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Chapter 1081 3 days ago

Let me get this straight: I love this novel! The world-building and the characters, in my opinion, are well-written. The fact that this is Chinese is added to that point as well. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problem with them, but in those novels, there are lots of horrible dialogues. In this despite the story being grand, like a Chinese novel, the conversations are ok at least, and well most of the time I can enjoy it pretty easily. I read a Korean novel not long ago, that was pretty much the same, but despite the similarities, they are light years apart. I liked that too but not too much. It felt as if it was this novel's sketch. :D If I have to point out one mistake that I didn't like much but liked at the same time is the girl's relationship with MC: I liked it because the author wrote the details of it, their inner thoughts, struggles, and the way that the MC handles them, at the same time what I disliked is that the girls are starting to be dangerously many in number. I like harem, but I like when MC is with only one girl too. What matters is Who are we talking about, and in this situation, the 3 girls around mc are acceptable but more is too much. I especially hate when everybody loves MC and nobody the others around him it is just wrong character-building for the side characters. So I really hope that it stays the same and the others got partners as well.

Chapter 290 6 days ago

This novel is okay in my opinion. The characters are likeable, the world is detailed and enjoyable and the powersystem has enough twists to be unique. Basically the Story is very good but the execution is very lacking. The pacing of the story is horrendous! There are certain arcs that last wayyyy longer than they need to but at the same time some important fights are cut down to one chapter or have a lot of chit chat to artificially increase the word count. This makes some parts a drag to get through while others leave the reader unsatisfied. Furthermore there are A LOT if info dumps in the beginning which are also heavy to digest and absorb. The information contained in one chapter could have been spread over multiple chapters. Instead we have extremely codensed and confusing Info dumps that are forgotten the next day. Although this admittedly gets better as the story goes on. Another more personal problem I have are the character descriptions. I DON'T NEED TO READ FOR THE 10TH TIME THAT "Empires would topple if they saw a beauty like her". Once is enough, maybe twice if many characters were introduced at the same time but this is excessive. Furthermore *EVRYTHING* about the women in this story is 'seductive', 'sexy', 'hot', 'elegant', etc. I can not understand how someone 'opens their jaw elegantly'. I know that this novel has some "spicy" content but this use of adjective, in combination with the character descriptions, is excessive and boring. All in all good Story dragged down by lackluster execution. If this stuff doesn't bother you, then you have a very interesting Story ahead of you. Enjoy.

  • pika
    Reader KP:355

    Opens their jaw elegantly...kekekekeke... Gonna give this novel a try and see if it gets too annoying... I probably wont read it till the end ...lessee

    7 hours ago Reply
  • Bikramaditya
    Reader KP:306

    You are saying right 👍 I gave this novel rating only one 🌟 too much superlative racist adjective used in this novel.. Author said it's not same earth what we have here but still using mythological characters from this earth... Story pretty much common average...and lastly heavy infodump... ONE good about it that quick chapter every..

    5 days ago Reply
Chapter 1075.2 6 days ago

im honestly surprised this is not 4. 5+ overall rating. the world building is pretty great and character development is nice. i also really like the relationship dynamics that occur a bit later in the novel like at 400+ chapters.

Chapter 1062 9 days ago

Really great story, excellent character development and really good world building, the author also did an amazing job on the power levels and fights. And if u really care—they made some really detailed sex scenes which I’m not complaining about. If I had to say what I don’t like then it would have to be their unnecessary and over use of suspense and cliffhangers, like the Mc will have gotten a huge boost in power or something and we would just want to see what the skill is or what the stat boost is but they’ll only show it like 20 chapters later so it gets to a point where it’s kinda annoying. But other than that the novels one of the best I’ve ever read and it will probably stay like that if the story continues the way it’s going.

Chapter n/a 10 days ago

enjoyed It, really entertaining and good plot, you can see that the author put a lot of thought in it. im around 1060 and the story is now entering the main arc but theese last 1000 charapters weren't boring at all

Chapter 163 10 days ago

Dropped at 163. Seemed decent in the beginning but the leveling process is just so grueling. MC might not get any strongest across tens of chapters and honestly, the leadership thing doesn't do it for me at all. He keeps talking about gathering people because he can't make it to his family on his own and that only an army of his own can fight thousands or more enemies but it doesn't make sense at all since 99% of the people he's rescuing won't even fight?. . . The leadership prompt is forced, the pace is very slow and the power system is a boring old system with little tiny changes here and there.

  • unknownusername
    Reader KP:1196

    hey i would recommend pushing through, the part you are at is pretty grueling but it does pick up after the bridge arc.

    6 days ago Reply
Chapter 1057 20 days ago

Writing and commenting freely on what others write is easy, too easy. The fact that the barriers to entry to such actions are so low on a site like this, and that it is a relationship in which there are no obligations, means that the repercussions are minimal, even negligible. That's why I think it's important, however limited you are, to take it as seriously as possible. To sum up my opinion for those in a hurry, it's worth reading, it has all the stereotypical flaws of a web novel, but it really manages to entertain the reader, at least up to this point where I'm going (chapter 1057). I don't have enough experience to know if this is the case, but in order to give some context to what I am writing, I assume that this work is by a Chinese writer, and that I am reading the version translated by someone else, who is not a professional at the job, and seems to abuse quite a lot of automatic translation tools, which I do not identify. Apart from the spelling mistakes, the odd typo, and the odd grammatical inconsistency, the main sin of the person writing the translation is the limited language, which obviously detracts from the richness of the text. As for the author, perhaps his greatest sin is in the same category as the translator's; poor use of the native language, lack of basic literary tools, and the abuse of the same phrases, mainly sayings that seem to have been recovered from conversations in 1920, which although useful for setting the story, take away from the richness of the text, and even generate frustration when reading it. Perhaps one of my main pains with the text is that the writer, either through ignorance of better techniques, or disinterest in writing training, creates too many plot holes, and totally fails to manage the timing of the story, leaving out vital information during the process of building the literary world in which the story takes place. Another common mistake that writers make is that they tend to lose themselves in components of the story that could easily be skipped, and abandon solid plot lines, with the casualness of someone who is just taking notes, which end up sneaking into the final text in what seems like an accident. Under no circumstances can I say that the work is bad, quite the contrary; I enjoy it, and to my great regret I've reached the point where I've caught up with the pace of publication, so from now on I have to wait for the next chapter; I can vouch for the work, and I know it would be an enjoyable reading experience for those who are just arriving; you just have to know that you are by no means to find some Nobel Prize worthy novel of the intellectual stature of Yasunari Kawabata or Gao Xingjian.

  • unknownusername
    Reader KP:1196

    i agree with you but comparing this to other novels on the website i would have to say 3/5 is unfair especially when you are still reading this and waiting for daily publications after 1000 chapters. you should rate it based on how much you enjoy it not on how the translation is or the gramatical errors.

    6 days ago Reply
    • sebaslander
      Reader KP:10

      Sorry, but no, this is not a Yelp review about the service in my neighborhood bodega, or the last dish in an unknown dinner. The way to evaluate any book, novel, or piece of written art is similar in every context, and the thing about being engaged and me enjoying the novel, given the business model of the webnovels market, it is a given, so that should not influence too much the final result.

      3 days ago Reply
      • unknownusername
        Reader KP:1196

        you are entitled to your opinion but you its just weird. who reads a 6/10 novel for 1k chapters lmao. thats like going to the same restaurant and eating a meal that got 6/10 on yelp every day even though there are hundreds/thousands of other restaurants.

        3 days ago Reply
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  • Wuxu_Expert
    Reader KP:1775

    big words for my tired brain but will go to bed and read tomorrow, thanks for your well thought out review. Edit: it seems to me that you write very well have you thought of writing a novel?

    Edited: 07 Nov, 09:00
    19 days ago Reply
    • sebaslander
      Reader KP:10

      Thanks for they compliment. No, I never thought of writing someting for everybody else to read.

      18 days ago Reply
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Chapter 122 24 days ago

Since I haven't finished it yet, I can't give a complete review, but I'll edit it when the time comes. Anyways, I'll split this into 2 sections. Pros: - Amazing storyline - A kinda new concept - System is original with its own ranks, not generic stuff like Rank A, S, SSS, et cetera - Writing has more depth and less grammar mistakes Cons: - Occasional grammar/spelling mistakes - Occasional plot holes - Cringey dialogue - Cringey 2d characters - More cringe

Chapter 1051 25 days ago

Even though the story progression is quite slow, i appreciated every passage of said story. I love the characters and the interactions between them. The fact that it's slow paced is a minus but, from my pov, not a reason to give it a negative score.

Chapter 1048 26 days ago

Overall, the writing is not bad, good even, but it's just. . . the core of the story isn't good. Let me explain. Bai Zemin is more showing off constantly. At least, it feels that way. He constantly does things, has abilities that are "above all others". It never really. . . feels like there's much of anything interesting that happens. Just traveling, fighting enemies, getting something from somewhere, it's just. . . not interesting. The combat is bland and uninteresting, especially with the higher strength of his abilities not being used well. He usually just swings his sword or punches and. . . his stats does stuff. His speed, strength, mana, isn't because he worked really hard, it's because at his base, he got his start from being lucky. Being good with mana is because he has so much to play with, and just. . . there's no real complexity to it. He's the best at everything, which means he's special in no way. At the end of the day, it's boring because there's no change to the same formula, or truly interesting. Yes, there's world building and lots of well done writing but. . . it means nothing.