Complete Martial Arts Attributes
Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Complete Martial Arts Attributes

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Complete Martial Arts Attributes novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Don't Enter The Jianghu. 1016 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The dimensional rifts link the earth to the Xingwu continent. This is the dawn of the martial arts era!

I will be useless if I don’t practice martial arts? Don’t worry, I have a system that allows me to pick up attributes. When other people drop attributes during their training, I can pick them up secretly.

Huh? Did you just say that beating up people will make them drop attributes too? In that case…

You defeated a sword skill genius. He dropped Enlightenment×2, Sword Talent×1… You’ve picked them up. Your insights have improved and you’ve gained a beginner stage sword talent!

You defeated a blade skill talent. He dropped Blade Battle Technique×1, Malicious Blade Intent×1… You picked them up and learned a rare blade battle technique! You’ve also figured out Malicious Blade Intent and have become extremely fierce!

You defeated a physique talent. He dropped Physique Scripture×1, Holy-Blood Dominant Physique×1…

You picked them up and learned a new top-grade scripture! You are exceptionally lucky to have received the Holy-Blood Dominant Physique. It can change your physique completely and you earned a god-level title 'Endless Health'.

Someone killed a powerful star beast and dropped Spiritual Sight×1 and Blank Attribute×60… You picked them up secretly and receive a spiritual eye talent as well as 60 points to add to any of your current attributes!

You defeat many opponents in your life. You accidentally kill an innocent devil and split the universe into two when you’re practicing your blade at home. You burst the sun with your fist and the world is engulfed in darkness…

That’s when you realize… You’re invincible!

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  • PillowP
    Supporter KP:7

    Hands down probably the funniest MC I’ve encountered. Such a good read, seriously. You will be rolling.

    2 days ago Reply
    • lnwUser114513
      Reader KP:39

      True! The beginning was ordinary BUT once a specific weapon came into play, I just couldnt stop laughing anymore.

      5 hours ago Reply
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  • Charbel02
    Reader KP:408

    Disclaimer: the Main character wastes so much time fighting and chatting like a typical villain character. Fights that need half a chapter are needlessly prolonged to 3, 4 or even more chapters. This doesn't happen on boss fights but on every single opponent no matter if he could slap them to death with 1 hand. Beware.

    4 days ago Reply
  • Vamsi123
    Reader KP:38

    Can anyone suggest me any novels like these?

    13 days ago Reply
  • RockyBaker
    Reader KP:844

    H o l y F V C K. THAT'S A LOT OF TAGS

    13 days ago Reply
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  • Charbel02
    Reader KP:408

    So the synopsis: you're basically zoe from league of legends and you pick up attributes left and right when people fight.

    13 days ago Reply
  • John_smt
    Reader KP:87

    There is a manhua, its called All Attribute Martial Arts But the light novel is better

    17 days ago Reply
  • Ahmad
    Reader KP:25

    Any recommendations that is similar to this novel? I already caught up last month and was planning to wait when there's more chapters but it seems i can't resist my urge to check everyday to read it every time there's an update. Sigh i want mooore 😭

    19 days ago Reply
    • Ahmad
      Reader KP:25

      Naah bro no ones giving any recommendations. . . Oh there's infinite mana in the apocalypse its Good too. . I'm finished with that though same with this one just can't resist the urge to read every update

      Edited: 23 Sep, 10:38
      12 days ago Reply
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  • JohnGeo
    Reader KP:32

    im currently at chapter five hundred did he just leave zi ye in the darklands?

    20 days ago Reply
    • RoyJonesEscarmosa
      Reader KP:2

      yes, it was not mention again till now, but i think he's clone there as viscount snow still there with zi ye, maybe they'll appear in the future once he come back to darklands

      18 days ago Reply
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  • John_smt
    Reader KP:87

    SHAMELESS is an under statement LOL

    20 days ago Reply
  • lucklock
    Reader KP:12

    im reading this at 9/12/2022

    24 days ago Reply