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Chapter 1133 2 days ago

Mc funny and shameless , most of the comments are funny, most the community knows how to joke around , might be a harem so that's a 👍 (plus)

Chapter 1061 one month ago

Although it has its fair share of problems, it makes for a pretty entertaining read. It has its hilarious moments, and overall gives you a good experience if you just turn your brain off and read. Felt like dropping it a few times in the middle because it was becoming boring and repetitive, but stuck with it and don't regret it. The story has potential, hope the author has some good ideas for future plotlines.

Chapter 788 one month ago

was pretty good at the start for 500+ chapters, it wasn’t the best but it was still ok enough to read. But it turned into a super boring novel where the only thing the author wrote was the mc being shameless, and the the chapters just keep rambling on about the shamelessness of the mc, which is really off putting tbh. I do still enjoy it, but i has gotten significantly more boring after the author keeps writing nonsense to film up the chapters

Chapter 1007 2 months ago

Such a good story. The MC is so shameless has me laughing my ass off so much, there def needs a comedy tag as well, this is a light hearted martial arts novel. If you come into this thinking otherwise you will be confused, that or you’re reading comprehension is low. Long live the brick. 10/10

  • Alfredo12e4

    Long live the brick anyway

Chapter 967 2 months ago

Interesting story and not too trivial, the dialogues are well written and really very funny, the protagonist is not a retard but there is still a lot of action, l ong live the brick anyway

Chapter 159 4 months ago

First of all if ur a fan Of OP Mc this may become one on your list. And I'm one of those 😂 Soo I give this a 5 star Anyways that's all peace

Chapter 159 4 months ago

To be honest the first like 20 chapters wasn't that bad as I assumed first. I even started to have some hope for this title, but it didn't last too long. . Based on the beginning scenario one would assume that the MC not entirely idiot and stupid but then the contradictions begin soon after chapter 30-40 . . If you reincarnated and all u know is the history it makes perfect sense to hide everything and lay low. . however when you gain more power the more powerful people you nearby its exactly the opposite. Wasting days and days and gaining a few attributes then all the sudden in 2 minutes you earn more its just stupid. yet the mc keep trying to hide and complaining the same time to the point it feels irritatingly stupid. I have tried to skip 80% of the chapters hoping that it gets better but no luck. . it feels like an inconsistent mess without any character development rashly put together. what a wasted opportunity.

Chapter 159 4 months ago

Read until chapter 645. It's fucking cool. Killing beast and monsters while becoming stronger. And then the MC becomes a hypocrite, killing good people while claiming to be good himself. Kinda ruins the whole plot, would be different if he didn't claim to be a "good, conscientious guy" all the time.

Chapter 159 4 months ago

Writing Quality and Translation: 5/5 Story: 4. 5/5 MC: 4. 5/5 World Building: 4. 5/5 Cliché: 99999999999/5 A good but cliché story overall and pretty good for a casual read, It gets pretty bland after sometime as the MC 'Overpowers' his way through the problems. Overall 4. 5 but I can't rate like that as there is only complete numbers here. You could turn a braincell off and enjoy the story.

Chapter 159 6 months ago

The MC's personality is hella inconsistent, like make remarks that he wouldn't actually say, it contradicts a lot. This is better off without romance too, the fl is the generic cold type but eventually falls in love because mcs helping her too much. She didn't even contribute a thing in the story, the comedy of it is also not my thing. But it's a pretty good read if you ran out of things to read.