Divine Path System
Chapter 858: I'll Book A Room For You Two

Varian's tense heart relaxed as he slowly opened his eyes. Even though he did want to rest his head on this soft pillow, he wanted to see her more. So, he raised his head and paused.

Sarah's lovely face filled his vision. Was it just him or did she grow more beautiful? Varian didn't know. He didn't want to think about it either.

Sarah was looking at him with a smile when Varian suddenly cupped her cheeks and bowed his head.


Feeling her wet, cold, and soft lips pressing against his, Varian's heart slowed down to a near halt before it pounded against his chest.

Varian pulled her closer and sat her on his lap. After the initial panic, Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back with more passion, as if she wanted to melt into his body.

At some point, Varian's tongue slipped into her mouth and they started a secret battle of tongues.

Feeling his lover's sweetness, Varian chased after her cute tongue. Not to be outdone, Sarah chased after him as her heart throbbed inside her chest.

Even though it was only a few weeks, it felt like they were away forever.

During the time she was in retreat, Varian infiltrated the Abyssals, pushed himself to save Mars, and since the advent of this war, he was putting himself at constant risk.

She was still in retreat, but thanks to Boo, she was aware of Varian's situation all along.

That's why she felt sorry for him. If only she stayed by his side during those hardships…

Sarah opened her eyes. With eyes closed, face relaxed, he looked lost in the kiss and finally at peace.

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Feeling the sudden change in her moment, Varian opened his eyes. The eyes as black as night met the shining golden eyes.

Looking into her loving eyes, Varian's emotions stirred. He wanted to be one with her right then and there, but there were things he just couldn't put down.

Varian pulled away from Sarah, forming a silver thread hanging between their lips.

As he looked at her rosy cheeks, Varian had the urge to kiss her again despite knowing they were supposed to be doing something more urgent.

Sarah too threw those thoughts out of her mind and leaned closer as she pucked her lips.

Varian licked his lips as he struggled between reason and emotion.

"Ahem. Ahem."

Thankfully, Enigma's awkward coughs startled them and put an end to their kissing session.

Sarah looked at Enigma with the intention to greet but realized that she was currently sitting on Varian's lap.

Feeling self-conscious all of a sudden, she wanted to get up.

But Varian turned her around so her head rested on his chest as Sarah herself faced Enigma.

Feeling Varian's arms around her waist, Sarah concluded that it was impossible to get out of this position.

Besides, why should she?

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It's Enigma anyway.

Perhaps feeling the changes in Sarah's expression and her decision to remain in that intimate position, Enigma's lips twitched.

First, you guys treat me like air and go on mad kissing. Now, you want to talk to me sitting on his lap. What is this? A public display of affection?

Enigma wanted to protest.

She had no parents to get parental love.

She had no siblings to have a bickering but loving relationship. Even though Sia was like a younger sister to her, and was the closest person she had, there was a wall between them. Perhaps only when the repulsion disappears would the invisible wall break down.

She had no friends. Even though her relationship with Sarah was improving, it wasn't very close.

And lover? There were quite a few people who proposed to her during the early days of Shadow Guardian.

They didn't even see her face, much less talk to her, but said they loved her!

The ones that accepted her rejection were let off with a small beating. The ones that persisted got a heavy beating and the really stubborn ones were directly thrown into dangerous missions.

'…So, it's my fault that I don't have any good relationship?' Enigma blinked her eyes in confusion before Sarah's voice pulled her attention.

"Thank you for staying by Varian's side all this time," Sarah said with a grateful smile before elbowing Varian with a glare. "This guy just can't stay still without courting death every other Friday."

Varian coughed and turned away from her blaming gaze. 'Miss, do you really think I really enjoy risking my life? Heck no. I'm forced by the circumstances to choose.'

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On the other hand, Enigma stiffly nodded in response to Sarah's gratitude. She helped Varian not only because of Sia but also because she wanted to.

"I've seen your Darkness powers restraint his power, I think I can do the same—wait, how come we are so close?" Sarah exclaimed in the middle of her speech.

"Close, what? Ah!"


Varian and Enigma realized they were almost sitting side by side.

"It's only half foot distance, wow!" Sarah's face brightened.

"Well," Varian was equally surprised and delighted.

Regarding the distance between them, he always stopped until he felt 'repulsion'. The same thing now. If he just moved a bit closer, he'd feel the repulsion.

But he didn't expect the repulsion to come down so much already. "Damn, I can finally kiss Si—ouch!"

Varian looked at Sarah with an innocent gaze, asking why she elbowed him again. Sarah's lips curled into a beautiful smile and she said. "You want the repulsion to go away only to kiss her?"

Sarah expected Varian to defend himself. But against all her expectations, he nodded. "It's part of the package. I actually want to do more. With you too. But as a fair and just man, I'm waiting until she can join you in some advanced Synergy exercises."

Against such shameless statements, Sarah blushed and gave him a cute glare while Enigma punched the wall and said. "I'll book a room for you two, but wait until that Undead is killed."


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