Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Chapter 712: Records of a Thousand Winds


Entering the portal without any trouble, Xuan Hao felt his vision go dark for a short moment before he found himself at the base of a large mountain that rivalled the height of the Main Peak from the Shattered Star Peaks.

Different from the Main Peak of the Shattered Star Peaks however, there was a beautiful path made from some kind of spiritual stone leading towards the top of the mountain. Even without having any cultivation base, it would not be hard for a mortal without any cultivation to reach the peak of the mountain given enough time. At least that was considering there was no dangers lurking that he had yet to discover at this point in time…

"Hm? He is still alive…"

Noticing the bulky man laying on the ground not too far away from where he was, Xuan Hao could not help feeling a surprised that he was still alive.

Not to mention the fact that he should have been without the protection of the Windbloom Flower for a short moment when the gentle blood red light carried his body through the portal, the residual energy of the Soul Ascension Realm Expert from when he had pinned him to the ground just a moment ago should have killed him the moment the gentle blood red energy stopped protecting him.

"Looks like the blood red energy didn't just protect him for a short moment, but also removed the threat of the residual energy left behind by that Soul Ascension Realm Expert!" Muttering this to himself, Xuan Hao decided to leave the bulky man alone. Not wanting to accidently end up offending the gentle blood red energy like the Soul Ascension Realm Expert had ended up doing…

Having turned his attention away from the mountain and the bulky man who was lying unconscious on the ground, Xuan Hao could not help showing a surprised expression on his face after realizing that the small independent space he had been transported to contained nothing other the mountain itself.

In a sense, it could not even be considered an independent space, but was more like an incomplete secret realm that had not been finished yet. The only thing that had been made so far, was the mountain that had likely been intended as the core of this incomplete secret realm.

Outside of the small space that the mountain was inside of, there was nothing other than the empty void. Even if his strength had increased since he had first seen the void outside the world, Xuan Hao didn't dare thinking about entering it with his current strength.

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Even when constructing a secret realm also known as an independent space outside of the world, the space in question would still be anchored to the main world and could in a sense be considered an extension of that world!

To truly construct a completely new and independent world in the void was something far more difficult, as doing so would no longer allow one to rely on the protection of the main world.

Not only would the void grow more dangers the farther away from the main world one went, according to what little information Xuan Hao had managed to get his hands on so far about the void, but one would also have to deal with the inherent dangers that existed in the void between worlds.

Just what this danger was and what it entailed; Xuan Hao had no idea… But whatever it was, it was more than enough to cause even Soul Ascension Realm Experts to not dare venture into the void!

Thinking about it. Maybe even experts who had surpassed the Soul Ascension Realm didn't dare venture into the void either. Not to mention, actually entering the void itself was not something simple. Even with his current cultivation realm, Xuan Hao still had no way to enter the void between worlds outside of using the different secret realms and independent spaces he had encountered so far.

The main reason for this, was that to leave the main world and enter the void between worlds, his comprehension of the laws of space would have to be high enough for him to create a passage through the worlds natural barrier into the void outside.

Even if this sounded like something simple to do, it was actually something extremely complicated that only the most experienced Domain Lords could attempt with enough preparations.

Not to mention, the only reason why it was even possible to do this without getting attacked by the world itself, was due to several different things. The most important of which was the fact that the person creating the passage to the void was someone native to the world itself.

Given that Xuan Hao himself was in essence not a native of the world itself due to him having transmigrated over, he didn't even dare think of creating a passage to the void outside the world if he had the ability to do so.

Not to mention, the original Xuan Hao before the merger between two different souls might not have been from the world that the Ewaria Continent was located inside of in the first place…

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No matter what it was, Xuan Hao did not plan to try and create a passage through the world barrier to the void outside himself. Not wanting to risk the laws of the world starting to attack him.

After all, even if he surpassed the Soul Ascension Realm in the future, he doubted that he would have any ability to resist the power of an entire world…

"Hah… No use thinking about any of this for now…" Shaking his head as he turned his attention back towards the mountain at the centre of the small independent space, Xuan Hao realized that the quest he had gotten from the system was completed.

[Side Quest: Find out what is hidden at the centre of the Thousand Wind Mountains. (Complete)]

[Reward: Records of a Thousand Winds.]

"So this place is located somewhere around the centre of the Thousand Wind Mountains…?" Muttering this to himself as he decided to redeem the reward from the quest, Xuan Hao was not too surprised when a large book materialized in front of him.

At this point in time, he had already gotten used to the system just materializing things in front of him whenever he redeemed a reward, as for how it was done… He had no idea…


Deciding not to go up the mountain for now, Xuan Hao decided to open the book he had gotten from the system, curious about what the book was about.

"This is-!?"

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Only turning the first page, Xuan Hao could not help feeling shocked as he realized that the first few pages were describing the history of the Thousand Wind Mountains!

Not only that, but there a short description of the creator of the Thousand Wind Mountains was also present!

Knowing that he might be able to find out more about what kind of dangers might be hidden on top of the mountain that was in front of him, Xuan Hao avidly began reading…

According to the Records of a Thousand Winds, the Thousand Wind Mountains was originally the cultivation abode of a wandering cultivator known as the Lord of a Thousand Winds, a cultivator that had passed through the Soul Ascension Realm and reached an even higher realm!

In the past, when this powerful wandering cultivator had begun establishing his abode just outside the main world, he accidently connected his still nascent independent space to an ancient mystic realm… The consequences of this were terrifying, as the two smaller worlds ended up forcibly colliding with each other!

In the end, the Lord of a Thousand Winds tried his best to stabilize the situation, but he had ended up miscalculating… The mystic realm he had accidently chanced upon was far larger and stronger than he could handle and when he tried to forcibly separate his still nascent independent space and the mystic realm, he ended up getting crushed between the two…!

After the death of the wandering cultivator, the still nascent independent space created by him had no way to resist the large mystic realm and ended up shattering apart with most of the nascent independent space merging together with the large mystic realm, while the rest either drifted off into the void or fell back into the main world to form the Thousand Wind Mountains.

At the end, the only thing that remained was the core of the Nascent independent space that had been protected by the Thousand Wind Palace.

All that remained of the once legendary wandering cultivator, Lord of a Thousand Winds, was the gentle wind currents sweeping through the Thousand Wind Mountains…

Not knowing what to say after he finished reading through it, Xuan Hao could not help wondering what the mystic realm being referred to had gone after the collision, while at the same time wondering just how strong the Lord of a Thousand Winds had been.

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