Divinity: Against the Godly System
Chapter 638: Located

Janus not only took asylum with the Goddess of Life and Death, but he also asked her to help.

It had been over half an hour, but he was still trying to convince her since the Goddess of Life and Death wasn't listening.

"Janus, I told you I can't help you. Why don't you understand?" The Goddess of Life and Death repeated.

"You can certainly help me. It's just that you're not willing to. Why are you so scared? It's all going to be over soon! I just need ten minutes of your time. After that, we shall be done! Just help me locate Ryder and see what happened to him!" Janus insisted.

"Nope. I told you once, and I'm going to tell you again. I won't help you with this. The entire Godly Realm is after you. The realm is sealed too. If I try to do anything, they would know it. And I would be discovered too! I can't do it!" the Goddess of Life and Death said, sighing.

"Look, I know it's dangerous, but do you really need to be that scared? Now that he has returned and siding with us, why worry? It should be the other gods who should be worried, and they certainly are! They won't be able to harm you even a little!" Janus said firmly.

"Please help me one last time. You know Ryder, that little guy? I think he is in danger. Can you really see him die?" Janus asked.

"Even though he isn't a god, he helped us! Moreover, he is still Chaos... At least a fraction of his soul! You know that Ryder's death would result in the destruction of that fragment! That would weaken Chaos by a lot!"

"So please help me!"

"Sigh, fine! But just know, if I do that, we'll be caught right away. Especially now that the Heavenly Realm is under such a harsh scrutiny," The Goddess of Life and Death said, ultimately giving in. She couldn't continue denying Janus again and again.

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She waved his hand, making a small pendant appear in them. The pendant had a red jade embedded in it which seemed a bit like a ruby but not quite. Moreover, it wasn't much bigger. It was only as thick as a human finger.

Grabbing the pendant firmly, she closed her eyes, losing herself in the silence. Her body started shining in a translucent light as she used her powers.

"Strange..." After a long time, she opened her eyes, disappointed.

"What happened? Did you not find him?" Janus asked, seeing her disappointment.

"I couldn't find him. I know his aura, but it doesn't seem like he's anywhere on earth. It's quite strange," The Goddess of Life and Death replied.

"Well, that reminds me. He did have the power to travel worlds. Maybe he's in the world of Divinity? Try checking there?" Janus suggested.

"Fine. I'll try there too."

The Goddess of Life and Death closed her eyes again and resumed her search.

The pendant in her hand started shining even brightly as if she was putting even more effort. The search this time lasted for half an hour before the Goddess of Life and Death stopped.

She opened her eyes, letting out a mouthful of breath.

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"Did you find him?" Janus asked.

The Goddess of Life and Death shook her head, sighing. "I didn't find him there either."

"If he's not in those two worlds, then which world is he in?" Janus muttered, confused. "If I'm not wrong, to go to worlds, he needed to go to them once. So there's no way he could be in any other world? Strange."

"He's not in any other world either," the Goddess of Life and Death replied, sighing.

"What do you mean?" Janus asked, frowning.

"This time, I didn't just check the world you asked me to. Instead, I searched all the worlds. Let alone worlds; I searched the entire universe. Excluding the Dark Realm, I searched every place possible. He's nowhere!" the Goddess of Life and Death replied.

"Nowhere?" Janus muttered. "How could that be possible? If you can't find him anywhere, that would just mean that he doesn't exist anymore? He is dead? Is that why I can't sense him?"

"I think that might be the case. Or else, it's impossible that I wouldn't be able to find him. I think he is dead," The Goddess of Life and Death replied, sighing.

"H-how? He had all the powers! And he had the healing! There's no threat on earth for him! It's impossible for him to die!" Janus exclaimed, not able to believe.

He couldn't understand! How could Ryder be dead! How could that guy be dead so easily?

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"You need to calm down. Sometimes, the most basic of things can kill a person. As for how he died, that's a question for the latter. For now, we need to be concerned about what this implies," The Goddess of Life and Death replied, sighing.

"What does that imply? Ah, that's right! Chaos! With Ryder's death, Chaos would be weakened a lot! And he is in the Dark Realm! If he is weakened there, his life might be at risk!" Janus exclaimed, realizing what that meant.

"That's right. He should be weakened now. But the Goddess of Reincarnation is with him. She should be able to protect him and bring him back safely! The real problem will start when he's back! All the gods will jump on the weakened Chaos like wild beasts! This would be the opportunity they were waiting for!"

"Sigh, I guess you're right. We need to be prepared for that as well," Janus said grimly.

"Hmm?" Abruptly, he stood up, looking towards the south.

"What happened?" The Goddess of Life and Death asked, confused. Why did Janus act like he saw a Dark Creature suddenly?

"When I was coming here, I cast a formation around your palace to make sure we knew of enemy intruders. It looks like someone just passed through those formations. And we all know who that could be," Janus said, frowning.

"The gods found us? I told you we shouldn't try finding Ryder! It led them to us!"

"No, it's not that. Even if we used your powers, there's no way that they could've been here so fast. I think it was something else which led them to this place!" Janus replied.

He lightly clapped his hand, making a human-sized mirror appear before him. The mirror started showing the scene outside the Palace.

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"Not one god, but all of them are here. As if they knew I was here. I'm surprised they located me so fast. I wonder how."

Divinity: Against the Godly System Chapter 638: Located
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