the two had stalemated, several silhouettes emerged from the shadow of the Demon Lord and stood behind him like good soldiers waiting for their general's order.

The problem was that the identity of those silhouettes was known by all.

"So this was what Ar'gon was doing with the human corpses." Princess Scarlet frowned and said in disgust, "Really, demons are a race that doesn't even respect the dead let alone respect the living."

The Demon Lord had a cold expression on his face as he waved his hand and casually ordered, "Kill him."

Soon, approximately forty Third Order soul evolvers above level 140 burst out with astonishing speed and charged towards Bai Zemin, forcing him to continuously retreat as he used his whip to keep distance and used spears of blood to counterattack the Demon Lord's spears of darkness.



"Big brother!"

"Bai Zemin!"


Bai Zemin's friends panicked when they saw him fall at an abysmal disadvantage.

Being pressured by the Demon Lord and forty corpses who were once soul evolvers at the king of kingdom level was truly a pressure under which anyone would collapse in a second not to mention the fact that Bai Zemin's condition wasn't very good to begin with!

His face was pale, there was blood running from his eyes, nose, and mouth. His internal organs had wrinkled to the point of looking like old plastic bags about to break; all of this was the consequence of wielding the greatsword Doom Bringer.

'What should I do...' Despite his situation, Bai Zemin kept his composure as he tried his best to dodge the enemy attacks and counterattack whenever he had the chance. He knew that panicking at this moment was the worst thing he could do.

He had activated Soul Manipulation, which meant that three of his skills had gone up a stage. One of those skills was the skill Regeneration, which also raised Overlap Regeneration as it was its second activation; at this point, Bai Zemin was able to use the points of one stat to add them to two different stats.

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Basically, he was doubling the points of one stat and dividing them between two different stats, and it was the reason why Bai Zemin was able to keep up with the Demon Lord in both Strength and Agility at the same time. However, the weight was much greater and he couldn't keep it up for too long not to mention the fact that he had to replenish his Stamina and Mana every so often as he had skills that consumed too much of both stats to stay active.

'Should I use Blood Immortal Radiance...? No, definitely not now.' Bai Zemin dismissed the thought of using the third activation of his Blood Manipulation skill, if he used it now he would die later anyway so nothing would be meaningful.

The demons who had taken the lead on some battlefields when their opponents hesitated in their attacks upon seeing Bai Zemin falling at a disadvantage suddenly felt pressure again from their enemies who after realizing that somehow Bai Zemin seemed to be relatively fine began to attack with greater ferocity than before.

The Demon Lord also frowned as he used spears of darkness to attack while waiting for the perfect moment to charge. He noticed that just as he found an opening that would allow him to deal the other party a fatal blow, Bai Zemin somehow moved in such a way that this opening immediately closed while taking the least amount of damage from the Third Order corpses.

What the hell was that all about?! The Demon Lord had never in his life felt so frustrated and angry! Even when he thought he knew most of the enemy's trump cards, the other side would surprise him with something new that no one had informed him about!

Bai Zemin was like a ghost, moving strangely all over the place, dodging fatal attacks just a hair's breadth away and getting hit by those that would cause less damage in exchange for counterattacking.

Suddenly, more and more blood started pouring out of both eyes and he leaned back ninety degrees.

Only a second later, the skill Indiscernible Blade of one of the dead kings of kingdom slashed, passing past the place where Bai Zemin was standing and hitting a building over 40 stories tall.


The building rumbled as a perfectly straight line appeared in the middle, the top quickly slid down and collapsed with a powerful explosion.

The second skill that Bai Zemin had upgraded to the next stage was Danger Sense, which now helped him detect any fatal danger a second before the danger was put into action. It was not unlike being a second ahead in the future, which while perfect in this kind of situation was also bad as the burden on Bai Zemin's soul was colossal.

'Should I use that skill...? But... Even I don't know if activating that skill will benefit me or harm me.' Bai Zemin frowned and right at that moment he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

'I have no choice!'

Purple flames burned on the blade of his greatsword as he let himself be hit by some attacks and slashed in a wide diagonal arc.


As the ferocious explosion forced all the kings of kingdom back and sent others flying, the purple flames roared like a dragon and illuminated the environs, consuming the lives of more than 4 kings of kingdom in the process and turning their decaying bodies into nothing but ashes.

"Divine Blood Punishment!"

This was the first time Bai Zemin triggered the second activation of his most destructive skill of all, and because the description was too vague, even he didn't know what was going to happen. However, his instinct told him that it was okay to take the risk this time.

* * * * * * *

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Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse Chapter 887.2: A fated betrayal (Part 2)
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