Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 1250: Battle Sense

Previously Thrax got to fight the spirit reader Arcana and then the stupid Magus Bradley, and regrettably none of the two made him feel challenged in the battle.

That's why when he found out the person he would fight next, his adrenaline immediately spiked as a grin colored his face. Finally, this time he would have a proper fight.

Python Forge [Rank 21], a man who had a similar build to Thrax, with an eye-catching serpent tattoo on his forehead down to his neck.

It was said that Python was the one who stopped Demon Nunchaku Dyoo and kept him on the 22th rank.

It could be seen from his physique that he had unparalleled strength. However, that was not the only factor since both were known as crazy weapon specialists.

Unlike Dyoo who had a spirit beast which increased his combat strength, Python possessed a unique cultivation technique passed down by his martial art clan that had withstood the cruel ravages of time.

[Lightning Serpent Divine Technique]

Seeing his about-to-be opponent walking to the arena, Python swung his long bronze spear with the blade shape of a serpent around before slamming it to the floor, showing how heavy it was.

Both were standing in the center of the arena and throwing stern looks at each other that showed their strong determination.

"I respect you for reaching this far, but this is the end of the line!" said the man with a sharp gaze.

Thrax, however, had no mood to chit-chat as he took out his golden glaive and slammed it to the ground before using his [Immortal Gate] stage 7 to empower himself.

[Battle power: 167 (295)]

[Spirit force: 800]

The breakthrough he had recently gone through helped to increase both of his base battle power and spirit force, hence he felt that he was in top shape and was confident enough to fight against Python.

With this, he tightened his grip at his heavy glaive and immediately came charging at his opponent.

Two spears quickly slammed at each other, each producing sparks and bringing thunderous echoes across the arena, causing enthusiastic cheers to start to sound from the spectators' seats.

The fierce battle had just begun.

After stopping Thrax's weapon with his own, Python started his counterattack by casting his special ability and his skill in, turning the spear in his hands into a deadly weapon as high-voltage electricity enveloped its body.

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With this upgrade, each strike parry or block would bring extra strength, speed, and above all, numbness to his opponent.


On the other hand, Thrax attacked with his favorite battle art skill that he had mastered,

turning his glaive into a flurry of stabs that naked eye barely followed.

[Vicious Barrage]

Thanks to the strength he currently possessed, a single slash was enough to inflict a severe wound, so the opponent had no other choice except forcing himself to evade.

Thrax saw this moment as an opportunity to attack more, so he followed chasing after Python and threw another powerful battle art [Mighty Swing].

He didn't leave any gaps for his opponent to take advantage of and continued to attack while he could.

With his fast body movement, Python blocked the attack perfectly and promptly countered with his own special technique

[Revolving Serpent Strike].

The spear twisted in high speed and obtained a sudden increase in speed and power, and just in a blink of an eye, it blasted through the Thracian's waist causing blood to splatter onto the arena floor.


The Immortal Gladiator grimaced and let out a grunt as he felt the excruciating pain. Even so, he endured the pain and still continued to attack Pyhton with the same intensity, without even backing off a bit. As a result, he managed to land a smash with his polearm to Python's face.

"You're crazy!! What kind of technique is that!!"

Thrax answered with a chuckle "technique!? Hahah! It's called fighting!!"

The brutal fight between the two continued for dozens more clashes, and although it was obvious that Python had a better technique and was able to inflict some cuts and bruises upon his opponent's body, Thrax did not falter. Instead, the Thracian managed to return the courtesy back a few times, purely using the monstrous battle sense he had.

At this point, it was very clear that the two of them equally gave trouble to each other.

Python backed away a little and said with a warning tone, "You are a good fighter, but the longer this goes, the higher chance for you to lose!"

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Apparently, Python's special technique allowed him to charge up his power the longer he fought, making him an even more dangerous fighter in the long run.

Unfortunately for him, so did Thrax.

[9 Sun Divine Technique]

Two spears, one covered in blazing flames and one shrouded in crackling lightning, both clashing at each other with relentless vigor.

At this point, their fight had lasted almost for an hour with no winner. At least that was the case, until Pythons finally seemed to have collected enough charge to finally use his special technique.

[Call of Thunder]

The moment after he casted his special technique, a sudden stream of erratic lightning was seen appearing on his weapon, followed by booming sounds of thunder. It's a magus-level spell that would use the lighting power to boost his weapon, and just like a God of Thunder, Python was ready for his final decisive assault.

This, however, didn't make Thrax feel threatened at all. Instead, it only amused the gladiator even more as he himself knew his body had been tempered enough, and it was time for him to also use his new skill.

[Blood Rage]

[Battle power increased exponentially]

[Battle power 295 (345)]

The enhancement [Blood Rage] gave was not just a simple increase of battle power, but it also gave him a boost in fighting spirit.

"Aargggghh!! kill!!"

Thrax and Python immediately charged at each other once again and threw a dozen powerful strikes. With both of them having the same condition and having increased their fighting level, their battle had become even fiercer than before.

There were still no signs to know who was superior and would win the fight until suddenly when the two hit each other weapon at its highest peak of strength,


Thrax golden glaives break apart, crushed and followed by the Serpent spear split Thrax's shoulder deep into his chest.


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Blood splattered, gushed out from Thrax's chest onto the ground, dying the grey stone with red.

"I win," whispered Python, panting with his spear still lying deep on his opponent.

Thrax grunted and endured the pain.

The immortal gladiator was surprisingly still smiling before he shouted his rage, with his two arms, he held Python's body tight, and smashed his head as hard as he could.


Blood spilled from Python's nose and before he could free himself, Another headbutt quickly winded the tattoo man.

Thrax continued with a powerful kick that forced his opponent to fall to the ground in pain.

Even though his body was badly wounded, either his blood rage or his battle spirit managed to keep him strong.

Thrax seemed ready to continue as he casually took out the spear that embedded deep in his body and swiftly swung it to his opponent.


The first swing cut Python's chest open while the second aimed at his head.

The magus referee thought that the battle had been too much, so he quickly tried to stop him, but it was a little too late.


Everyone gasped seeing the spear slam into the ground, only to make a little scratch on Python's neck.

"Thrax win!!" The referee quickly called it in.

With blood all over his chest, Thrax screamed out in victory and the crowds loved him for it. They started to shout out his name.

"Thrax! Thrax! "Thrax!!"

It was fortunate that last night, Magus Silica brought him to slay hundreds of creatures, easing his thirst for slaughter, if not, one head would have rolled today.

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