Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 477: Who Was The One Scheming Now

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Sicali’s 3 requirements, money, land improvement, and Chen Rui, were intended to seize the important resources of the Dark Moon. The Dark Moon’s attitude would directly affect the future “diplomatic” relationship with the White Feather Estate.

The previous money request had been resolved by Chen Rui’s reasonings, but it was difficult to reject the land improvement. As for the hiring of Chen Rui… someone had already stepped up to oppose it. It was the mysterious “Aguile”.
“Princess Royal Highness, I don’t understand about the economics and land, but I don’t think it is right for Sir Chen Rui to go to the White Feather Estate. Sir Chen Rui is talented, but he does not have the strength to protect himself. Even in the Dark Moon, he has also experienced many assassinations. If he goes to the White Feather Estate, it is like courting death due to the lack of protection.

Sicali frowned. A nobleman beside him had already spoken, “What qualifications do you have to say that our White Feather Estate is not capable of protecting this human?”

“Strength is qualification!” Aguile stood up suddenly and exuded a terrifying pressure. The people around suddenly shuddered. The one who felt it most was the nobleman of the White Feather Estate who was directly targeted by the momentum. His feet became soft, and he actually fell to the ground. He was trembling and unable to get up.

Sicali’s facial expression changed. The momentum from this Aguile is actually the peak stage of the Demon Emperor. It is definitely not the early stage of the Demon Emperor or the intermediate stage as rumored by the outside world. The violent murderous intent seems to be trained from countless battles. Even if I burst out all my hidden powers, I may not be able to win against him. No wonder Josh will lose to him! From this point alone, I probably need to review the strength of the Dark Moon.

“Trash!” Aguile glanced at the nobleman with disdain and took back his momentum. “If the White Feather Estate has 10 Demon Overlords to protect Chen Rui, forget what I said!”
10 Demon Overlords? The White Feather Estate people looked at each other. Are you kidding? Do you think the White Feather Estate is the capital?

“Don’t be rude.” Shea spoke out. Aguile, who seemed unruly just now, immediately kept quiet and sat down obediently. Sicali was secretly shocked by this scene.

“Aguile’s words are a bit over, but they are also true. Chen Rui had been assassinated no less than 10 times in the Dark Moon alone. If it were not for the protection of the Demon Overlord powerhouses, he would have died.” The battle at the auction house had revealed part of the Dark Moon’s power. Moreover, there were also Demon Overlord powerhouses like Krobelus, so Shea’s words intentionally or unintentionally revealed the deep background of the Dark Moon.

When this condition was rejected, Sicali sighed as expected, “I see. Princess Royal Highness, I have gone overboard. Forget about Sir Chen Rui’s matter, then the land improvement…”
This was the key request besides borrowing money. Since the first 2 were rejected, it was hard for the Dark Moon to refuse this last request regardless of the reason.

“Sir Sicali, please forgive my interruption. There is one thing that must be reported to Princess Royal Highness.” Chen Rui stood up and saluted the 2 lords. “Due to the previous cooperation with the Bloody Vine Flower Estate, there are only 23 magic soil crystals left. Even the Dark Moon itself has a lot of lands that cannot be guaranteed…”

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“23?” Shea frowned.

Seeing the puzzled look of Sicali, Chen Rui explained that the magic soil crystal was a treasure made according to the secret recipe of the Blue Lake Mountain Range treasure. It could be directly used for soil improvement. 1 crystal could transform 2 acres of land. It was just that the most important material of magic soil crystal was the crystallized essence of Blue Lake Mountain Range’s Fountain of Resurrection. This kind of crystals had all been collected and it would take at least 50 years to generate next time, so 23 was the final quantity.
“Sir Sicali came from afar. We couldn’t help with the fund borrowing previously… so now we will give 15 to the White Feather Estate and the Dark Moon will keep 8 for our own use.”

Sicali could not say much about this allocation, but the 15 crystals could only improve 30 acres of land. The White Feather Estate’s need for land improvement was not calculated in units of 10 acres or 100 acres. It seemed that the Dark Moon had given quite a lot. However, for the White Feather Estate, it was just a drop in the bucket.

Sicali’s eyes rolled, “I’ve heard about the Fountain of Resurrection for a long time. I happen to be looking for a potion master. I wonder if Your Highness can send me some fountain water?”

“Princess Royal, no!” It was Aguile who opposed it again, “‘Even in our collaboration with the Bloody Vine Flower Estate, the Dark Moon sent someone to use the crystals. People from the Bloody Vine Flower Estate were not allowed to touch the magic crystals. If we give both the water of the Fountain of Resurrection and magic soil crystal to the White Feather Estate, in case…”

Although Aguile did not go on, the discerning people present knew what he was going to say. If the formula of the magic crystals was cracked, then the Dark Moon’s greatest advantage compared to the outsiders would be gone. Chen Rui also agreed to it.
“Your Highness, I want the water of the Fountain of Resurrection for the sake of the senior master. It is not for another purpose. If Your Highness doubts the friendship of the White Feather Estate, then we don’t need the magic crystals and fountain water.”

Aguile sneered coldly, “Hmph! Is this a threat? With the Dark Moon’s current power, we are not afraid of any threats, even the capital! I have heard of the extraordinary power of Lord Sicali for a long time, and I saw that you are indeed powerful. You have about the same power as me. I wonder if I have the honor to have a practice match with Sir Lord?”

Sicali raised his eyebrows. I didn’t expect Aguile to actually see through my hidden strength!

“Aguile, mind your manners! Sir Sicali is our important guest!” Shea reprimanded Aguile and said, “White Feather Estate and the Dark Moon are friends for generations. Sir Sicali is a royal family member like me. I trust Sir Sicali. The water of the Fountain of Resurrection is a bit special. It will expire after a period of time. It needs to be kept in the magic container of the potioneer association. I can give sir 10 bottles of water of the Fountain of Resurrection.”

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“Your Highness!” This time Aguile and Chen Rui shouted at the same time.

“Stop talking, I’ve decided.” Shea glanced at Sicali lightly with strong confidence in her eyes. “‘As Aguile said, the current Dark Moon is not afraid of any threats, so what is there to be worried about?”

This kind of demeanor made everyone’s heart tremble. Sicali moved slightly. More of it was a shock in his heart. He could hear that Shea’s words were also a vague warning: I have absolute strength. I’m not afraid of you playing tricks. I’m just afraid that you will not play tricks!
With this feeling, Sicali was much more cautious in his following moves. After Shea put forward some suggestions on resources to make the best of both worlds, Sicali did not refuse it and showed a positive attitude.

The friendly meeting, which was full of verbal arguments and schemes, ended in a seemingly friendly atmosphere.

After the friendly meeting, Sicali did not stay in the Dark Moon for too long. On the excuse that he still had some matters in the estate, he took the “magic soil crystals” as well as the water of the Fountain of Resurrection and left the Dark Moon in a hurry with Palando and the others.

Both Shea and Chen Rui knew that Sicali left in a hurry, lest the promise of “magic soil crystals” and Fountain of Resurrection changed. He was eager to return to the estate to call people to study and crack the mystery of the soil improvement. Perhaps some crystals and water of the Fountain of Resurrection would also end up in Obsidian’s hands.

However, no matter how much Obsidian and Sicali racked their brains, it was impossible to crack the mystery of the “crystal” because the core of that kind of crystal was a little refined magic dust. Meanwhile, the remaining 99% was a dilute mixture to confuse the people. There were all kinds of mess. A palm-sized crystal was not even comparable to a handful of the lowest grade of refined magic dust, so the effect of improvement was naturally very limited. This was also the origin of “a crystal can only improve 2 acres of land”.

Sicali thought his plan was successful, but he didn’t know that he was being schemed. All the 3 requests were ultimately futile.
“Aguile,” who continuously played the role of the bad guy at the meeting, was Chen Rui’s puppet, Loki. Anyway, Aguile’s appearance was the outfit of the cloaked man. Since he could attend this kind of occasion, who would dare to doubt him? It turned out that Loki, the peak stage of the Demon Emperor strength, really had the expected deterrent effect on Sicali.

Looking at the overall situation, the “magic soil crystal” was just an unexpected harvest for Sicali. Whether it was Shea’s birthday, improving the soil or inviting Chen Rui, it was just a cover. Sicali’s real intention of visiting the Dark Moon was to test.

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This test was not only for Obsidian of the capital, but it was also for Sicali himself. The White Feather Estate was undoubtedly a fence-sitter. Chen Rui and Shea’s plan was to use force and favor at the same time. They might also receive certain benefits by not becoming hostile with the White Feather Estate, but these were based on their own toughness and self-confidence. If they could make the White Feather Estate continue to be a fence-sitter in the battle between the Dark Moon and the capital, it would be a success.

From the perspective of the visit, both parties were considered winning from it.

Chen Rui initially had the idea of ​​killing Sicali on the way, but Sicali would probably go to the capital to meet Obsidian first. There should be a powerhouse to greet and protect him in secret. Furthermore, Sicali had his own plan. If he was killed and replaced with a lord who completely obeyed the capital, it would be self-defeating.
The 2 puppets of the God-Eating Mask were already full. Even if he destroyed one and turned Sicali into a puppet, it was difficult to guarantee that it would not be exposed by the capital. After all, the God-Eating Mask was not omnipotent. Once the overall situation was set, the first person Chen Rui wanted to annihilate was the fence-sitter, White Feather Estate. It was not only for official but also for private reasons. Not only Sicali, but also the woman, Palando, who had a vicious intent for ​​Kia. He wanted to annihilate them completely, but these were for later time.

Regent Obsidian was already facing a predicament. As time went by, this predicament would become more and more obvious. If nothing happened, the Dark Moon did not need to directly have a conflict with the capital, they could drag down the opponent step by step. Therefore, causing more problems would be inappropriate at this time.

At this time, Loki, who pretended to be “Aguile”, suddenly sent a message that Master Xingxing had an urgent need to meet Aguile.

Since the last time Chen Rui returned to the Dark Moon Estate from the Bloody Empire after defeating Nate, he had not appeared as “Aguile”. The most important thing was to avoid Catherine’s attention. In addition to this Loki incident, Her Majesty Empress’ suspicion about “Aguile” would definitely increase, so it was better to keep him mysterious. However, in the meeting between the Dark Moon and White Feather Estate this time, Aguile showed up again. This would definitely attract attention from all parties, but he never thought that Master Xingxing would be so anxious to see him.
Chen Rui remembered there was a famous mechanic master, Tetenis, who came to the Dark Moon along with the White Feather Estate Lord Sicali. Tetenis seems to be a friend of Xingxing. I don’t know if the so-called “urgency” is related to this master.

Actually, Xingxing didn’t know that he had already seen the “real” Aguile when Alice had a dispute with Eve and her sister last time.

Chen Rui thought for a while and decided to go to the Cloak Gang anyway.

Was Xingxing going to introduce “Aguile” to Master Tetenis?

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