Demon Sword Maiden

Chapter 368: The lion mist demon led the hundreds of monsters into the vast space underneath the mountain through the darkness.

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The lion mist demon led the hundreds of monsters into the vast space underneath the mountain through the darkness.

“Humans… Chief, I can smell the scent of humans,” the ogres hiding behind the boulders peeked at the distant, dilapidated village.

“Chief, there’s a lot of humans inside. Can I eat them?”

A trail of dense mist arched above the mouth of the lion mist demon, “Remember that you aren’t allowed to enter the village. You’re free to do whatever you want to them once the humans leave the village and come closer to us.”

“Does that mean we can eat them, then?”

“Can we take the women back to have fun with them?”

The lion mist demon looked down on the demons with its bright eyes inside the darkness, “We do what we do. You don’t need me to say anything else now, do you?”

Around the same time, the vague silhouette of a woman’s form in the same color as a rock could be seen in front of a nearby rock. However, it wasn’t clearly visible from a distance because of the darkness in this space.

The cloth which almost fused with the nearby rocks pulled down silently to reveal Yumi’s shocked face. Her eyes were wide open and pupils without focus, “Just what… So, it was like this. That Amanojaku never intended to abide by the agreement and intends to kill all of Haihime’s clansmen! I must tell her this immediately.”

Yumi retrieved the cloth covering her lower body silently and turned around to leave by avoiding the boulders. However, even though this cloth possessed an excellent stealth ability, it was airtight, and the underground space was pretty hot on top of that, so it drenched Yumi’s tight-fitting ninja gear, armpits, cleavage and back in sweat.

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“Hmm?” A tall snake woman actually managed to catch this scent, “Lord Mist Demon, I caught the scent of a woman coincidentally. It seems to be Haihime’s subordinate, Yumi.”

“Really? Follow her, then. Yumi’s not that weak. Go and inform Genga about it…”

Haihime adjusted her looks within her room as showing innocence, loyalty, stubbornness and so on at this point of time only made her feel deeper shame.

Since she had abandoned her dignity for the sake of her clansmen, she believed that she couldn’t let those monsters see this side of hers at the very least.

It was better to let the monsters believe that she was a s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲y, self-seeking and ingratiating woman so that it would disappoint them contrarily.
Haihime donned a dark-colored, ornate brocaded, long-sleeved kimono without tying it with a sash and just allowed it to rest over her shoulders.

She wore nothing to cover her breasts and just allowed the naturally cascading kimono to hide them from view and wore a tiny silk-threaded, light-purple cloth underneath to hide her crotch and the T-shaped leather belt that was strung around her waist with the help of a purple string and had the word ‘Hai’ that stood for ‘defeated’ embroidered on it impressively with gold-colored silk threads.

The attire was shameless to the extent that it would probably incur the ridicule of the whole world if made known.

However, Haihime wore a calm expression. The demons definitely wished to see her scared and humiliated appearance as they were going to see her for the first time ever soon, which was the reason why she had donned the looks of a promiscuous woman.

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“Amanojaku. All you are going to get is a mere promiscuous woman that can be obtained for just a few silvers in the Geisha district of Heian-kyo. I absolutely won’t let you, who schemed so much and waited for so many years, have the satisfaction of making me submit to you!” Haihime resolved her heart. Since she was going to get tainted anyways, she decided that she might as well become the enchantress of this era!

Haihime curled her hair up into a very gorgeous hairstyle fixed it in position with a pretty dark gold fan-shaped headdress before arranging flowers on it, the attentiveness forming a stark contrast with her dressing style.

Haihime left her room in such a s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲y dress and made for the main hall of the temple.

The dusky and spacious interior of the main hall was lit up by numerous pale-yellow lanterns right now.

Amanojaku was seated above a small, raised wooden platform with exquisite sake and raw fish in front of him.

A bunch of tall and sinister-looking monsters were seated around him and while Genga possessed a relatively regular height which was a little over two meters, the Cauldron Demon, the One-Horned Demon, and the Black-Scaled Snake Woman, were all exceptionally powerful and tall chiefs. In addition to them, about ten or so powerful chiefs of the minor tribes had assembled in the hall as well.

Haihime entered the hall via the side entrance.
Amanojaku smirked smugly seeing the charming, s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲y, gorgeous yet humiliating attire of Haihime’s and the word ‘Hai’ at above her crotch as it was his proof of gaining this woman!

The monsters also fixed their gazes on Haihime, and even Kama-Oni couldn’t stop his mouth from salivating even though he was in the presence of Amanojaku.

The tall, black-scaled snake woman who possessed a female upper-half and a serpentine lower-half, however, revealed a slightly jealous look after seeing her.

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Haihime neared Amanojaku and sat down at the empty seat below his seat as her position was preceded only by Amanojaku as the queen of the Endless Demon Mountain’s Hundred Demons.

Haihime pressed one of her hands against the floor after taking the seat and raised her thigh, not at all minding the fact that this caused a section of her gorgeous kimono’s edge to slip to the side, giving a full view of her butt from the side with only a string and a leather belt passing across it.

Haihime sampled the sake with poise and smoked her pipe, throwing coquettish glances at Kama-Oni and Genga occasionally.

This caused Amanojaku’s expression to turn unsightly, so he drank a huge mouthful of sake and questioned, “Haihime. How are things going with hunting down the mirror girl? I heard that we’ve lost a lot of chiefs and troops. Has there been any progress?”

Haihime drew in smoke from the pipe indifferently and her breasts hidden underneath the open front of the kimono were almost on the verge of coming out of the kimono’s shadows, but she wasn’t that worried about it as she had learned from Lily and covered the most important spots with two black petals.

“There’s actually been some progress. The owner of the fake mirror, Minamoto no Shimizu, has surrendered to us already. I sent her to Kiyosu Castle to contact the castle lord from the Kibu family. I’ve also ascertained the identity of this generation’s real mirror girl in Kanto. This woman is called Kagami Lily. She has reached a stage where she can repel three Furinkazan-levelled opponents alone from participating in the samurai qualification examination within less than a year. She’s indeed a big fish!”

“I’ve heard some things about this Kagami Lily as well,” the black-scaled snake woman stated, “But you weren’t the one who found this out, right? It was Lord Kamakura who stated it, wasn’t it?”

“Does that matter?” Haihime retorted in disdain.
“Where’s that Kagami Lily now?” Amanojaku questioned.

Haihime was taken aback, “Well, I have no idea about that. She should be in Kai or Izu? We are in the middle of sending men to find her whereabouts.”

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“That’s not true now, is it?” The tall, grey-skinned, four-eyed demon ninja, Genga, joined the conversation, “I received information that Kagami Lily has already entered the Endless Demon Mountains and even came close to Mt. Fuji, which falls under your domain, Haihime. Don’t tell me that you didn’t know about it?”

Haihime faked a flirtatious glance towards Genga and parted her lips slightly, “Is that so? That can’t be possible now, can it? How come I didn’t know about it?”

“You really didn’t know about it?” Amanojaku questioned.

Genga waved his hand, “Come out.”

Two cat-masked Itsura kunoichi kneeled in the center of the hall.

Although they were wearing masks, Haihime’s expression changed the moment she saw them as she recognized their dresses and auras. They were the two kunoichi who she had tasked with watching over Lily.1–

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