Can't Take My Eyes Off You (WN)
Chapter 2267: She's Busy

Jiang Lei laughed so hard when he saw Jiang Yao's angry look. He crossed his legs and took off his heavy coat, revealing the exquisite suit inside. He looked at Jiang Yao up and down with a wicked smile and clicked his tongue; he said, "You've only been here for a few months? Maybe you'll become a hot air balloon in another two months. With a single blow, you can reach the sky. Oh, no, you're too heavy. You can't go up to the sky. "You can only roll on the ground like a big iron ball."

"Jiang Lei, when my son is born, I'll not let him call you uncle!" Jiang Yao was so angry that she gritted her teeth. "If you laugh again, I'll get Xingzhi to beat you up!"

"Fine, fine, fine. You can say you're fat, but you won't allow others to say you're fat. How overbearing." Jiang Lei repeatedly shook his head. Then he tugged at his suit and winked at Jiang Yao, saying, "You haven't seen how your second brother looks in a suit, have you? I've flown all the way from Jindo City. Many young ladies have been watching me. There's even a bold one who asked for my contact information and said she wanted to be my pen pal."

"Open your eyes wide and see them clearly. Don't be so blind as to fall for another person with the surname Yang." As long as she was with Jiang Lei, Jiang Yao could not help but say nasty things. However, she still had to admit that all three siblings in her family were good-looking. When Jiang Lei wore that suit and did not open his mouth to make fun of her, he would be good at scaring people.

Even though he was born as a bumpkin and had lived in the village since he was young, Jiang Lei did not have that kind of rustic aura. On the contrary, because of his mouth, he was like a hooligan, and most girls liked that type of man.

"Are you still talking about that? You don't know how to love me at all." Jiang Lei snorted unhappily and turned to Mrs. Jiang, who was busy in the kitchen, and shouted, "Mom, can you give me another obedient sister?"

Mrs. Jiang scolded Jiang Lei jokingly in the kitchen, but she did not interfere in the argument between Jiang Lei and Jiang Yao. The two siblings had been like that since they were young. The closer they were, the more they bullied each other.

"Oh, right! Has Xiaoxiao called you recently?" Jiang Lei sat closer to Jiang Yao. "Has she mentioned any boys' names to you?"

"No." Jiang Yao shook her head. "Xiaoxiao seems to be working a lot recently. I see many s for her on the market."

Even in a small place like Luo City, Lu Xiaoxiao's name was familiar to many young people. Second Uncle Lu and Jiang Lei had collaborated to set up a company, and the company had signed many new talents. They had also poached a few famous names from other companies with a lot of money. Most of the promising talents were poached with a lot of money. However, Lu Xiaoxiao had also taken a ride along the way because she was the boss' daughter, and the big shots in the company had also decided to advise her. Therefore, Lu Xiaoxiao had been very busy with work.

"She is busy. Other than being busy with work, she is also busy with dating. I really admire her taste in men." Jiang Lei pulled a photo from his phone and handed it to Jiang Yao. "This guy. Yaoyao, look at him. How is he good-looking? Lu Xiaoxiao keeps saying that he's so good-looking. Whenever she had time to chat with others, she would always say that person's name. It makes me angry."

Chapter 2267: She's Busy
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