Earth's Greatest Magus
Earth's Greatest Magus

Earth's Greatest Magus

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Earth's Greatest Magus novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Action, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Avan. 1367 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


What if Magic has always existed ever since the beginning of the Earth we are living on, but history has been written in order to hide these facts. What if the prosperous and well-known people in history is actually a mage?

Enter a magic academy, rule your country. Be at the pinnacle of life! Join me in the journey of Emery and the others in the world of Knights and Magic as he becomes the Earth's Greatest Magus.

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: 1 comment on Chapter 1327: Save Lives
: 1 comment on Chapter 437: New Beginning
  • Bookinator 1

    Silva is essentially using klea absence to be with Emery. Which is terrible but I always preferred her anyway

  • jarrettdudley3044 1

    I can’t stand when an MC is just irresistible to every single female in the novel. It gets incredibly annoying when every girl immediately fauns over him. It makes most of the female characters feel shallow in terms of interest in him.

  • MarkVirgo 1

    Is there actully a system

  • Eternalfire 1

    I'm currently at chapter 40 right now and I'm p*ss*d about his naivety. Is there a character development at later chapter of this novel? thanks for responding if ever.

  • makflurry 1

    After catching up to current all i have to say is this deserves to be top 10... this is truly a gem

  • VladimirQuzaq 1

    This is weak story-fanfic about Merlin.

  • StevenKurt 1

    This is the kind of protagonist who I really want to get toyed so much by Gu Changge (I am the fated villain). Like just for the satisfaction of my mind and heart.

  • LostRegressor 3

    Mc werewolf or Vampire?

  • Distorted 1

    This is not harem right?

  • Arash 1

    Can anyone recommend a story with a similar theme.