“I’m sure that I’ve lost the bet. So, is it okay for me to just receive it like this?”

“It was supposed to be what the winner had wanted to do, so it’s absolutely fine.”


Molitia’s eyes traced downwards. A trickle of water had trailed down her neckline before dribbling across her wide chest, under her own shoulders.

Her face immediately turned crimson red as it flowed along her creek. His desires that hadn’t been there before were swelling viciously down below.

“…is there something else that you’d like to do?”

“You just said you won’t be touching me.”

He then proceeded with a rather calm voice.

“I don’t touch an unwell person.”

“I’m not that sick…”

Thud. Her true feelings were seeping out.

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“Actually, I don’t really hate it.”

“That’s not the main reason why I ask you to take a bath together with me.”

He calmly returned to the bathtub and embraced her in the same exact posture from before. Molitia’s face immediately flushed when his erection had nudged against her hips.



A sonorous breath had wafted along Molitia’s petite shoulder. Raven was leaning his chin against Molitia’s shoulder while his hand was tickling her waist.

“But, behind is…”

“I can’t really do anything to satisfy my passion even by just looking at you.”

A scent of sweet flavor could be felt just at the tip of Raven’s nose. The usual scent of her body had caused his nether regions to become even more rigid.

“It’s fine if you just leave it as it is.”

If he wasn’t even erect while saying so, maybe she could have believed in him. Molitia’s eyes lit up all of a sudden for that moment. It seemed like the surge of feelings in her stomach that she had just felt earlier was soaring all over again.

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“…what if I wanted to?”

His weary breathing on her shoulders ceased immediately. There was only the trickling sound of water seeping from her hair that had permeated throughout the bathroom.

“If I’d like to do it with Raven then, will you?”

Whoosh—a faint sigh of wind had tickled her cheek softly.

“Don’t try to provoke me too much, Molitia.”

“But you’re so dear to me even when you’re holding me close. I feel as if I’ve become some sort of a precious jewel…oh!”

Raven’s hand suddenly grabbed hold of her chest. Startled by the unexpected touch, Molitia’s shoulders flinched before his lips had grazed upon her neck.


It was a desire that had to be endured. He really wanted to do something for her, who had tried her very best. Therefore, he eventually thought that would be the best thing he could do for her since not only she wasn’t fond of jewelry that much, she had also restricted him from gifting her flowers everyday.

But he just couldn’t handle it when she asserted such lovely things. Did she even realize how beautiful the things she had said just then? No, she wouldn’t have uttered them if she had known of it.

His hand fluttered downwards. Her back trembled as his hand had already penetrated her slit through her current flow.

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“Just how lovely could you possibly be?”

He had thought before that there would at least be an end to her cuteness. However, his present enthrallment towards her was definitely unknown.

He took a bite off her ample shoulder. It was truly sweet. He straight away wondered if her whole body was made up of sugar when it had this kind of taste.

“Oh, yes…”

Whenever he nudged on that soft clit with his hand, a faint moan leaked out from her mouth. Her excited body was reacting sensitively to his every touch.

Raven stood up in the bathtub while holding Molitia up. He placed several towels on the bathroom floor before laying her down.

“Doesn’t your back hurt?”

“It’s alright.”

“Tell me whenever you feel sick.”

While feeling all titillated, their eyes met with one another. Raven then slowly spread her legs open. She widened her eyes as she moaned with much anticipation.

“It’s already flowing in between your legs. I almost feel like I don’t even need to work on it by now.”

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Raven’s hand proceeded to swirl around her entrance. Her back writhed in response with such frustrated discontent.

“Yes, Raven…”

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