Dual Cultivation (WN)

Chapter 775: It’s Like Comparing a Sword to a Tiny Needle!

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After taking off his clothes, Su Yang approached the bed with an unfathomable aura around him, looking like some kind of divine deity in Ruan Xiao Qing's eyes.

Once Su Yang was standing before her with his dragon upright and straight like a pole, Ruan Xiao Qing swallowed again, feeling an overbearing coming from the mighty dragon that threatened to ravage her body.

"H-Hurry… put it inside me…" Ruan Xiao Qing unconsciously spoke what was in her mind, even spreading her legs willingly.

"No need to be impatient… Allow me to loosen your body a little bit since I doubt you'll be able to handle it."

Su Yang then laid next to Ruan Xiao Qing on the bed and began caressing her body with his hands, using his slender fingers to tease her body.


Ruan Xian Qing closed her eyes to enjoy the burning sensation that was overflowing her body.

"It hasn't even been a minute and you're already this wet? I guess you really have been deprived of satisfaction for sometime…" Su Yang said to her with a smile on her face.

"Why else do you think I am doing this? I can't even release my frustration unless I do it myself!" Ruan Xiao Qing responded in an irritated tone just from remembering how useless Ruan Zongze was.

"Then allow me to help you…"

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Su Yang sat on the bed and grabbed her legs before spreading them wide apart before lowering her mouth, kissing the sweet and juicy area between her legs.


Ruan Xiao Qing moaned in a sharp voice when she felt Su Yang's tongue suddenly invaded her paradise.

"Yes~ This is it!" Ruan Xiao Qing exclaimed in a satisfied voice, even pressing on Su Yang's head with her hands.

'Is this a dual cultivator?! He can please me more than my husband who uses his whole body with just his tongue!' she cried inwardly, feeling her pent-up frustrations being released at a rapid pace.

A few minutes later, Su Yang placed Ruan Xiao Qing down and closed the distance between his big brother and Ruan Xiao Qing's little sister.

"What do you think? How does it compare to your husband's?" Su Yang asked her as he placed his majestic sausage right on top of her soaking wet slit.

"I...It's like comparing a sword to a tiny needle!" Ruan Xiao Qing responded in a panting voice.

Su Yang chuckled and said, "I don't mean our sizes. That's too obvious. I'm talking about our ability to pleasure— are you feeling satisfied? Do you want more?"

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"I want more… I want your whole thing inside me!" Ruan Xiao Qing quickly responded with a yearning look on her face.

Su Yang nodded, and he moved his hips back a little bit before thrusting it forward again, shoving his thick rod inside Ruan Xiao Qing's tight cave in a single movement without stopping.


Ruan Xiao Qing released her loudest cry of delight yet, feeling incredibly satisfied with just the penetration alone, and Yin Qi gushed from her body.

"Haaa… Haaa… haaa…" Ruan Xiao Qing panted with her eyes rolled behind her head and her tongue sticking out like she was extremely thirsty.

"Here's so more!" Su Yang said as he began thrusting his rod in and out of her body.

"Oooohhh~! Mmmmm! Aaaaah~!!!"

Ruan Xiao Qing nearly fainted when Su Yang began moving his hips, and the only thing keeping her conscious awake was the constant feeling of pleasure that stimulated her body and brain.

Su Yang smashed Ruan Xiao Qing's body for the next few hours without much break, only allowing Ruan Xiao Qing to breathe for a few seconds after she climaxed before he began pumping Yin Qi from her hole again, relieving her of many years of sexual frustration in a single session.

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"How do you feel?" Su Yang asked her at the end of their session.

"Do I… really… need to… answer that?" Ruan Xiao Qing mumbled in an exhausted voice.

Su Yang smiled and said, "You can go ahead and rest for a few hours before we continue with our trade. I'll be waiting outside for you until then."

"Okay…" Ruan Xiao Qing did not think about anything else and immediately fell asleep, as she has never felt so comfortable and tired at the same time before.

Su Yang left her room and returned outside a few moments later.

"Sorry for making you wait this long, but we will have to wait for a few more hours before we can leave this place. You can go to sleep if you're tired," Su Yang said to Shi Yuchun when he saw her half-asleep face.

Shi Yuchun nodded and laid on the couch, quickly falling asleep. Meanwhile, Su Yang went to the bathroom to clean his body.

Once he came back outside, he sat on the floor beside Shi Yuchun and began cultivating the Yin Qi he'd just absorbed from Ruan Xiao Qing.

However, after cultivating only for two hours, Su Yang suddenly opened his eyes and turned to look at the entrance to the room.

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"Oh? You have returned already? What happened to the rest of the Ruan Family? Did you leave them behind to come back here faster?" Su Yang spoke with a smile on his face when he saw Ruan Zongze standing there.

However, Ruan Zongze ignored his questions and roared, "Where is my wife?!"

Luckily for Shi Yuchun, Su Yang had created a formation around her before Ruan Zongze appeared, so her peace was undisturbed by Ruan Zongze's loud voice.

"Your wife? Oh, she's inside her room right now. But I wouldn't disturb her if I were you." Su Yang said with a calm look on his face.

"What? Why not? What's she doing inside?" Ruan Zongze stopped in front of Ruan Xiao Qing's room and turned to look at Su Yang with a frown on his face.

"I don't know what else to tell you besides… if you open that door and disturb your wife, you'll regret it dearly."

Ruan Zongze swallowed nervously after hearing Su Yang's words, feeling an ominous feeling coming from the door in front of him.

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