Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 1252: Formation

Klea continued her casual act of drawing lines on the arena floor using the Lavender Sword in her possession, completely unconcerned by the stares that her opponent Olivier and the audience in the Grand Hall gave her.

Unbeknownst to the Sword Saint, what Klea was preparing right now was a secret formation technique that she had learnt from the Eastern Sage just last night.

Using a difficult tool such as a sword, it took her a few minutes more to finish the 20-meter radius drawing, and when she finished, Olivier couldn't help but to slightly lose his composure when he saw how intricate and detailed the drawing on the ground was.

"Have you finished?"

Hearing the inquiry, Klea just smiled as she said, "Just a little more. Thank you for your patience."

The girl took out a leather pouch from her storage ring and from it she flicked 8 unique looking bronze coins with her fingers, sending them hurtling towards the 8 main corners that consisted of the formation. Of course, everything was given by the Eastern Sage.

After seeing the coins landed on where they were supposed to be, Klea returned her gaze at the Sword Saint and a wide smile bloomed on her beautiful face as she cheerily said,

"Alright, I am done. Now here is my one spell!"

Klea brought her hands in front of her hands and proceeded to make multiple gestures in rapid succession. At that time, elemental manifestations in reality began to appear in front of her like subjects carrying out their ruler's call.

Swells of winds were gathering and turning into clusters of whirlwinds under her control, columns of raging water and pillars of frigid ice rose side by side and soared high into the sky, while erratic streams of purple lightning appeared and enveloped her surroundings in a bizarre yet harmonious manner.

Wind, water, ice and lightning; all four elements that she had affinity for and was proficient with had been conjured up, displayed in their own unique magnificence for all to see, before she smashed them into the ground.

[Hexagram Elemental Technique]

All eight bronze coins lying on the arena floor started to float into the air, which was swiftly followed by the four elemental manifestations channeled towards them and the entire formation drawn on the ground started to glow.

The spell seemed to have taken all she had as she was left panting for breath and unfortunately, it was clear to see that Klea's formation was still not in its perfect state, since only four of the eight coins glowed at each four corners of the formation.

At this, the Sword Saint Olivier who was tense to see the spell activated subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief as it seemed he was worried for nothing.

He quickly drew his sword, knowing that the formation was about to start its purpose.

As expected, all 8 coins started spinning rapidly and the first spell was cast.

[Misty Cloud]

The audience saw thin fog rise from the ground and enveloped the Sword Saint. But for Olivier, he quickly found himself alone with his opponent nowhere to be seen. The spell was capable of rendering the senses of anyone inside the formation useless. Eyes, ears, even Spirit Reading ability.

Olivier, however, still maintained his composure as he stood there with his sword brandished. At the same time, the second and third coin began to glow and join the fray, empowering the formation further.

[Violent Gale]

This time, a powerful gust of wind that would inhibit his movements greatly appeared, yet the mist around him wasn't dissipating by it. On the other hand, the third coin showed its might in striking indigo color.

[Chain Lightning]

One to hinder his perception, one to restrain his movement, and the third one was an offensive spell intent on taking him down. All three spells were merely Tier 4 spells, but under the marvel of formation, they all became several times stronger.


A huge bolt of lightning came heading straight at Olivier, but the Sword Saint gave a prompt response. In spite of all the negative effects imposed on him, he quickly blocked the lightning with his pearl-white sword.

It looked like a simple sword swing, but it was able to cut through the gale like butter and neutralize a lightning bolt with its touch.

Even though they had somehow expected it, the crowd was still shocked seeing such an incredible feat.

The attack wasn't over yet however. The second and third lightning quickly came over, and Olivier swiftly responded. Again, he calmly swung the sword in his hand, parrying all the lightning directed at him one by one.

It seemed as if none of the wind nor the mist had any effect on the man, as if they didn't exist at all.

"Is this all?" He asked Klea before raising his sword and kicking the ground with his feet, shooting towards one corner of the hexagram-shaped formation, towards one of the coins that was not glowing.

It wasn't as easy as Olivier expected however. The closer he was to the coin, the stronger the wind that was holding him, and following right after was a wall made out of ice. It formed quickly and halted the Sword Saint's advance.

[Ice Wall]


The ice shattered into pieces like glass when Olivier lunged his sword at it. But then, he saw that there was another layer waiting for him behind it.

Another and another.

"Child's play!" He exclaimed as he destroyed the third ice wall.

Not wanting to waste time, Olivier decided to show one of his cards and performed a battle art of his.

The pearl-white sword in his hand vibrated, producing a buzzing sound, before piercing forward and breaking the numerous layers of ice instantly.

Unfortunately, before Olivier could destroy the coin, several bolts of lightning came at him from his back.

"This is annoying." He muttered under his breath.

Klea's attacks forced the Sword Saint to retreat. He jumped back to the center, where he had a better angle to fend off all incoming lightning bolts.

Outside of the formation, Klea was still continuing to channel spirit energy to maintain the formation.

Even though she now managed to stop the Sword Saint, Klea knew that his next attack would break the formation. Hence she gritted her teeth and reinforced the formation.

[Hexagram Elemental Formation - Stage two]

Klea took out 8 more bronze coins which she quickly flicked towards the formation, forming the second layer of the formation. They immediately enhanced all four spells the moment they aligned, but at the same time drained more of her spirit energy.

From the terrace, Emery watched the battle unfold with much surprise and excitement, before Julian suddenly spoke.

"She's doing exactly what the Sage told her not to do!"

Chapter 1252: Formation
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