Divine Path System
Chapter 1613: Sharp Tongue

Before any of Nexus could answer, Varian replied. "I do."

Keman turned to him without any change in his expression.

And all of a sudden, Varian felt his vitality freeze and an unimaginable pressure on his soul, pushing his consciousness to the edge of eternal darkness.

"Just because you are allowed to speak in our presence, do you really believe you're as important as you think you are?"

He couldn't even move his lips properly but the power of slivers poured out of Varian and conveyed his words loud and clear, in full defiance.

"Of course I am fucking important.

None of you and especially not Yami have any chance of winning the God Emperor.

I have see him…in the God's Eye. And I've seen you today.

I'm not even a divine ranker but even I can tell that you're not even in the same league.

You're only alive because he's letting you.

The moment God Emperor believes it's time, your heads will roll and this game will end.

You are all pretending as if you're his equal. Stop this delusion. You're just his entertainment in free time. All his energy has been spent on God's Eye.

If you really want a chance at winning the being who stands at the top of the universe, you better pick the one who shows more promise instead of antagonizing him."

His words were blunt, harsh and honestly, a slap in the face at everyone present, particularly those of Genesis and Mors, who always tried to compare themselves as an equal of Jai.

Keman clenched his fist but snorted and leaned back into his seat.

The pressure on Varian vanished and he panted heavily, feeling life once again after coming from the clutches of death.

The members of Hortus were arranged to be seated in the area of Nexus and to assure Varian, Aphosis set up a lot of defense barriers.

Hortus vanished into inner space.

And silence ensued once again.

But unlike before the battle, this was a tense silence.

Every powerhouse from Genesis and Mors wanted Varian to lose and lose badly so they could take out his anger for what he said, even though every word he said about them was the truth.

"Since you spouted so much nonsense, let me say this." Immortal smiled with confidence and turned to Isadora watching Varian quietly. "Vessel, you were born for me. Even though you were tainted by him, you will end up with me. I will end your life, merge your being with me and fulfill your destiny.

And this will happen once the man you love dies. It's ironic, isn't it? You must've wished to spend eternity with him, but you'll be spending eternity with me, fused with every single cell of mine."

Isadora ignored his words like he's some dog barking and nodded at Varian with a smile, trying to cheer him up.

Varian, on the other hand, was pissed off at Immortal's words. "Aren't you trying too hard?

Born for a destiny? Hah! The destiny like yours which says you'll rule the world? You're born for it too, right? But what happened? You grew up like a lonely dog until recently.

You really think your momma loves you? She abandoned you for what? A thousand? Two thousand years?

Now when the ingredients are ripe for your rise—the vessel and the slivers—she suddenly spends some time with you and you believe she loves you?

Bitch, I've seen some hardcore simps but you take the crown and she's your fucking mother! How desperate are you, really?"

"He has a sharp tongue." Aridam commented with a smile.

"What a nasty bastard," Ophion laughed. "I like him even more now!"

Asherah showed a disgusted expression. "What a vulgar low life."

Keman maintained silence while Equilius kept his eyes closed.

Yami, the ever calm and charming lady, clenched her armrest and gnashed her teeth. "That filthy ant! How dare he? How dare he say that…?!"

The target of the verbal humiliation, Immortal was beyond furious. He literally shook with the urge to strangle Varian and drink his blood.

Before he knew it, blood was spilling out of his mouth and he was rushing toward Varian with eyes full of killing intent.

"I'll cut your tongue into pieces and feed it you! I'll push you to the brink of death and bring you back, over and over and over again!"

In a creepy voice that only the undead could make, Immortal vowed as he channeled his powers, causing the space around him to crack.

But before he could reach Varian, an invisible barrier appeared and Aphosis stood between them with a neutral expression.

"The duel has not begun yet." He stated as a matter of fact.

"Start it! Start it now!" Immortal yelled, veins popping up on his arms and forehead.

"There are only two rules." Aphosis began in a calm and unhurried tone.

"One, no external interference.

Do not take this rule lightly.

The balance of alliance has been possible due to the neutrality of Nexus.

Should any of the empire break the rule, Nexus will ally with the other empire.

Please remember that neither Genesis nor Mors wants to share their power with their counterpart.

Immortal's existence, as miraculous as it might be, is a compromise both could trust.

But if they could help it, Genesis would prefer to rob the sliver from Mors and use it to create the perfect living being with two slivers.

The same goes for Mors.

This is why, please do not intervene."

Even though he spoke without showing even a hint of emotion, much less arrogance, Aphosis' words caused a shift in the atmosphere.

Yami and Keman looked at each other with a vigilant gaze before the two rulers glanced at their followers.

Neutrality of the audience when the two strongest parties were all backing Immortal was achieved with a simple rule.

'Divine and Rule'.

"Two, one of you must die." Aphosis looked at them with an indifferent gaze, as if they were two bulls left to fight till death. "As long as you don't use a divine-grade item, you are free to use any of your possesions including but not limited to treasures, pets, war slaves and elixirs."

Immortal sneered in disdain and punched his fists together. He's not going to use any of these puny treasures or slaves, even though he had access to plenty thanks to the strong backing he received.

As the future ruler of the alliance and the conqueror of Jai, he'd have to act in a way that would only inspire confidence and awe in the hearts of the powerhouses.

If he relied on external help today, it'd only dent his image.

"Varian, there is a herb that grows at the edge of blackhole near Mors. It has only one feature. It'll save a bit of your soul and not let you die instantly.

Since I want to beat you down for a long time, I suggest you fetch it for yourself. Don't worry, I'll wait." Immortal declared with confidence.

Varian smirked. "…Unless you were scared you'd die by hands and tried to get one yourself, how would you know so clearly about it?"

"That tongue…I'll rip it out!" Immortal's chest heaved up and down.

Aphosis glanced at the two of them and waved his hand.

"Let the duel begin."

Chapter 1613: Sharp Tongue
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