End of the Magic Era

End of the Magic Era

Throne of the Apocalypse

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End of the Magic Era novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Zhuang Bifan. 1265 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle of magic was on the verge of destruction.
The last survivor transmigrated to the past, when the magic civilization started growing, as countless mages were still fumbling their ways through the thorny paths of magic knowledge.
He, who came from the end of the magic era, aim to reach the pinnacle of magic.

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  • OweMeOne
    Aug 16, 2020

    The novel in itself is quite good, but the levels of power are a mess, i'm really glad the author decided to make it more reasonable from archmage to saint mage.

  • Omnis_Ra
    Aug 10, 2020

    I understand that in this genre the MC is drawn to another world or through time. But I don't believe the gods of these worlds would place the soul of another in the mature body of someone. They would have been reborn if they had died or if they were from another time they would have been placed in that time. When an author writes a story were the person is put in the others body and they keep going the bodies name to the transfered back to the bodies name, it gets confusing.

    • ProbablyAEuropean
      Jan 28, 2021

      Bruh there is legit reincarnation, time travel and fucking Magic but no, the real unbelievable is that the magic sugar daddy of the world put this mans soul into another grown ass adults body

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There are so many great ideas in this story. To bad its ruined by so many terrible tropes of this genre. One dimensional villains that all have the same personality, over-explained internal dialogue and the info dump combo of if people knew they would be shocked/terrified/in disbelief, Now let me explain why they would be shocked/terrified/in disbelief. And the most atrocious part word vomit everywhere, IMO if you were to reduce to one or two sentences or just cut out multiple paragraphs it wouldn't actually effect the overall story

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This story is intricate and interesting at the same time the MC is not a retard it has alot of traits that work well with each other the MC actually works hard to get better as soon as he discovers something he didn't know.

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It's a good read if you can get past its flaws but for me its getting harder and harder to read because of those flaws. 1. In every arc there always seems to be some stupid people that always want to be slapped in the face by the MC for underestimating him. This ALWAYS happens that it feels repetitive. 2. Some arc (especially the one I'm reading right now Ch. 600+. I forget where it started) just takes too long to finish. There is always one fight after another after another that it also feels repetitive. I'm not against action scenes but one fight after the other while the story goes to a crawl is not my cup of tea. 3. There is too many unsolved stuff even from the start of the novel that you keep waiting when the story will get to it. And be disappointed that after 500+ chapters the mysteries are still there and it will gnaw on your consciousness while you force yourself to read because you already started and maybe, just maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel... But alas, only darkness as far as the eye can see... (Or maybe the Author really did forget about all of those >.<) I'll still be crawling along this novel hoping it gets better after the arc I'm on.

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Typical Op isekai story but that’s why we are all here isn’t it? I like the Mc’s personality, not an idiot, isn’t some naive goody two shoes. It’s honestly a lot of pandering about how op the guy is but I like how compared to the standard storys not every single person is against him besides his immediate group. Personable guy. Overall I’ve got some issues with the story and feel some arcs are being overdrawn but not bad. More accurately id give it a 3.5/5

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