Elite Mages’ Academy (Web Novel)

Chapter 588: Familiar Foe

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"I hate this world. I hate it bitterly. A twisted world like this should not exist… I'm in so much pain, even though I've tried to go against my fate, all I got was a deep sense of helplessness. I'm not a genius. Even if I work the hardest I can, I'll never be the strongest…"

Anna ignored the shocked eyes that were staring at her as she mumbled up her own story. For any spectators, it was a very miserable story. Anna was someone who grew up surrounded by misery. She was born to a small noble family, but because they offended royalty, the family had been exterminated and her parents were killed. She escaped in her youth, and managed to live on after suffering countless difficulties. She then stayed in the mercenary group in hopes of revenge, but the power of royalty was something she could not match. She felt her own powerlessness, and there was nothing she could do.

"This is a twisted world. Everyone is led by their own desires. Greed, ambition… Everyone in this world is like this. What a pointless life…" At that point, Anna's cold tone started to scare some of them. In her words, the only reason she managed to stay in the mercenary group was because of the leader liking her looks. Even though it disgusted her, she still needed the help of the mercenaries to enter this forest.

She was a girl who had been wreathed in hatred since she was young, but when she realized she had no way of taking revenge, that woman walked to the brink. She cast her hatred on the entire world.

'It's not my fault. The world is the one at fault.'

Xiao Lin suddenly thought of that phrase. Of course, it was not unusual to see someone with such an extreme thought. Madmen who fantasized of destroying the world were not rare.

Yet, this woman had pushed it to a terrifying degree. She was not satisfied with fantasies. After thinking that the world was at fault, she started to think of various ways.

Even though Planet Norma was a world filled with magic and sword aura, destroying the world was not something easily done. Even Legend-ranked spells that were like nuclear weapons were only enough to destroy a small city, and making all the mages in the world work together to destroy it was something impossible.

However, Anna never gave up, and she actually managed to find a way. Since they could not destroy the world themselves, she sought help from an outside force.

Based on the ancient records, Planet Norma had fought the demons during a very ancient era. Anna decided to compile the incomplete records, and finally found a way to unlock the sealed passages, and one of the starting points of the passages was in this forest.

That was correct, the wormholes started opening thanks to this woman named Anna. It was her who got the humans from Earth to this world. Strictly speaking, that Normese native was the pioneer of the colonization era!

It sounded very ludicrous; if they were not witnessing it for themselves, Xiao Lin and the others would think that it was some story that could only exist in novels. It was possible they were about to witness history, or witness their predecessors arriving.

"If the demons she is referring to are at the other end of this passage, then it would actually be history. Would the examination end there?" Gu Xiaoyue turned to look at Xiao Lin.

The rumbling had slowly started to calm down, and Xiao Lin furrowed his eyebrows, going deep in thought. There were still a few hours away from the end of the examination. If the next part would be like watching a movie, and their predecessors would come out of the passage, then it would not be that dangerous to them.

That was also the thought that the others seemed to have. After getting over the shock Anna caused, the movie-like twist had caused them to be filled with anticipation. Being able to witness their colonist predecessors and witness a turning point in history was not a bad experience.

Time slowly passed, and everyone seemed to be tortured as they waited with anticipation and nervousness. After recounting her story, Anna stood by like an NPC that had fulfilled her purpose, waiting for the final moments.

Probably because the space-time fracture did not affect the stability of the law, the cracks in the sky were more and more obvious, but there were no negative effects other than that. In truth, Xiao Lin had been worried if the real calamity would be something caused by the shattering in space and time. After all, they did not know much about it at all, and no one knew what could happen.

Yet, it seemed like that would not be the case, but with the passage of time, the cracks got larger and larger behind the dark clouds. It seemed like the arrival was at hand, and Xiao Lin seemed to feel something as his face underwent an intense change.

It was not just him, as Gu Xiaoyue did so as well. The two of them looked at each other as a shocked expression could be seen on both their faces.

Everyone could feel the power that was exuding through the space, and the mages with high perception felt it even more intensely. It was an extremely terrifying aura that was enough to cause even their souls to tremble.

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Yet, if the energy was not as simple as being powerful for Gu Xiaoyue and Xiao Lin, it was too familiar!

Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue had a deep impression of that aura because, not long ago, on Earth, no, it was actually during the Atlantean era on Earth, they had personally felt it. It was the terrifying power of the sea god Poseidon.

At the time, they had used a lot of effort, and with the help of Silverlight, had managed to seal Poseidon into the distorted spatial passage. They had thought that they would never meet that guy again, but they never expected that, in just a few months, they would feel that energy again in the monthly examination.

"We still changed history in the end, or maybe history had always been like this. I guess we'll never truly understand how time works." Xiao Lin bitterly smiled.

"Compared to that, let's figure out how to seal him again!" Gu Xiaoyue pushed her glasses up and quickly calmed down.

"Based on history, Atlantis's time until now, and by that, of course, I mean the time of the examination, should be tens of thousands of years apart. Even if the seal was loosened by this, how did he find the exit?"

Xiao Lin took a deep breath. He said those words, but without Silverlight's help, it would be very hard for them to seal him like last time. The sea god Poseidon was definitely not someone they could handle.

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