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FullMetal 1
Chapter 254 2 days ago

Novel starts off really well and the Jura arc really got my hopes up for them to fall flat right after it. Afterwards every single dialogue from Ch 150-300 is super forced and edgy like MC: “you’re an idiot and I can’t control my emotions” Side Character: “no, you” MC: “nah, listen to my life story and personal morals”. But if you are into that, great novel.

SpaceRacer13 1
Chapter 125 one month ago

The novel itself is good even great and when I say great I mean it, it really is good, till you reach 400s, from then on the author is choking the novel. If the novel was a person the author would be trying to drawn it. The pace for no godly reason turns awfully slow and fully random. Stuff happens just because the author wanted to. And it's full of boredom. It has become a chore for me to continue reading it. Through I truly wish to continue, I even took a brake from reading but it still was too hard to continue. Now don't get me wrong till 400s the novel is absolutely great. One of the tops. I don't know what the author is thinking, if I, an addict for novels, can't get through this chapters, I doubt anyone else could, other then the newcomers who haven't read anything great yet.

SonOfSevenless 0
Chapter n/a 4 months ago

This is one of the most disappointing novels I have ever read. The story starts absolutely amazing, fresh concepts and unique writing up to after Jura and then it becomes an absolute cliche filled story with edgy writing and overused concepts. It goes from using smart and unique solutions to solve problems to the typical OP MC that can just blow away everything at once. Every power is handed to him on a silver plate almost out of nowhere.

lnwUser115463 1
Chapter 242 5 months ago

I love this novel. It's slow paced yes, but that doesn't mean it's not bloody amazing. The MC acts like someone who is alive. He cares for his kids and his companions while still having humor. The Character grows and evolves from unintelligent imp to smart and bad app dad. I love this story so much and I'm so glad that there's six hundred chapters to it.

NennyHumphrey 0
Chapter 607 5 months ago

I sincerely enjoy this story very much! I'm eager for the upcoming chapters. I really enjoyed the character development and world building. Eiros compassion and his ruthlessness are fascinating! I appreciate the mentions of differentiating sexualities and inclusiveness! 10/10 in my opinion!♡

The_one_that_wasnt 3
Chapter 2 6 months ago

After reading this novel I have to say that I really enjoyed it, it is truly a masterpiece. It is a novel that actually focuses on character and world building rather than constant combat or cultivation which sets it apart from the majority but that alone isn't the reason I like it so much, that reason is because it sucked me In and didn't let me leave and I loved every bit of it.

Nothinq13 1
Chapter 2 9 months ago

Overall, it’s extremely good. It doesn’t focus exclusively on combat, so if you have a short attention span, it may seem a bit slow at times, but it has plenty of alternative themes that more than make up for it. The characters behave appropriately for their age/circumstances, and the main character behaves logically in most if not all situations. It’s definitely worth giving a read.

Kurisu_sama 1
Chapter 2 one year ago

If you are looking for an op, fast paced novel, this isn't the one for you. The story offers many unique twists on a typical fantasy. Doesn't have typical cliches like being directly overpowered, as well as no harems.

shaleRazor 1
Chapter 2 one year ago

Its really sloooooooooooo paced novel. You will get asleep 🤪. I read till 110 chapter and it doesn't get intersting. And it gets way way more slow

lnwUser43002 1
Chapter 2 one year ago

Its good lots of tags missing like there is romance he has adopted kids and is ruthless at times very unique not typical light novels a good read deserve better rating