Dual Cultivation (WN)
Chapter 1023: Warming Up

"W-What the hell kind of introduction was that, Disciple Xiao?" Ji Ning asked him when he returned.

"That was more of an advertisement for your massage parlor than a freaking introduction! How are you going to get any partners like this?!"Li Sang sighed out loud.

"By the way. I am more interested in the Golden Yin Pill. I have never heard of it. What does it do?" Wu Bing asked him.

"The Golden Yin Pill increases the quality of one's Yin Qi by two to three levels. It's not a priceless treasure, but it's good enough for a place like this." Su Yang said with a smile.

"And my objective for coming to this sect isn't to find partners. I'm here to raise my cultivation, and that's all that matters," he added.

After Su Yang's little show, the place did not return to normal for many minutes, and the next few disciples that stepped inside the red circle were unable to find partners.

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Eventually, the event came to its end.

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Dual Cultivation (WN) Chapter 1023: Warming Up
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