Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse
Chapter 51: 1 vs 1: Dangerous hand-to-hand battle!

Feeling the sudden rush of air approaching his back at breakneck speeds, Bai Zemin did not even hesitate for a moment as his body reacted before his brain did.

Doing a 180-degree turn and raising his sword high, Bai Zemin's 85 Strength points completely burst out as he slashed downward ferociously as if he wanted to split his enemy into two pieces.


The sound of metal clashing against metal resounded loudly and Bai Zemin felt his right arm go very slightly numb. However, his Strength stat was not low at this point so he was not forced to retreat.

"You finally came out, you damn zombie!" A smile rose on Bai Zemin's face as he looked at his expected enemy.

Indeed, Ming Shui Shui's description was lacking but accurate.

The beast was undoubtedly a zombie. However, unlike normal zombies or any other zombie Bai Zemin had encountered so far, this zombie had completely deep blue skin. The zombie's eyes were wide open and unlike the rest of the zombies, the greenish glow in its eyes showed that its sight was there, unlike normal zombies that could not see anything... But the most striking thing was that its body seemed to be extremely agile and instead of two arms it had two strange, sharp-looking sword-like blades as limbs.

"Scram!" Bai Zemin shouted as he pressed the full weight of his body forward while applying all his strength on the sword that had collided with one of the zombie's blades.

Surprisingly, the zombie was forced back several steps. This showed that its strength was undoubtedly inferior to Bai Zemin's!


A strange grunt came out of the zombie's mouth and suddenly its body leaned forward, disappearing from the place where it was standing a moment ago.

Fast! This zombie was incredibly fast!

Bai Zemin's pupils dilated even more and while gritting his teeth he immediately slashed towards its right side with all his might.



After a powerful metallic clang, the zombie that was fast but obviously did not possess particularly high Strength was sent flying and slammed hard into the opposing wall.

However, Bai Zemin couldn't help but be a little scared.

If it wasn't for his earlier experiment making use of his Blood Manipulation skill to somewhat control and increase the adrenaline outflow, then his normal reflexes would not have been enough for him to be able to react in time to the earlier attack... This meant that he would have been dead by now!

Dead after just one trade!

That's how terrifying the creatures that had officially taken a step on the path of evolution were! Even more so this zombie that only needed one cut to turn Bai Zemin into one of its comrades!

Bai Zemin seized the opportunity when the evolved zombie was sent flying and activated his skill Blood Manipulation. The blood he had spread in this corridor suddenly turned into ten blood chains and under his control they flew towards the evolved zombie.

The evolved zombie's greenish eyes glowed coldly and it jumped up before it began to move in strange patterns. Due to its speed, the creature managed to evade six blood chains, but four of them managed to surround it to the point where no matter where it tried to escape it would be impossible.

However, what happened next was something Bai Zemin did not expect.


A strange magical energy surged out from the evolved zombie's body and a semi-transparent colored barrier whose shape was similar to that of an egg surrounded the infected's body. The four blood chains slammed against the energy barrier, creating metallic sounds before falling to the ground.

"What?!" Bai Zemin's eyes widened in shock. However, the evolved zombie suddenly disappeared from its position without giving him time to think too much about what had just happened,

"Dammit!" Bai Zemin quickly turned around and raised his sword in a defensive stance to defend against the unexpected attack.


This time, because he had been taken by surprise, Bai Zemin was forced back approximately five meters as his feet dragged on the carpet that adorned the floor.


The evolved zombie advanced and slashed twice using both blade-like arms.

Clang!... Clang!

Bai Zemin was forced into defensive mode as he tried to process what had just happened.

Wasn't the acquired skill of this evolved zombie the two blades on its body? Bai Zemin was dumbfounded and again realized the reason why Lilith had told him before that he had been one of the few beings in the history of the universe capable of successfully defeating and slaying an enemy of a higher Order.

Such creatures were simply too horrifying!

If the evolved creatures of the First Order were already this powerful, then how strong were the ones of the Second Order? Even worse... How strong was Lilith? And all those Sixth Order existences like her?

Only now did Bai Zemin understand the reason why people like Lilith differentiated people like him and her into different categories; Lower Existences and Higher Existences. The difference between the two of them was simply colossal...

Since you have that strange skill, then I will cut off your head with my sword! Bai Zemin gritted his teeth and slashed forward with all his strength.

The evolved zombie was sent flying and rolled across the ground several meters before leaping to its feet. However, before it could even take a step forward and burst out with its ghostly speed, Bai Zemin had already appeared before it and was attacking again, forcing the evolved zombie to raise both of its blade-like arms to parry the blow.


Again, the evolved zombie was sent flying and this time its body hit the wall twenty meters away, making a powerful bang and cracking the wall in the process.


Bai Zemin, who had started dashing immediately after sending the evolved zombie flying, appeared in front of the creature at lightning speed and slashed diagonally again with the intention of cutting off its head.

"I don't believe I can't kill you!" His eyes flashed with infinite coldness as he looked at the beastly eyes of the zombie in front of him.

Chapter 51: 1 vs 1: Dangerous hand-to-hand battle!
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