Chaos' Heir
Chaos' Heir

Chaos' Heir

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Chaos' Heir novel is a popular light novel covering Sci-fi, Action, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Eveofchaos. 479 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


A reoccurring nightmare afflicted Khan’s nights since the Second Impact. His dreams replayed the scenes of the crash of the Nak’s spaceship, an alien race that the humans had defeated five hundred years ago.

Khan’s life had turned upside-down after the tragedy. His mother had died during the incident, and the Nak’s toxic mana had infected him. His father had managed to save him, but they ended up losing their home and name in the process.

The nightmares wouldn’t let Khan forget about the Nak, so he set his mind to join the Global Army and learn to wield mana. He had to put an end to those dreams, even if that meant hunting down that alien race through the stars.

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  • Guest666 2

    People keep hating on the current arc which I dub the 'Human' arc because of all the s*x and so called needless romance. I disagree, right now this is what Khan needs. Lets look at it this way, right now Khan is connecting with his Human part, being in a relationship, growing his social status and increasing his education. But what has he done before this? Before this arc all Khan has done was fight in alien battlefields, live in alien worlds and societies and learnt alien techniques. It's an overused analogy but Khan is like a sword, he's been forged in the Alien world and now he must have a sheathe which is now being made in the Human arc. We are in a period of peace ladies and gentlemen, I believe this arc is the calm before the storm. Political skills is the final thing Khan needs before he steps into the adult world, to fight on the same stage as these families.

    • Speck 1

      I agree that the relationships make sense for the story and for Khan, but the issue is how much time the author is spending on those chapters. It would be more reasonable for him to just mention that they're having s*x or that theyre spending time together. Instead, we get filler chapters where nothing happens except flirting and s*x. At this point we get 1 "normal" plot chapter, then at least 1 chapters with nothing but s*x, and if you add in the polical chapters which aren't everyone's cup of tea, I can see how people are VERY quickly getting bored of the story. I know it can't be all violence and combat but it also shouldn't spend 50% of the story length on s*x scenes.

      • Guest666 2

        While the Author can be attributed as such I'd like to believe he is trying to write Khan as Khan. Firstly, I'd like to just say that f*ck you and your one line s*x scenes if you love them so much, I'd kill anyone who is satisfied with that sh*t. There are novels that go 2 thousand plus chapters and the romance ends with one f*ck*ng sentence. Anyways, Khan at this point is a very very emotional man and is so in touch with himself more than any point before this arc. He has lived in and learnt in mainly two alien societies that depend on their emotions heavily. Khan is very open and also extreme about his love and lust, which is why Khan is flirting every chapter or so. While I do agree that it's quite a lot, it would be best to enjoy it now since as I predicted this is very likely the calm before the storm and I'd bet the harbor's about to get f*ck*d hard.

    • Patvest 1

      You've just voiced the same opinion I've had for a while now. It's been frustrating seeing people get so angry with the direction the novel has gone, if Khan wasn't allowed to develop this way, he wouldn't really have a chance to become a more complex character. That being the case, I can sympathize with some sentiments. As someone following along daily, I can see why some people want the plot to develop more with each following chapter. In the end though, If the novel didn't go the way it's gone, we wouldn't have seen such an organic growth in the mc.

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  • KenMD27 1

    Can anyone give me the basic gist of khan's powers + who martha and the other girl is? Also what is reason at the planet he's going right now with luke I got burnt out reading till third volume so I took quite a long break, anyway thanks in advance 😊

    Edited: 28d
  • lnwUser58501 1

    God this 100% needs the harem tag added, it's so good despite that but its so f*ck*ng annoying that the cycle just repeats constantly of f*ck*n/lovin random girl after leaving the old one within a couple weeks

  • Schadenfreude 2

    Im close to dropping this due to the repetitiveness. Every arc is just a rinse and repeat of: travel>meet girl>flirt, s*x and flirt more>conflict>arc climax>breakup>start over.

    • Stuff1Do 9

      lol I'm definitely not up for that kind of novel rn, thx for the warning

  • Caz 1

    What was the name of the other book that you started writing along side chaos heir? Found it it's BOTDS

    Edited: 1mo
  • GaryGary 2

    So Im planning on reading this and I see a bunch of comments saying how he gets with girls then breaks up with them. Rinse and repeat. How does this work story wise?

    • userzimub88w6g 2

      it doesn't ruin the story it just gets a little annoying

  • homelessbruda 1

    BEst sci fi novel ive ever read

    • Mercenary654 2

      Then i am 100% sure you didtn read supremacy games

  • GreedyHuman 1

    Sigh im tired reading R-18 novels hopefully this can erase my boredom

  • binaryQoder 1

    All i see is a broken mc who can't keep it in his pants, lord have mercy so he doesn't burst cos the blueballing is 100% All in all it's like a solid 8/10.., stay away if annoying sakura like female side char is a turn off

  • KingGreyyy 1

    It's annoying that after he broke up with Cora he jumped to another relationship. Man, i feel sorry for both Cora and Martha haha