Dark Magus Returns
Chapter 599: The Best Creation Of The Dark Magus

Listening to Rayna's words, Tilon needed to snap out of his daze. For a long time, he had been longing for a great shield made by the Dark Magus.

Especially after seeing the great effects Reno and Kizer had with their weapons. If anything, he was getting annoyed with them being rubbed in his face every day.

The anticipation was building in him, and now finally, he held the shield in his hands, but it needed to be used almost instantly.

Tilon looked toward Alba. "Great Shield, right now I need your help more than anything!"

Firmly Tilon held onto the shield, and used one of his well-known defensive techniques. He charged forward, driving his leg into the ground with it pointed in front of him.

The pointed edge of the bottom of the V-shaped shield ripped through the ground with each step he took. The Behemoth Clan members, seeing this, went to strike the shield.

They used their techniques, the Qi in their bodies, and hit the shield from the edge, but it did nothing. The shield felt just as light as if nothing was even attacking it from the other side.

If anything, with each hit, it felt like Tilon was getting re-energized. All of the energy, all of the injuries and aches and pains he had, they were getting better.

He had failed to notice it because he was on a one-track mind to come right to Alba's side.

A large swing from Polter was made, and at that moment, Alba felt like she couldn't lift her hands. They had given up on her, all of her energy was spent.

When it was swung, she expected to no longer see life in her eyes, instead she had an almighty large clang, in her right ear.

"Tilon!" Alba said, she was surprised but didn't even have the energy to really shout out his name.

"I'm the shield of the Crimson Crane, so my duty is to protect you, at all costs," Tilon said with a smile.

The hit had been completely blocked, but not just that, just like earlier despite the person attacking it on the other end being a powerful middle stage warrior, Tilon didn't budge at all.

It was almost as if the attack felt weightless.

"You again, you're back!" Polter noticed. He could tell he had a new shield but assumed it was just something that had been picked up.

At that point, Polter started to swing his curved weapon constantly at Tilon this time just like he had done Alba.

Since Alba looked like she couldn't move anyway, Tilon would have to stay where he was if he wanted to protect her.

Yet each time the attack was blocked by the shield. Tilon was moving it left and right with ease, and blocking each of the attacks.

His body wasn't swinging side to side, nor did Tilon have the appearance of discomfort on his face as he blocked each hit, and unlike before when taking the hits, he realized the strength that was building up within him.

'The shield it's still so light, it's as light as moving a piece of paper!' Tilon thought while continuing to block every one of the attacks.

'Even when I get hit, the attacks aren't pushing me back, it's almost as if all the energy is taken away by the shield, but is that possible, is it possible for such a thing to exist?'

'And people might call me crazy if I think like this, but with every hit that I'm blocking, my energy is rising, in fact, my body feels like it's completely healed now, maybe I have even more Qi flowing through me than before.'

Just like the other Cursed Shields that Raze had created, this shield had the same effect. It was able to give energy to the user that was holding onto the shield.

Tilon didn't notice it before with the other attackers from the Behemoth Clan because he was far too distracted.

Also, he was noticing it now because the strikes from Polter were far stronger than the others, he could notice a significant increase to his strength.

As for another effect that was gained by the shield, it had a weightless effect.

When one was using the shield it would be weightless allowing a person to move just like they could their own arm.

This was why Tilon was able to easily block the hits. Of course, this also meant that it still relied on Tilon's speed.

If someone was faster than him, and didn't block an attack he would still get hurt, but Tilon was used to lugging around a heavy shield all the time.

A shield user to protect all of the others, he was faster than people gave him credit for and people were just realizing that now.

On top of that, the weightless effect of the shield was permanent. It meant even when being attacked, taking hits, and so on it would always be weightless.

Large scale attacks would become nothing, the weight of one's hit, the force of one's Qi, wouldn't be transferred to the user.

It was an odd thing to see because now Tilon was like that of a solid rock as he blocked each hit and with his energy coming back he was moving it even faster and faster.

"Is this all you're going to do, is that it!" Polter shouted annoyed. He was a little fearful.

None of his attacks were getting through and he was starting to imagine just how strong this person might have been. It was quite possible due to the fight he had a breakthrough.

Still, Polter was right, just defending and blocking was what could Tilon do, how could he win a fight. His attacks wouldn't be strong enough to damage one of the pillars, Alba's wasn't either.

"Tilon!" Rayna shouted after getting through and defeating a few more of the Behemoth Clan members. "I have a message for you, from the Dark Magus, listen carefully because right now, I'm going to tell you everything your shield can do."

"That item is more special than you realize!" Rayna shouted.

The item created by Raze this time, it wasn't at the Mythical level.

[Legendary Ranked Cursed Shield]

Chapter 599: The Best Creation Of The Dark Magus
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