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Chapter 267: Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife Chapter 86 part 1

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Don’t Try to Reason With Him (1)

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Li Hong Yuan had the pieces thrown back in the bowl, “Imperial father, it’s best you find someone whose skills are close to yours to play with. From this son’s view, third imperial brother is a pretty good candidate.”

Li Hong Ming’s smiling face slightly warped. What did this mean? Someone whose abilities were about the same as imperial father’s, wasn’t that just saying that he was inferior to Li Hong Yuan? Although this was the truth, it still made one very angry. Under Noble Consort Su’s attentive gaze, and before Le Cheng Emperor lifted his head and saw his face, Li Hong Ming forced himself to return to normal, “To be able to compete with imperial father, it is this son’s honor. Just, don’t know if imperial father has that interest right now. After all, this son’s qi skills, compared to sixth brother, are much worse.”

“It’s precisely because you’re evenly matched that you’d feel amused.” Li Hong Yuan got up. Evidently, regardless how Le Cheng Emperor chose, he all didn’t intend to play along. “Min Xiang, come, accompany this imperial brother for a walk in the imperial gardens.”

Suddenly being called out, Princess Min Xiang felt somewhat helpless and subconsciously grabbed Noble Consort Su’s clothes. The meaning of protest couldn’t be more obvious.

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Noble Consort Su looked to her daughter, furrowing her brows, “What’s wrong? Hasn’t Min Xiang always been saying how you haven’t talked to your sixth brother in so long? Isn’t this perfect right now?”

“But…..” Princess Min Xiang deliberately pouted her lips coquettishly, “But I want to keep imperial father company right now. I also haven’t properly talked to imperial father in a long time either.” With that said, seeing Le Cheng Emperor seemingly also want to say something, she immediately squeezed over, “Imperial father, I just want to stay by imperial father’s side right now. There’s also time to talk to sixth brother in the future, no? Besides….” Princess Min Xiang purposefully side glanced at Li Hong Yuan, feigning a disdaining look, “Where is sixth brother more important than imperial father.”

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Le Cheng Emperor laughed out loud, seemingly very happy that his daughter chose him and not that bastard. As expected, he was more important. “Alright, just stay here then. It’s not like your sixth brother doesn’t know the way. Just let him go by himself.”

Li Hong Yuan didn’t even give Princess Min Xiang a single glance, only lifting his foot as he headed out, “Min Xiang, don’t let imperial brother wait too long.”

“Bastard, did you not heard this emperor’s words? This emperor wants your younger sister to stay behind, and your younger sister doesn’t want to go either.”

“Then imperial father should quickly send someone to have those so called shu mothers of this son’s in the imperial garden all cleaned out. If another scandal of this son fooling around with a shu mother were to happen, then imperial father’s dignity would really have to sweep the floor.”

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Le Cheng Emperor’s face instantly turned unbearably dark. It was definitely because he didn’t do as he’d wished, so this bastard deliberately mentioned this upsetting matter to anger him. However, looking again to that appearance of his, he definitely must’ve had bad intentions from the start, deliberately coming to the imperial palace to stir up a storm. If he isn’t satisfied in regards to the marriage, then perhaps right now, he would’ve just completely raised havoc. After all, he was still unresigned a moment ago for not making a ruckus, could it be that he wanted to make it up now? Originally, Le Cheng Emperor wanted to let him get lost, but changed his mind in the last moment, “Min Xiang, go, follow him, let him stay far away from other people.”

Min Xiang didn’t expect that in the end, it was still this outcome. She reluctantly and unwillingly complied, and then slowly moved towards the outside.

“Min Xiang, don’t let imperial brother wait too long. The same words, imperial brother doesn’t want to say a third time.”

Princess Min Xiang froze, not daring to provoke her own sixth imperial brother’s patience. Lifting her dress, she ran forward in small steps, following behind Li Hong Yuan.

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Seeing this daughter, who occasionally was even a little willful in front of him, obediently follow behind that bastard just like a clawless little kitten was practically, practically…….never mind. Le Cheng Emperor was defeated too. He was the Emperor, how can he bicker over these things. He was just asking to lose face, can’t blame others. “Old three, come, play two matches with this emperor.”

“Yes, imperial father.”

His children were numerous, but only just that one was disobedient. Suddenly, his old heart felt comforted. Thus, during the match, Li Hong Ming experienced a taste of a gentle father’s concern, practically making him feel startled by the sudden favor. To the extent that during the match, he had a hard time concentrating and repeatedly made mistakes. As a result, the blow he suffered in his heart from his sixth son, Le Cheng Emperor was able to compensate back from his third son, so his mood naturally improved. And towards Li Hong Ming, he thus showered even more care and concern of all kinds in every possible way. Li Hong Ming was unable to sit still.

Princess Min Xiang obediently followed behind Li Hong Yuan the whole time. Li Hong Yuan didn’t speak, and she also just pretended to be mute, absolutely refusing to speak on her own. And the palace maids that served her also didn’t dare to breathe too loudly either, following behind Eunuch Mu just like a bunch of little followers.

Perhaps because of that matter with Concubine Li was too terrible of a lesson for the imperial concubines, they who were attempting to have a chance encounter with Le Cheng Emperor in the imperial gardens, upon seeing this living Enma, not one did not suddenly change their expression, and then turned far far away. Completely didn’t need for Le Cheng Emperor to clear out the area, Li Hong Yuan’s ability to clear out an area was even stronger than the plague.

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Li Hong Yuan walked along the way, while destroying the flowers along the path. Regardless how precious or valuable, it all crushed into a lump in his palm. The flower nectar spilled out along his finger cracks drop by drop. Particularly that red color flower nectar made Princess Min Xiang think of something. Her elegant little face turned deathly pale, and beads of sweat even faintly seeped out from her forehead.

(T/N: I want to say that the literal translation was ‘flower juice’, but it was too weird to put in —-)

Li Hong Yuan turned around, “Min Xiang, you’re scared of this prince?”

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“N-no….” Looking to Li Hong Yuan’s ambiguously smiling handsome face, finding it not the least bit pleasing to the eyes, instead feeling he was like an evil spirit, she subconsciously retreated two steps.

“As expected, Min Xiang is afraid of this prince.” Li Hong Yuan reached his hand out, seemingly wanting to pat her head.

“Don’t, don’t come over….” Min Xiang slapped aside Li Hong Yuan’s hand at once and turned around, wanting to run away immediately. In the end, for some unknown reason, she ended up tripping, falling onto the ground.

Li Hong Yuan frowned and stooped down to hold his hand out, “Min Xiang…..” Seemingly wanting to pull her up.

“Go away, go away, don’t come near me….” Princess Min Xiang pulled back her body and closed her eyes, continuously waving her hands and slapping the air.

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Li Hong Yuan definitely wasn’t someone with a good temper and his face immediately turned cold. He slightly lifted his hand, and Eunuch Mu hurriedly went forward, placing a handkerchief in his hand. While nonchalantly wiping his hands, he coldly looked to Min Xiang who was sitting on the ground. Gloominess penetrated through those eyes.

Seeing that something was about to happen again, a personal palace maid of Princess Min Xiang’s hardened her head and went forward, “Wangye, don’t be angry, Princess, she, she’s just afraid of red color liquids, there isn’t any other meaning to it.” As she said this, she held onto Princess Min Xiang’s shoulders, comforting her in a soft voice. She attempted to help Princess Min Xiang up, yet continuously paid attention to Li Hong Yuan’s reaction, fearing he would get angry.

Min Xiang perhaps really was quite frightened. No matter how that palace maid coaxed her, it was all to no avail. In fact, she even appeared somewhat deranged.

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