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Chapter 984 2 days ago

One of the best world building and apocalypse novel. The story does not take to fast and always have a steady speed, there are only little romance but the MC, the skills and the fights are top notch. Keep up the good work Author. 👍

Chapter 357 2 days ago

It is not the best but it is really entertaining. The author sometimes just writes a lot of unnecessary details that I just get lazy to read but I just skip those paragraphs. Im currently in chapter 395

Chapter 979 3 days ago

absolute favorite novel by far and i read hundreds. i just wish i could binge on this novel till finish and then keep going because its that good. i cant get enough.

Chapter 979 4 days ago

Begining of the story is good but the pace is too slow. Too many side arcs that extends the chapters without any interesting or canon material. 980 chapters out but MC is still in 1st order. Seems like the author wants to do something like One Piece and maybe in a few decades, there will be an ending.

Chapter 767 6 days ago

Great story. One of the 1st apocalyptic-types I've read. Just hope MC's progression isn't rush or the story isn't compromised in future. Also expecting more decisiveness from MC in regards to relationships.

Chapter 966 10 days ago

Very entertaining to read. If you like OP MC's that are smart with lots of bloodshed and a magic/skills system, and a dash of romance, then this is a good read.

Chapter 966 11 days ago

Really great novel. The story is great with good charackter development and romance. And its pretty interesting that he has to become the strongest being in the universe in the next 6 years even though he isnt in the second order yet

Chapter 950 14 days ago

Fav sheesh good novel read this your time is worth it. come on First mc is a cool, evil to enemy and good ones to his family friend, child, and he is so cruel to enemy who betray him. Second-the battle style is lit so fucking good its feels like you sre reading rssg but better. Third-succubus lilith he is wifey material

Chapter 942.1 14 days ago

This is one of the first novels on this site that managed to get me really hooked. There have been a few before and a bunch since, but this one really has a special place in my heart. Writing this review that no one will likely read (since I don't much bother with reviews either) isn't to boost the numbers of this novel or anything. It's just that I feel that it's losing its way a little and it feels uncomfortable to keep silent. That said, here it goes. What made this novel shine at the beginning wasn't the system that everyone has or the apocalyptic setting or the powers. It wasn't even the hot succubus that suddenly came out of nowhere. It was the characters and it was the humanity of it. The apocalypse has started, there's zombies everywhere and giant, savage animals. What do people do? Well. . they're scared shitless. The natural reaction I suppose. In a sanitised and peaceful world people are suddenly dying brutally in front of you. There's no noble sacrifices or brave leaders or the police coming to save anyone. People are running and you will be stomped on if you can't keep up. That guy at the beginning that used that girl he didn't know as a meatshield is the perfect example. While that was cold and cruel, it also felt real. Human. Bai Zemin is remarkably cool headed here, which is strange if you stop to think about it, but really he serves as a vehicle for us to experience the start of a new world. We don't need him to say that he's afraid or to say that people are shit or to say anything. Sort of how you don't need the player character to say anything in a first person horror game. You're feeling it for yourself and the protagonist just needs to let you ride that roller coster. That being said, despite not relying on his emotions, it also works well to introduce him. He's competent, resourceful, and clever. If he can't control the blood of his enemies he'll bottle some up. If he gets stats for just killing stuff, he'll save the stat points for emergencies. He leaves the fear and incredulity of the apocalypse for later, for now he just needs to get to safety. But he's also good. Not particularly self sacrificing or anything. But a good man. He'll save those he can at least. He won't let people that need not suffer be. It's small. It's such a small thing, but I've been so acustomed to main characters being lone wolves or only caring for immediate loved ones or hiding their abilities, that I fully expected him to just abandon everyone and survive by himself. But helping others is a human thing isn't it? Why did I expect him to act inhuman? Next we meet a bunch of characters. Liang Peng, Chen He, and Shangguan Bing Xue. Normally in Chinese novels and general media I can't for the life of me remember names properly. I'm not particularly racist against Chinese people I don't think, I just never had the chance to interact much with them, and their names are so outside of my languages' general sounds that I find it hard to properly process and recall them. In novels at least, I just sort of remember the shape of their name and recognize them from that and their personality. Somehow this hasn't applied here. I guess this should stand testament for how well these characters work and how well the authour treats them. They're not soulless NPCs there to be subservient to Zemin or to be faceslapped by him. They're people, with strengths, flaws, goals, and pre-existing relationships. Liang Peng slowly realising that he went from a nobody to somebody with power and that now he can have what he likes is some background character work. It's becoming relevant now, some 900 chapters later. Chen He might be the only young master in any novel that I haven't come to detest. He's grounded and respectful. He's even somewhat understandable. And Shangguan Bing Xue. Man. . . what a girl. This novel tends to get some hate because people say they don't like Lillith, when really they just like Bing Xue more. I can't say I blame them. The bastard princess of China. The gradual journey to dethawing her icy heart, mirrored by her powers gradually moving away from being just ice related. She's just fantastic. Moments with her are some of the best in this novel. This is what made this novel shine. As we got stronger and defeated bigger threats, we met more people in more scenarios. Helpless people struggling to survive whether they are weak or strong. People struggling against the world and people struggling with themselves. It's a tragic world out there, so when we get glimpses of hope, of light, it's dazzling. The first settlement we built, people happily working and using coloured paper for money in a bid to act like we're still civilized, the first meeting where Zemin declares he will become king and everyone joins him. How does this contrast with people being starved in other settlements. With mothers attempting to sell their bodies to be able to feed their child. I guess my problem with the current place the novel is in is that we're not really seeing the dark anymore. It's all hope, all joy, and we're spiraling into this borderline power fantasy. Sure, there's glimpses of the original feelings. A mother losing her son. Losing someone that has been with us from the start. It just feels more shallow somehow, like it's there to justify the direction the plot wants to go in. I'm seeing the strings of the puppet. Maybe I'm overthinking things or maybe I'm not seeing the direction the authour wants to go in. Either way I'll still be reading and seeing where this wild ride goes.

Chapter 341 15 days ago

Kinda slow pace but still nice. But if you can keep on it you'll love it. Give it a try. There's some part that took too long but yeah still good