Castle of Black Iron
Castle of Black Iron

Castle of Black Iron

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Castle of Black Iron novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Action genres. Written by the Author Drunken Tiger. 2015 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After the Catastrophe, every rule in the world was rewritten.

In the Age of Black Iron, steel, iron, steam engines and fighting force became the crux in which human beings depended on to survive.

A commoner boy by the name Zhang Tie was selected by the gods of fortune and was gifted a small tree which could constantly produce various marvelous fruits. At the same time, Zhang Tie was thrown into the flames of war, a three-hundred-year war between the humans and monsters on the vacant continent. Using crystals to tap into the potentials of the human body, one must cultivate to become stronger.

The thrilling legends of mysterious clans, secrets of Oriental fantasies, numerous treasures and legacies in the underground world — All in the Castle of Black Iron!

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  • ThatINDIANCreator
    Reader KP:6

    Just finished reading the whole story it was a great satisfaction i really loved the story of course I skipped a lot of chapters and some minor plot but the story was really good I am not satisfied with the ending the ending was a bit rushed and after story was fully explained

    22 days ago Reply
  • 10_Heaven_Supreme_Lord
    Reader KP:7

    I can't believe they said Chinese are the reincarnated of the heavenly dao Anyway good read

    Edited: 26 Aug, 10:22
    1 months ago Reply
  • seal31
    Reader KP:0

    i realy liked this story. It's one of the only chinese novels i have enjoyed, the only one (that i read) that juste doesn't say "i won because i have depest background or because i'am just the strongest". The main character morality is not as devious as describ in other comments... i didn't get where the rape part occured... anyway, a lot of chinese saying. it's give me kind of "karate kid movies" with shameless masters instead feeling with a lot of life teaching sentence that i found great. i realy like to travel in another way of wiewing the world through chinese culture viewpoint. it's quite a different view from koreen or japonese one and this book give a realy different vibe on the point. it quite dynamique, more than "the cooling dragon" webnovel and i definitly recommand it

    4 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser109809
    Reader KP:318

    Netorare? Are you serious?

    5 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser55252
    Reader KP:3

    I just want to tell that the author is a really desperate man. The writing is a really trash. I know that students sometimes can be a little bit stupid but this is just gone over board. Horny this horny that. I want to ask you that are you really that desperate to get laid? Fucking trash book. Even the mc is thinking about with his dick all the time. What cheat? Even eating iron body fruit but still weaker than normal tire 1.

    6 months ago Reply
  • King_Chaos
    Reader KP:0

    I don't know why I read 600 chapters of this, MC is such a sucker

    6 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser107143
    Reader KP:0

    Worst part I've seen is it actually normalizes violent sexual assault as just men being men or as "teasing/joking". . . he even tries to rape one woman and tries to pass it off as I'm a man and your sexy I couldn't help myself. . no biggie, no regret, acts like there's nothing at all wrong with the idea of a man assaulting/raping As well as glorifying any means necessary to get rich such as robbery, theft, threats, lies, scams, rip offs etc etc because "I deserve it for helping you"

    Edited: 22 Feb, 08:12
    7 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser107143
    Reader KP:0

    More wtf stuff from author has alchemy bombs demons kill earth knights with at the time he is peter and they get stuck in mountain. . later develops even stronger bomb that suddenly are not strong enough to kill knights but only wound/severely wound them Regularly say shockwaves of battle kill less than knight people, yet claims he can make a nuclear explosion level attack. . which would ruin a city and everything in it. . . But can't possibly work on a city with millions of weak lvl 9 demons in it when single nuke level strike should level it and all the demons with the shockwaves Can out speed a sage knight yet can't handle 100 earth and iron knights Emphasizes Time Tower can only have 1 person no matter what, adds a 2 person one so he can get new lover

    Edited: 22 Feb, 03:36
    7 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser107143
    Reader KP:0

    Normal start . Quickly turns into nationalist propaganda China best, smartest, strongest, true leader of world crap... And even aside from that author regularly later on (not early) power creeps the mc for a situation.. then later acts like he can't do anything in a even easier to handle situation. for example gets a greater than nuclear explosion power blow that instant kills earth knights when he learns it yet later he balks from 100 earth knight team he could seckill easily because suddenly 100 is too much even though he is also 12-13 times faster than them

    7 months ago Reply
  • Danz
    Reader KP:0

    Ah i remember this light novel. It started decent but turn into a Pile of [email protected] later.

    8 months ago Reply