Important information (contains some spoilers).

Will be updated as the world-building develops along with the progress of the story.

* * *

Treasures Grades:

Red Orb = Normal grade Treasure.

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Orange Orb = Rare grade Treasure.

Yellow Orb = Magic grade Treasure.

Green Orb = Epic grade Treasure.

Cyan Orb = Legend grade Treasure.

Indigo Orb = Semi-God grade Treasure.

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Violet Orb = God grade Treasure.

* * *

Soul Record.

The Soul Record is an unknown entity that shows up unannounced on different worlds and in different parts of the multiverse. It is not known if it is a corporeal entity or without physical form.

The only thing that is known to date is that its main function is to make the mana of the world, which was in a non-latent state for countless years, finally start moving and pushing the living beings to their evolution.

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It is unknown if there are other motives for these actions.

* * *

Evolution and Soul Power.

When defeating an enemy, it is possible to acquire an orb containing Soul Power from the defeated enemy.

This Soul Power boosts the basic stats of the winner, pushing them beyond, making the winner's body more powerful, and boosting their evolution more and more.

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The amount of Soul Power depends on the level difference and the type of defeated enemy. In addition, once too much Soul Power of the same type of enemy at the same level has been absorbed, one's soul power begins to acquire a certain immunity so that it is no longer possible to acquire extra stats in this way, forcing living beings to fight against stronger beings.

Apart from acquiring stats by defeating powerful enemies, when leveling up each human being acquires 2 status points to distribute freely.

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