My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration
Chapter 640: Dragon Python Reappears (1)

Jiang Li’s finger stabbed into Wu Fan’s head. This Myriad Slaughter Sect Master thought that Jiang Li planned to give him a quick death.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Under the cover of the Great Mountain Robe on his body, a chaotic growth of the Flesh Mountain Blood Tattoo on Jiang Li’s left arm began to emit a soul-stirring strange red light.

This was the terrifying Beast Blood Diagram that Jiang Li had condensed using the mountain of flesh and blood while fusing with the Heart of Chaos.

The power contained in this blood tattoo was so crazy that even he was shocked.

If not for the fact that the yaksha clone had sacrificed himself to assist from the side, Jiang Li really did not have 100% confidence in condensing this blood tattoo.

This extremely chaotic power was indeed terrifying to the point of satisfying Jiang Li.

Chaotic power surged into the Myriad Slaughter Sect Master’s body through his left hand.

With a crack, his teeth were crushed on the spot.

The dignified Earth Immortal actually screamed in pain and fear.


A strange squirm suddenly appeared on Wu Fan’s left face. Then, like a balloon, a tumor the size of a football grew out!

On the tumor was a long and thick tongue.

This tumor was like a new child. After it appeared, it curiously licked Wu Fan’s face everywhere, probably wanting to understand the world through this method.

However, as the person involved, the Myriad Slaughter Sect Master saw such a change in his body. It was hard to understand the extent of his mental breakdown without experiencing it personally.

“What did you do to me?! Kill me, damn it! Kill me!”

That tumor was clearly far from the end.

That was only the beginning of the change. For the first time, Wu Fan felt a fear that was even more terrifying than death.

He did not know what was happening to him. He only knew that it was definitely an extremely terrible thing.

It was not only his body that had changed. The crazy and chaotic will was filling his Essence Soul. It was unstoppable and irreversible. All rationality was leaving him.

The other thirteen Earth Immortals also began to panic from their disdain.

Unlike Wu Fan, they had all participated in the war that defeated the Armored Trolls before they were captured.

At that time, they had more or less used weapons made from the chaotic power of the Asura World.

They had seen many such disturbing scenes.

After the powerful Armored Trolls of the same level as them were tainted by that power, they lost all their dignity in front of them and turned into disgusting lumps of flesh in despair.

At that time, they only felt emotional and excited.

After all, those were man-eating demons that had suppressed the cultivation world of the Eastern Region for thousands of years. They would not make people feel empathy.

However, they did not expect that the same scene would happen to human experts.

Didn’t that mean that as long as Jiang Li was willing, he could turn them into that thing!?

The higher one held a high position and had powerful strength, the more they would cherish their lives.

Previously, they had dared to speak to Jiang Li like that partly because of their dignity as experts.

On the other hand, they felt that Jiang Li was unable to truly harm them and were fearless.

Now, seeing this scene in front of them, they finally felt true fear.

As long as this fear appeared, the other conditions would be easy to negotiate.

It had to be said that the body of an Earth Immortal was really ridiculously strong.

Under Jiang Li’s hands, Wu Fan’s screams continued for an entire four hours before he calmed down because his throat was blocked by a variety of deformed organs.

The entire transformation process lasted for a total of ten hours before it was finally completed.

The dignified Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect could no longer be recognized according to his former appearance from his soul.

He had completely become an emotionless deformed warrior.

Yes, Wu Fan did not become a useless ball of flesh.

The lumps of flesh formed by the Armored Troll experts had already piled up into a mountain in the coffin.

Instead, under Jiang Li’s control, it transformed into a 30-foot-tall human.

Although his entire body still looked very disgusting, one could barely see a human figure.

“Mutated No. 1, test your skills.”

Jiang Li withdrew his left hand which was covered in mucus. Before he could shake it, the status on his body had already cleaned up these foreign objects.

He pointed at one of the remaining thirteen Earth Immortals.

Wu Fan, who was the first aberration, the remaining five bloody holes in his head quickly disappeared.

Then, according to Jiang Li’s instructions, a pair of eyes that were no longer symmetrical looked at the unlucky Earth Immortal who was randomly chosen.

No. 1 opened its mouth to vomit, and blood-colored energy erupted from its mouth. Immediately, countless arms spewed out from inside, turning into a pillar of flesh that ruthlessly smashed into the Earth Immortal.

Not only did the other party vomit blood, but when he retracted his hand, a large piece of flesh was torn off.

Jiang Li nodded in satisfaction. The attack could break through the defense of the Earth Immortal Body.

Apart from not having any rationality, his basic combat ability was still passable.

“Then, it’s your turn to choose.”

“Do you plan to join Fengdu City directly or become like this before joining?”

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to consider my feelings. No matter what you choose, I’ll be satisfied.”

Jiang Li’s expression was sincere as he gave these thirteen seniors two very promising choices.

Chapter 640: Dragon Python Reappears (1)
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