Earth's Alpha Prime
Chapter 171: Significance of a higher Grade 'Physique'.

Once Jay grasped a firm control over his movement speed, he had MJ calibrate gravity to 1.6 times that of Earth's gravity to match the standard set for the Tournament Island.

To maintain fairness, the System set an average of 1000 Trial Zones gravities for every tournament Island in the respective Trial Region.

Each Trial Region would have a different gravity average since the gravity in each Trial Zone corresponded to the gravity of the allotted life planet. The 35th Trial Region in the 7th Trial Continent was adjusted to 1.6 times the Earth's gravity. It was the same with the atmosphere as well.

The higher one's Physique Grade, the easier they could adapt to their environment and the greater the survivability.

The Grade of Physique Grade depended on the Tier one evolved. Since Jay was still in Tier-2, he possessed a Grade-2 Physique. Due to that, it took him more effort to adapt than those with a Grade-3 Physique.

Another magical aspect of a Physique was that the change in gravity wouldn't affect their movement speed despite the varied body weight, but the catch was that it had to be within the adaptability range of the Physique.

Among the Alpha Chosen, those who reached Tier-3 had it the easiest due to the three-factor adaptability range of a Grade-3 Physique.

As long as the gravity wasn't 3 times their home planet's gravity, a Tier-3 Alpha Chosen wouldn't be impeded by the gravity change.

As for Jay, the two-factor adaptability range of Grade-2 Physique allowed him to move unperturbed under the increased body weight since the adjusted gravity was 1.6 times that of Earth.

But the rise in gravity in turn escalated the speed of sound. Due to that, only when Jay moved at speeds higher than 549 meters/sec did he break past the sound barrier instead of the usual 343 meters/sec.

{Author Note: Within this book, asides from the fantasy elements, I try to implement Earth's physics as much as possible. So, I did the same with gravity. The increase in gravity would indeed increase the air density, which in turn improves the speed of sound in the air. This is a verified fact, but I couldn't find the exact rate at which the increase in gravity would impact the speed of sound. So, for the story's sake, I am going with a 1:1 ratio for Gravity and Speed of sound. As long as gravity increases to 1.6 times, the other would grow the same.(343 x 1.6=~549 m/s)}

If measured by Earth's standards, his top speed of 590 m/s would be Mach 1.7, similar to a fighter jet.

After exploring his new speed for some more time, Jay returned from the Virtual Space and rested while going through the ORIGIN SIGIL section within his <STATUS>.

<Major ORIGIN SIGILS> (3/10) -

Olivia (MOON): <SOUL EYES> (Grade-10)

Kay (EARTH): <APEX RULER> (Grade-10)

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<Minor ORIGIN SIGILS> (12/100):

I. Hobgoblin MJ: <Fire Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

II. Shadow Leopard MJ: <Darkness Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

III. Storm Eagle MJ: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-9.8) {New}

IV. Venomous Scorpion MJ: <Poison Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

V. Earth Wyrm MJ: <Earth Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

VI. Moro: <Blood Vengeance> (Grade-9); <War Asura Bloodline>

VII. Esha: <Ice Haven Martial Scripture> (Grade-9)

VIII. Rahu: <Axe Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

IX. Kethu: <Shield Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

X. Jon: < Spear Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

XI. Ravan: <Sword Innate Talent> (Grade-9)

XII. Akor: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-9.7)

XIII. Rex: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-9.8) {New}

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<Rudimentary ORIGIN SIGILS> (7/1000) :

1. Aton: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

2. Ah'na: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

3. Acix: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

4. Arae : <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

5. Auv'il: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

6. Alvek: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

7. Arnun: <Water Innate Talent> (Grade-8.7)

8. Raul: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

9. Remus: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

10. Rodyn: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

11. Reinald: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

12. Roth: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

13. Rika: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

14. Runch: <Wind Innate Talent> (Grade-8.8) {New}

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(Max. Number of ORIGIN SIGIL holders with similar Innate Talents: 10)

Similar to the Atlans, the Innate Talents of Lycanthropes were amplified due to their synergy.

Although Atlans and Lycanthropes had eight members in their teams, the latter had a 0.1 Grade higher than the former.

It has to do with Storm Eagle MJ, who possessed an Innate Wind Talent like the Lycanthropes.

Due to that, the total number of ORIGIN SIGIL holders with similar Innate Talents went up to 9, and the synergy amplified their Grades by 0.8.

Since there were 9 ORIGIN SIGIL holders with Wind Innate Talents, there was room for just one more with a similar Innate Talent. Beyond that wouldn't amplify Wind Innate Talent's Grade anymore.

After going through that, Jay closed his eyes for a nap, and not long after, he was interrupted by an announcement alert.

[# Round-3 will commence in 30 minutes. All the participating teams are required to return to the Arena by then. #]

Jay didn't scurry to the Arena immediately and instead resumed his nap. Only when there were five minutes left for the three-hour interval to end did he wake up and go downstairs.

Min-soo's voice broke the silence, "It's getting late. Shouldn't we go and call him?"

Kasim followed after him, "Indeed, someone should call him. Henry, come on, man up and go upstairs."

Henry scoffed at him, "It's easy for you to say. Why don't you go? Aren't you a man as well?"

Kasim awkwardly cleared his throat and suggested, "Ahem! Maybe, Dante should go."

Everyone looked at Dante, who replied with a casual shrug, "Sure."

But before he could go upstairs, Brandon spoke, "I don't think there is a need for that."

Everyone followed his line of sight only to see Jay strolling down the stairs. That was the most leisurely they had seen Jay be in the entire Tournament.

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Dante said, "Jay, we don't have much time left. Let's go to the Arena before Round-3 begins."

Jay replied while walking at the same pace, "We have what, four minutes left? It is more than enough to reach Arena's East entrance. Besides, our Evaluation Score in the first two rounds alone cemented our place at the top. The way Round-3 is set, our team ranking 1st in the Tournament is a certainty."

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