Divine Path System
Chapter 1612: Yami's Offensive

The Alliance was home to an unimaginable scale of life.

The number of mortal rankers living inside was staggering. So was the celestial rankers. While the number of powerful celestial rankers was far less when it came to higher ranks, they were still a very large number.

But the divine rankers, that's where numbers dwindled to a pitiful size. How many divine rankers did the alliance have?

A thousand? Maybe.

Ten thousand? It's difficult to imagine but possibly.

A hundred thousand? Hahahahaha!

A million? No fucking way.

Of course, almost every divine ranker picked from any group anywhere in the alliance would be a rank 1.

Rank 2s were always rare and were treated as the pillars of the alliance, the ultimate protectors who would keep the alliance a safe place. Sighting one was rarer than watching a kingdom get destroyed.

The distribution of divine rankers across the sub-ranks was heavily skewed.

More than 90% would be low rank 1s.

9% would be mid rank 1s.

0.99% high rank 1s.

0.01% would be peak rank 1s.

But even this pitiful percentage easily indicated over a hundred peak rank 1s.

So, it's surprising when the number of rank 2s was just 9.

Not fifty or even twenty.

It's not even ten.

As Yami's anger was about to erupt, Aphosis responded to Varian's question. "We had over thirty rank 2s at one point but they all started dying in the wars."

"And we didn't get overwhelmed by the Jai Empire?" Varian expressed his confusion.

"…The Jai Empire's rank 2s died, at a worse rate. Other than God Emperor, they only have low rank 2s. So, these deaths are not due to the strength of Jai Empire."

Even though he said no more, the ashen faces of everyone presented revealed enough.

'God Emperor was responsible for all these deaths.'

Varian swallowed his saliva, the silhouette of that man once again playing in his head. A single man blocking a cosmic catastrophe. And a clone of his was fighting off the entire alliance.

"We're unclear why this happened but it's one of the reasons this duel is so important." Aphosis continued with a neutral expression. "We need the best and only the best for this great endeavor."

"The best," Yami covered her mouth and chuckled. "Is here."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The life force and death force of the region spiked uncontrollably. The dark space was painted green and red by the overwhelming power that flooded the entire region.

A huge pressure fell on Varian for a brief moment before he responded and beat it back.

From an intertwining spirals of red and green, Immortal emerged. His form was that of a twenty year old man's, with flaming red hair, glittering green eyes and a shining golden skin.

He didn't even give Varian a glance and turned to Yami to give her a head bow. "I will not disappoint."

Next, he did a fist salute to Keman. "I will fulfill your dream."

Only then did he glance at Varian and snorted. "Let it begin."

Aphosis nodded and was about to announce the start of the match when Yami stood up. "We should have more spectators."

Keman, who was silent so far, raised a brow at her words. "Do not do things that could leak news about this battle."

Yami chuckled but her eyes turned cold, showing the displeasure she felt for having reminded such a basic thing as if she didn't know it herself. "No worries. I will assure they won't leak anything. And since you have doubt, I will either kill them all or imprison them once the battle ends."

Her words confused everyone present.

And Varian had an omnious premonition.

Proving his fears to be true, Yami swung her hand at the void. "Come out and watch this man die under the hands of my son!"

The purest of death emerged out of her hand and a link was formed between her space as well as the target space she was aiming for.

Someone died in that target space. And even if no one did, they would be in the process of dying due to the act of decreasing lifespan everyday.

Using 'death' as the common link, a bridge was formed to a very, very distant location.

And then, Yami pulled that red chain.

Something cracked in the distant space and then, a translucent sphere began to emerge.

Once it was near, it became clear that it wasn't a sphere but a solid with changing geometry. Sometimes, it was a cube, other times, it was an octagon.

It struggled violently to get out of the red chains but even its best attempts were futile.

"Come out or I'll have to break the doors." Yami declared.

A black and white light shone in front of the place. Varian stood between the shaking space and the woman who reigned over death.

"Why are you doing this? This isn't in the agreement."

"Agreement?" Yami's lips curled up. "The agreement was only about the duel."

The ruler of Mors clenched her fists and the defensive barrier laid out by Aphosis shattered.

Hortus, without any external defenses, laid bare before the powerhouses of the alliance.

Varian's heart thrashed against his chest, wanting to go on a rampage but his mind crushed his restlesness with an overwhelming force and his eyes turned cold.

"Yami." He called out in an indifferent voice.

"…What did you just say?" The death lady blinked in confusion, wondering if it's really possible for her hearing to be damaged.

"Yami, let's say I lose t, you'll do what you want. But if I win, then what are the consequences of your actions…?" Varian asked in a chilling voice.

Even though the nine audience were all at the top of the audience, every one of them, including Yami herself, felt a sense of discomfort at his words.

Of course, nothing would happen. There's no way he could really threaten them, but…

"If you win? There is no chance of that happening." Immortal stepped forward, his pressure soaring up and enveloping Varian. "Mother, if you want to kill them all, please do. I will be happy to battle this wretch while he cries in despair."

Yami looked at Varian with a cold gaze and moved her fingers.

The defense of Hortus, laid out intricately by Sarah's hardwork over hundreds of years, was torn apart in an instant.

"I was just thinking of inviting them over as an audience for the duel, but I didn't specify if they'll be alive or undead. For letting your tongue loose, that is the most benevolent punishment." Yami flicked her wrist and the people left in Hortus were pulled out by force.

The vigilant Sarah, Isadora and Aurora. A confused Primula. The anxious maids Helena and Hazel. The 'no fucks left to give' Evander and Alison.

They experienced a mix of defensiveness, surprise or fear at the sheer power emitting out of the divine rankers they faced all of a sudden.

Varian exhaled lightly and turned to Aphosis. The boy turned to Aridam who rubbed his chin and stood up.

"Lord Yami, they're the guests of Nexus. Any action you wish upon them, please refrain to honor the spirit of the duel. If Varian loses, we will not object to you venting out your anger."

"…Is that the stand of Nexus as a whole or your individual position?"

"The whole!" Ophion, the Snake Of Chaos, yelled. "Everyone supports it!"

Yami chuckled, her eyes shining with anger as she returned to her seat. "Very well, but remember, actions have consequences."

"I want to explore that world, Nexus shouldn't have a problem with that, right?" Keman Aurik said all of a sudden.

Chapter 1612: Yami's Offensive
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