Birth of the Demonic Sword
Birth of the Demonic Sword

Birth of the Demonic Sword

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Birth of the Demonic Sword novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Eveofchaos. 2361 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


"So, that's how my life ends, what a waste of time it was...".
These were the last thoughts of a young man, shot by accident in a fight between local gangs. Little did he know that he would soon wake up in another world, a world of cultivation!
This is the story of the whoreson of a wealthy family, of a transmigrator that had no purpose in his previous life, of a demon that will make power his reason to keep on living.
Noah Balvan, after he transmigrated, will have to fight against his social status and the many difficulties of the world he was reborn in to obtain the power to stand free in the sky above anyone!

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  • Armin
    Reader KP:305

    Guys can someone please tell me about power system I rea till ch 300 a month ago but when I read it today I was confused about it You know about body and mind thing I forgot about it

    4 days ago Reply
    • Firestar2804
      Reader KP:5

      There are 3 powers, the mind the body and the dantian. Those powers have 9 ranks, from 1-3 human, 4-6 heroic and so on. And the dantian has in a rank gaseous, liquid and solid stage when it's in the solid stage he can level up. The same goes with the body there is peak low, mid and high or what it's called then he can level up. The mind is the sea of consciousness and yea. And when the level is high it takes 100 years to level up and so on.

      4 days ago Reply
    • Firestar2804
      Reader KP:5

      No Problem, the story is good but I stopped reading it for the time being I mean it's somehow slow😂😂😂 I'm gonna read other things and give them a try. I wish u a good read

      yesterday Reply
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  • lnwUser98243
    Reader KP:381

    Three mths no update sigh... the tears

    4 days ago Reply
  • Omniscient_Reader000
    Reader KP:53

    Good read. Unique powers. Awsome adventures. Especially Noah's journey through immortal land. Had fun reading Noah's companions teasing King Elbas. Elbas had a great development.

    11 days ago Reply
  • Person1eleven
    Reader KP:0

    Summary of the novel dragon -> king -> god -> heaven -> sword Honestly hate those not so ending, endings. But have to say I enjoyed the journey, even if I think the last moments felt rushed.(still trying to find that after story that author mentioned)

    12 days ago Reply
  • lnwUser116853
    Reader KP:10

    What chapter do we see the MCbeating the sh*t out of King Elbas? King Elbas is like the typical arrogant MC in wuxia novels...

    20 days ago Reply
  • Zeonn
    Reader KP:20

    Can you recommend non-harem series like this?

    27 days ago Reply
    • Kamil_G
      Reader KP:3

      From my fav: Reverend Insanity Soul of Negary Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Alien Evolution System Reincarnator As far as I remember they don't have harems.

      15 days ago Reply
    • kevintortan01
      Reader KP:1069

      Lord of the Mysteries The Legendary Mechanic Supremacy games Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Those are my top fav list that is similar to this one. Enjoy!

      21 days ago Reply
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  • NOTE_sk
    Reader KP:0

    good for reading

    29 days ago Reply
  • JenkaG
    Reader KP:14

    I swear who ever did the translations doesn´t know the word "properties"

    a month ago Reply
    • ySkippy
      Reader KP:113

      It's not a translation, the author writes and speaks in English.

      15 days ago Reply
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  • nicoooo
    Reader KP:10

    The demonic sword that is born around chapter 760-770 is the one the title is talking about or he will build another one later which will be "better"?

    1 months ago Reply
    • Sargen
      Reader KP:19

      Noah is the demonic sword, but the sword he created is alive and ss noah gets stronger it does too

      17 days ago Reply
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  • bravesxl
    Reader KP:292

    The status should say completed

    1 months ago Reply