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Polatimus 1
Chapter 303 10 days ago

This novel has an extremely unique concept that I have yet to see in any of the 100+ I have read. The mc is badass and ruthless, cold and calculating, which I love. Overall, this novel is an extremely rare gem and an amazing read.

The_one_that_wasnt 3
Chapter 459 14 days ago

Definitely a great novel to read its funny at times and badass at others most of all it is a new and interesting take on the reincarnation genre.

Demon_prince 3
Chapter 354 17 days ago

Likable novel with a reincarnated demon. So far so good but the Mc's relationship with woman's Kinda sucks ngl I have read some raws. Anyways the plots and story is enjoyable to read

NewListSorted 3
Chapter 322 2 months ago

I really liked this novel, even though by System design he gets items from different animes and games like Devil Fruit, T Virus, etc. The story these elements and makes them their own by building this Unique World. I also liked MC and the way he evolved himself and his mentality. I also like the depictions of demons and angels and their summoning to a different world.

Nankamon 0
Chapter 68 3 months ago

Drop at chapter 50ish. The stories are all over the place. MC creat power that doesnt make sense again and again. There s x-men power, then devil fruit from one piece, ect. . . amd author is lazy to simplify the system. Whenever author want to achieve some power for MC author just write along the line of 'after consulting with system. . . ' Many forced plot. Author want 'B' to happen then author will find some reason to insert 'A' into story so there can be 'B'. It start good. Especially the writing. I can tell from the style author is not Chinese or Korean. Overall if you dont have anything to do it s ok to read. For me it fell short of being a decent novel.

  • Polatimus 1

    Bruh what that's literally the point of the system... And nothing would happen if author didn't add 'A' to create 'B'... Because that's literally the point of a plot lmao

Forest_Bear 1
Chapter 489 3 months ago

This is a story made of different stories that have nothing to do with each other. This is a story about what happens when you make the above work.

zzZero2 -1
Chapter 487 3 months ago

Good stuff +5 stars unique approach to writing by weaving different masterpieces together. Only problem is there are some plot holes and his skills like fusion didnt do x10 anymore he fixed it to x10 so he should be stronger than what he is now. He isnt really Op pretty much relies on a lot of people to make his shit run. He is also cunning but kinda wish he retained some honor and pride. Seems to like tricking and running away a lot. Some abilities dont work as they should. Very inefficient with his skill usage. Still doesnt have his own kid but has an adopted one that honestly shouldnt be there since isabel was their enemy anyway. This is all -1 star. Then -1 since there a bit too much info dumping and repeated usage of. Something reincarnates, he tricks people to beat it, he gets a new power, power is useless on the next reincarnate. Then repeats the cycle

TheFakeTwix 1
Chapter n/a 3 months ago

It has a bit of a twist on the usual concept of a system which I really enjoyed, and it was fun seeing the Mc go to worlds originating from other real world games and movies. Great read.

melina16 1
Chapter 161 3 months ago

Read up to 160 chapters and the story is pretty good. Plot itself was good and the MC didn't bother me too much because on the onset I knew he wasn't going to be save-everyone-while-sacrificing-myself type of protagonist. He is a demon so having self-preservation as his main goal wasn't too surprising. Grammar was excellent and the world building I've read is definitely one of the best I've seen. FL who is according to the comments is Julia, was meh-ish? Didn't read enough to accurately gauge her character so my evaluation on her character is to be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, first impression is not good. I hate romance in these kind of stories because they tend to write the women as damsels who always depend too much on the MC both for growth and survival. Like have a brain, do something on your own. BUT like I said, didnt read too much on her so grain of salt. Now on to the reason I quit this. DON'T BE EFFING LAZY, DAMN IT. CREATE YOUR OWN DAMN WORLDS. I can accept the mythos about angels and demons having similarities with our world's since its pretty common for authors to get inspo from religion, and I also get creating a world with inspos from movies and games and such but COME ON. Literally every world he's been is a copy of some movie or some game. I can accept creating the t virus, the dragon balls, because he is still a human. But seriously? Meeting Jack Sparrow was the breaking point for me but I trudged through because the world building is that good but when he started talking WarCraft. I just had to quit. The whole thing with movies and games just makes it seem it seem like the author can't be bother coming up with their own characyers and worlds and so just copies and patses them here. MAJOR TURN OFF

  • Polatimus 1


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Azrazel 1
Chapter n/a 3 months ago

If you want an op mc then you will want to read this. Hope the author is alright and can continue this masterpiece. This novel is one of my top picks.