Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler
Chapter 423: Goddess of Purity

--- Chapter 420 ---

[Ding! Dong Chan has chosen a Martial Soul]

[Body-type Martial Soul: Heart]

Dong Chan clutched her chest and felt one more heart beating inside. She gasped in disbelief because something like this should be impossible.

'No, Yunlong is a Godking. I don't know how much power or authority he had over the fifth dimension, but giving someone a Martial Soul isn't far-fetched.'

'At the end of the day, a Martial Soul is just a way of cultivating Spirit Energy.'

Meanwhile, Yunlong saw Dong Chan grope her chest and coughed awkwardly. He covered his eyes but still saw through the gap of his fingers.


"Heart, huh?" Yunlong mumbled to himself.

He was surprised that Dong Chan didn't imagine her whole body as the Martial Soul. But thinking about it, focusing on one organ rather than the 'whole' body is actually a good move.

For example, Saiko Intelli possessed a Body-type Martial Soul that's her brain. Her fighting prowess was not the best, but she wasn't weak.

Her frightening quirk could even rival God's Sense.

He stared at Dong Chan and continued, "If cultivated correctly, Dong Chan could achieve something Bibi Dong can't."

At the same time, Bibi Dong finally chooses her Martial Soul.

[Ding! Bibi Dong has chosen a Martial Soul]

[Tool-type Martial Soul: Inverted Chains of Chaos]

"Oh?" Yunlong raised his brows.

Bibi Dong opened her eyes slowly and lifted the Tool-type Martial Soul in her hands. It's a rusty-looking chain attached to a twisted spear blade on both ends.

She smiled and played around with the chains by swinging them around the room. "Lighter than I imagined, but again... It is just the beginning of it." She commented in satisfaction.

"Good, you two have obtained your new Martial Soul." Yunlong's voice alerted them again.

"Now it's time for Dong Chan to choose or make her new Divinity."

"How?" Dong Chan raised her head determinedly.

Yunlong chuckled and responded, "With a Trial. I can't make it too easy because you will get a weak position instead."

Dong Chan slapped her cheeks and made them red, "I'm ready! Throw me in."

"Good luck." Yunlong snapped his finger, and the space around Dong Chan warped, pulling her to another domain.

Bibi Dong looked around and asked, "What about me?"

"You couldn't possibly make me wait, right?" She pouted at the empty air.

She looks adorable. And Yunlong is the only one who could think that way, considering Bibi Dong's reputation in the Bright Spirit Empire.

Even people like Uchiha Madara and Qian Daoliu won't dare to think such a thing.

'Master, master! Since you put Dong Chan into a game-like environment as a trial to accelerate her growth, why don't you do the same for Bibi Dong?' Alpha the weeb said.

Yunlong's mouth twitched, 'I would like to do that, but weak trials like that won't work on Bibi Dong. She's nearing Godking-level herself.'

'Dong Chan's situation is unique. She didn't just lose her strength after Douluo Dalu-101 was 'unfortunately' destroyed. She also lost her will to fight...'

'The dread, unfairness, and other trauma could push one so far.'

Alpha quietly listened and said, 'I'm surprised you know things like this.'

'Are you taunting me?' Yunlong laughed heartfully.

'Hmph. Then, I believe using your clones is more than sufficient.' Alpha suddenly added. 'What's more difficult for Bibi Dong than killing her beloved lover?'

'That should temper her heart and Goddess of Love's prowess tremendously.'

Yunlong couldn't find a fault in Alpha's plan. He bitterly sighed and started creating several clones, each having 30% of his full power.

They also could use his Susanoo and other Mangekyou Abilities, except Heavenly Ruler.

Bibi Dong put on a smile that wasn't a smile upon seeing countless clones of Yunlong and whispered, "Yunlong, this is not funny..."

"Indeed, but you asked for it. There is no better trial for you than this, Bibi Dong." Yunlong's clones replied simultaneously.

"In the past, you trained me with intent to kill..."

"Today, I want you to kill me as much as you can."


Bibi Dong's aura becomes increasingly frightening.

She looked at Yunlong's clones and said, "Fine."

"You want me to dirty my hands, then I will dirty them for you."

Three beautiful fiery wings appeared behind Bibi Dong's back, each with a unique shape and length.

These wings also come with three different-colored flames, which were vermillion, rose-gold, and yellowish gold from the Vermillion Bird, Phoenix, and the Golden Crow.

"Amaterasu!" 100x.

'He's not holding back at all.' Bibi Dong felt black flames surrounding her.

She breathed in and circulated the modified Cultivation Art beyond the Red Cloud Heaven Art everyone used in the Bright Spirit Empire.

It's called [Broken Black Heaven Art]. Yes, a name no one would expect from the Goddess of Love.

Bibi Dong's body functioned like a black hole, devouring the surrounding energy greedily. The incoming Amaterasu was swallowed and sealed inside her body.

Surprisingly, Bibi Dong felt Primordial Ember, the Pseudo-Ultra Divine Tool Yunlong gifted, had become more mighty after absorbing the Amaterasu.

'He really couldn't hide his feelings...' Bibi Dong thought amusingly.


On the other hand, Dong Chan faced massive waves of Spirit Beasts. And none of them are lower than 100,000 years old.

Dong Chan gritted her teeth, "Come."


Dong Chan activated her first Martial Soul Death Spider Emperor and summoned nine spirit rings, overlaying the area with crimson light.

Her spirit configuration is actually better than the original Bibi Dong, with three purple, four blacks, and two reds.

Mental power swept over the area as Bibi Dong materialized a scythe with her spirit skill. She danced on the field, slaughtering her way through the waves of Spirit Beasts.

Of course, Yunlong saw this. He was impressed by her scythe play.

"This is..." He also noticed something particular. "No wonder she said it was dark and corrupting. Even though she has lost the Rakshasa God's power, the remaining hatred has stained her soul."

Dong Chan did her best to cleanse the stain, but it was too stubborn.

After a while, Dong Chan was exhausted and stood atop Spirit Beast's corpses. She doesn't remember how many Spirit Beasts she had killed because she stopped counting after ten thousand.

Dum! Dum!

Dong Chan clutched her chest again and felt searing heat inside. She groaned painfully, seeing a white spirit ring materialize around her.

But this spirit ring is not your ordinary spirit ring. Ten golden marks are 'beautifully' carved all over it, which signifies its age is 1,000,000 years.

A Divine-grade spirit ring!

"You finally condensed a Divine-grade Spirit Ring as your Third Martial Soul's first." Yunlong sighed in relief. "From now on, your Body-type Martial Soul is bound to be ordinary."

"Dong Chan, I will give you two options."

"One where you stayed in this virtual dimension until you condensed ten Divine-grade Spirit Rings. And the second, where you become one of my World Monarchs."

Dong Chan put on a solemn look because this was a life-changing decision for her. However, she quickly shook her head because she was here, thanks to Yunlong's help.

She hasn't repaid him back.

"I chose the second option." She said with clear eyes.

Yunlong suddenly appeared before Dong Chan and offered her an ordinary-looking handkerchief.

Dong Chan stared at the handkerchief and sucked a cold breath, "Is this?"

"Yes, my Martial Soul. The Thousand Worlds Handkerchief." Yunlong answered with a chuckle.

"By accepting this handkerchief, you will become mine completely."

Dong Chan blinked in surprise, "W-Wait, become yours?"

"What's the matter? You don't want to become mine?" Yunlong flashed a smile at her.

"N-No, that's not what I mean..."

"I don't think I deserve such privilege."

"It doesn't matter, Dong Chan. I like you. Maybe because it was my innate bias toward my Bibi Dong, but I definitely like you."

"I see..." Even then, Dong Chan was happy to hear that.

"I-I also like you, Yunlong."

Dong Chan took a deep breath and stretched her hand, grabbing Yunlong's handkerchief.

[Ding! Dong Chan has taken one of Thousand Worlds Handkerchief's universal copies]

[Ding! You have blessed Dong Chan with [God of Miracle] and [God of Fantasy]'s Divine Powers]

[Dong Chan has experienced an enlightenment and formed a new Divinity]

[Dong Chan has ascended as the Goddess of Purity!]

Chapter 423: Goddess of Purity
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