Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2715: Black Hole

Chapter 2715
Black Hole

Bai Yumo and the others started getting nervous after hearing this.

The great elder looked at the third elder and the others said, “Third and fourth elder, you two bring Jingfan and the others to help our Patriarch. Don’t make any mistake.”

Bai Yumo and Yu Jingxian exchanged a glance. Not to be outdone, they joined the team as well as one more person would bring one more manpower in solving the matter. What happened in Dragon Gate Ridge did not seem that simple.

“If sir hadn’t saved me, I might have already died. As a member of the Yu Family, I will not shame our family.”

Yu Jingfan said silently, and then headed to the Dragon Ridge Gate with the two elders, Yu Jingxian and Bai Yumo.

Soon, they reached Dragon Ridge Gate. There was no one in the place at the moment, except a guardian.

“Patriarch, you are here?!”

A white-bearded old man said with excitement.

“Mr. Fu, do you know what happened here?”

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“No, I am not sure. However, there have been sounds coming out from the mine at midnight. The miners are all back to Yu Family, I am here to guard the gate.” Mr Fu explained.

He had already reached the end of his life, that was why he dared to stay here. As his time was not much left in the world, he volunteered to come here to guard the Dragon Ridge Gate.

“There’s unusual phenomena every night, isn’t there?”

Dongbo Tianchi frowned. It’s indeed strange, and everyone was confused. Most importantly, they did not know what was inside the mine. The unknown is usually the most important thing in the world because you could not make any judgement.

“Did you see the red light just now?”

Feng Luojiang asked.

Mr. Fu nodded and said:

“That red light erupted from the mine. I can’t see it well as it’s too dazzling. Patriarch, is there an evil inside the mine?”

“Alright. This is none of your business anymore. Mr. Fu, since you have almost come to your last days, you shall not waste your time guarding this place. Our family will definitely not mistreat you.” Yu Huagan said.

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“Many thanks to Patriarch.”

Although Mr. Fu did not care about life or death, the Patriarch’s words still moved him deeply.

“Let’s go. We can only find out the mystery by entering the mine.”

Feng Luojiang said with a low voice.

“We must find out what happened no matter what is hiding under the mine. No one can mess up the Dragon Vein and it shall not be coveted by the villains.”

Dongbo Tianchi said with a deep voice. The three great families’ Dragon Veins were all connected to each other. Even though they did not own the Dragon Gate Ridge together, the Dragon Veins were an interconnected mountain range. Since similar unusual things happened in their mines at the same time now, it had already created an impact on the families. They had respectively lost more than hundreds of people. It’s terrifying. If they did not find out the cause behind this, who would dare to step into the mine in the future?

“Let’s not delay. We can only find out the root when we enter the mine.”

Yu Huagan glanced at Jiang Chen and said. Jiang Chen had been staying quiet. However, the three of them did not see him as a mere Half-step Divine King.

Since there were four Divine Kings and their cultivation realm were all at the peak of Middle Divine King Realm, they would not flee even if they encountered a Half-step Hierarch expert.

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Under the mine, there were quite a lot of Divine Bright Stone lighting up the place. In the Divine World, the price of Divine Bright Stone was low but it could give out dazzling light and heat. It was a necessary tool in the mine.

At the hundred metres below the ground, it was filled with dreadful Divine Origin Qi. The surrounding stones had been releasing intense Divine Origin Qi, but most of them were only lower grade. There were only a few huge stones of mid-grade, and high grade stones were also very rare. Jiang Chen could not even spot any Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones yet.

This mine range was incredibly huge and it was more than a hundred thousands miles in length. The depth was even more astonishing. Over the one hundred thousand years, all the families only managed to dig up a thousand metre of its depth. No one actually knew how much more Divine Origin Stones there were under the ground.

However, not all the stones from the Divine Origin Stone mine range were useful. After they extracted the stones, they still needed to refine them. Most of the Lower Grade Divine Origin Stones would be used as the currency. High Grade Divine Origin Stones would be used for cultivation. The real Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones were in good demand for the experts of Divine King Realm and above. The number of Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones was also very limited.

A hundred-metre mine range was only considered as an ordinary mine range. A thousand-metre one was considered as Divine Vein. But those that were more than hundred thousand metres were qualified to be named Dragon Vein. The three great families in the Liaobei Region controlled this Dragon Vein which was more than a hundred thousand metres. It was truly an enormous Dragon Vein.

“Look! Is that a black hole?”

Feng Luo said with a deep voice. Jiang Chen and the others looked at that side where he pointed. Indeed, there was a huge black hole stretching down to a deeper place. The black hole was without any light, making the light from the Divine Bright Stone look extremely bright. Below the hole, there were no origin stones that could be extracted.

“Something’s strange inside the black hole.”

Dongbo Tianchi said with a low voice.

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“Each of us take a piece of Divine Bright Stone and go inside to see.”

Yu Huagan said while staring at the balck hole. There was no walking path anymore for them to go except the black hole. It was the end of the mine.

While Jiang Chen was looking at the balck hole, three pairs of blue light suddenly became brighter. Jiang Chen was stunned at the moment.

“Be careful!”

Jiang Chen shouted. Yu Huagan and the other three immediately dodged the aggressive strikes from the three monsters. The monster’s deafening roars shook the entire mine at the moment. They looked solemn while looking at the monsters.

Jiang Chen finally gained some understanding of these monsters because these were the monsters he killed before.

“Now I know. I have seen these tiger-like monsters before a hundred years ago but they were even stronger than these. After a battle with the monster, I was defeated and became unconscious for years. It’s the same bastard.”

Although Yu Huagan’s strength had advanced greatly, he still could not help trembling in fear thinking back to the strange monster. This was because he had the real experience before and his strength and life was devoured by the Soul Leaving Curse. If he had not met Jiang Chen, he would have died earlier.

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