Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 3233: A Terrifying Sight (1)

Chapter 3233: A Terrifying Sight (1)

On the Desolate Plane, in the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Hall, a huge barrier of light draped down from the sky, forming a hemispherical, milky-white cover around the entire Radiant Saint Hall.

There were powerful formations upon powerful formations within this energy barrier. The power of the formations seeped out, giving off an alarming pressure.

Compared to the past, the defences of the Radiant Saint Hall had become visibly stronger.

However, the protective formations of the Radiant Saint Hall clearly were not completely active. Instead, they were half-inactive. Radiant Saint Masters dressed in long, white robes moved through the only passageway into the Radiant Saint Hall, gaining access by showing their identity tablets and passing through the barrier and the formations.

Jian Chen hid himself with the powers of space near the Radiant Saint Hall. He hovered there silently. None of the Radiant Saint Masters that moved around detected him.

He slowly put on the mask from the Illusionary Daemon race, and his presence immediately changed. He actually became identical to a Hallowed Saint Master that was just about to return to the Radiant Saint Hall.

When the tablet in the Hallow Saint Master’s hand passed through the barrier and formations around the Radiant Saint Hall, Jian Chen vanished as well.

His presence overlapped with the Hallowed Saint Master’s such that he was like a shadow. He followed right behind him when he passed through the formation, immediately flying through the barrier and formations and infiltrating the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Hmm?” The Hallowed Saint Master seemed to sense something, looking back in suspicion, but he found nothing. He immediately scratched his head in doubt.

The Soaring Clouds Peak was one of the main peaks of the Radiant Saint Hall, but despite being nothing special in the past, it had become extremely special in recent years.

With that cup of Comprehension Tea, Bai Yu did not break through. Instead, she remained at the same cultivation as before, late Deity!

Several days later, Han Xin finally reached the Primordial realm that he had been working towards for all this time. With the increase in his strength, he could control the protector sword in his possession with greater expertise.

On top of that, due to Jian Chen’s shielding, obscuring everything with the Laws of Space, Han Xin’s breakthrough did not attract any attention.

“This truly is Comprehension Tea. I never expected to make it through the bottleneck that’s kept me trapped for all these years just like that.” Han Xin was emotional. Then he stood up and said, “Jian Chen, why don’t I take you to the Tower of Radiance first? I’d advise you to pay a visit there first before you go to the World of Moon and Star.”

“Fair enough!” Jian Chen nodded in agreement. He had brought the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance up from the lower world. Now that so many years had passed, he also wanted to check on the artifact spirit’s current condition.

Chapter 3233: A Terrifying Sight (1)
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