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fizonel_bhukharetsu 5
Chapter n/a 3 days ago

Overall, this story is good, but it has a lot of issues that make me want to put it behind me. The environment and power structure are beautifully constructed, although the prose is a tad monotonous. Too many repeated idioms in the language, and character descriptions that either describe characters as divinely lovely or do not describe them at all, rather than genuinely giving them traits. The author's philosophical message is hazy, hopping between the notions of being either talented or garbage and traditional morality. The protagonist is the most problematic aspect of this novel. I've loved reading what I've read thus far in this series. The leveling is intriguing, as is the unusual blend of powers. My main criticism of the character is that, although apparently mentally at the level of a supercomputer, he is emotionally a toddler or caveman screaming fits. Oh? You mentioned something offensive to me? Let us now try to kill each other.

Evure 2
Chapter 666 6 days ago

Well if I have to say something about this novel then I will say it is a great novel. But before you go and start reading the story there are a few things you need to know, first of all even though this story is really good but for you to enjoy it you need to be patient. The story just drives into events without explaining any background about the mc or his family, and because of this, I found the start of the story a little bit less exciting but after the first part finishes it becomes more and more interesting. Another thing about this story are some of its plots are great and some really trash you just have to push your way through the trash ones, but if you do this and continue to read the story then it has a lot to offer to you. Especially the world of this story is very interesting also some of the fights are just awesome. Overall a great story.

Jammy2174 6
Chapter 1273 8 days ago

Really good novel, absolutely love the power system and the world building is absolutely fantastic. Many of the complaints are from the romance side of the story (they are 100% justified) as the MC pretty much chases this one girl throughout the novel. At the point I’m at now (1000-1200 chaps in) the main heroine is going through hella change and is becoming an infinitely better character and I’m eager to see how the romance will change in the book. TL;DR: Great power system, best world building I’ve seen in a min, fantastic combat scenes, MC is a great character especially in arcs where the FML isn’t around. Romance is ok at best and infuriating at worst but I personally love both the ML and FML, an opinion that seems rare lmao. Overall, I def recommend to read the first 10-20 chapters. If you don’t like the power system or any other aspects by then, this book may not be for you

Enryu69 3
Chapter 101 11 days ago

-forced plot -braindead MC at chapter 700ish and ongoing -infuriating FMC -MC should be sooooo smart thanks to his ability but author makes him do dumb choices to use plotarmor and make him stronger every time -MC is a hypocrite (feels bad when “forced“ to kill humans, but kills demons etc at every turn) -MC is unreasonably arrogant but thinks his enemies are arrogant and gets the urge to make them pay for it - MC is a simp - author is a simp ( every women is akin to a “flower“ one should protect and not harm ) - MC is a simp2. 0 (feels the need to protect/spare every women even if they try to kill him) I don’t recommend reading this, you’ll just waste your time. It’s a 2. 8/5 at most, dunno how it’s ranked 3. overall

  • DevilsFate 2

    If the novel like hero of darkness can stay at top 10 this novel certainly can. I agree with all your points MC is hypocrite and simp so what he later accepted that.he even changed his mindset he will kill entire world for his girl and family. He is arrogant because he has the power to do so ,what do you expect just because he has the name Morales he has to withstand insults because of his fathers or Morales family actions. He is arrogant but he never killed any one for his own benefit if they were innocent, he even protected the rapax egg even though he know he will became more Powerfull by eating it. He never bullied anyone for his fun or satisfaction he only used his powers if anyone lookdown on him or his family or done anything to them. You can freely express your thoughts in comments section, but don't decide for yourself whether one can read or not it's their decision to make afterall more than 80% left positive reviews otherwise it won't have 4.2 rating

    • Enryu69 3

      I respect your opinion but I never said they are not allowed to read it or anything like that, I recommend not to read it in my earlier comment, so it’s up to them whether they do so or not

Artwr 2
Chapter 1713 12 days ago

It's defentely very good, mc is strong but not in the usual way, there is some plot armor but is enjoyable, FMC is very good and the romance dynamic is actually quite grounded. Power dyamics is sometimes overly explained, and it gets confusing cuz there's is too much sometimes, would be nice to have some refernce graph/pages.

Raufmoha 5
Chapter 915 14 days ago

I would have really enjoyed if it were not for the Way mc acts and how he is a total simp. The world building is good, the story is good, Has a good power system. you can enjoy the story as long as You dont hate a simp mc

Naarhosh 4
Chapter 257 16 days ago

Chapter 250 review: first ~150ish chapters are fun to read. Afterwards, plot armor is so think that the MC does whatever with zero consequences, so it's a bit boring. 3. 5 stars from me, but awarding 4 because it's better than a 3 star.

AudriannaWarren 3
Chapter 1698 19 days ago

This novel is one of the best. The storyline is quite captivating, and the two main main characters are built well, with each of them overcoming countless challenges together. This novel gives an interesting perspective of the universe and the power contained within each world, as well as all the different methods for growth. The quaility of the novel is great as well, with little to no mistakes throughout the whole thing. A top tier novel indeed.

  • ZoroDa 1

    thanks, will start it

traumai 4
Chapter 797 19 days ago

I was halfway through this one when it started to become less and less interesting and I dropped it which was a while back, so while I can't say anything about chapters 800-last I did enjoy most of it until then even though the start was pretty rough to warm up to me The MC has a pretty good character development and abilities which make it fun to read and I can't say anything bad about the writing style either

  • Teexlol 4

    I admit that it gets boring halfway through, but I assure u it gets interesting in the later arcs.

tenebruh_ 3
Chapter 1689 22 days ago

Great novel! The grammar is top notch making it easy to read. While the progressions is a bit slow, it is still exciting. Concepts are unique and interesting as well. The romance is very nice too. The chapters are a bit small and it gets slightly repetitive, it still makes for great read.