End of the Magic Era
Chapter 1383: Instigation

As for powerful liches, nobody knew where they hid their souls, which were their only weakness. If their bodies were destroyed, they could always choose one of the backup bodies they had hidden. In order to truly kill a lich, one had to destroy their phylactery.

The same rule applied to the vampire ancestors. The stronger they were, the harder it would be to kill them.

The weapons that could kill vampire ancestors were given away so easily because Lilith could not say no to the Kelingo spell.

The Kelingo spells were very special spells that contained power. They would be completely gone after they were used. Even if they were recorded, they would lose their special abilities. After they lost their power, they might even turn into ordinary spells.

Creatures like Lilith needed Kelingo spells more than anything. They could increase the power and size of her soul so that she could remember more contracts and knowledge.

The Devil's Secretaries could sign all sorts of contracts unlimitedly because they had been expanding the spots of contracts with Kelingo spells, which was the fastest and best approach for them to level up.

Lilith could not refuse such a deal. For her, she was the one who took advantage of the deal. However, watching Lin Yun go away, Lilith gnashed her teeth.

Huh. Why do I feel that I've seen this obnoxious guy before?

Lilith shook her head in confusion, and then quickly opened the Forgotten Book, extracting the Kelingo spell from the Forgotten Book.

Lin Yun went down the stairs. The auction was already over, and the undead creatures and dark creatures had already left. Only the undead creatures that belonged to the place stayed.

The moment he passed through the obsidian gate, Lin Yun saw Emir squatting near the gate with the remains of a bunch of crows around his feet. His eyes glittered when he saw Lin Yun.

"Hey, Buddy, where did you go? Why couldn't I find you? Damn it, you sure don't want to avenge me. Burn the bodies of those wretched creatures so that even the great Pluto cannot resurrect them!"

Lin Yun looked at Emir helplessly. It had to have been a gigantic accident that this silly ghoul advanced into the Heaven Rank. The only thing that he remembered well was his grudge against the crows. He probably forgot other things very quickly.

Lin Yun snapped his fingers, and burnt the remains of the crows. Finally, Emir shut up. It was truly a wonder that a ghoul should call crows filthy creatures…

Walking out of the obsidian city, Lin Yun wasn't in a hurry to go. A lot of undead creatures and dark creatures were still gathering in this place. He was going to look for information about the Leviathan Plane here.

Participating in the auction was not part of his plan. However, because so many undead creatures and dark creatures gathered here, it should be very simple to find something.

At the very least, Lilith had to know something. However, a great cost was required to learn anything from her.

A dark creature and a ghoul that was transformed from a gnome were quite an eye-catching team when they walked together.

Because of the obsidian city, a tremendous number of intelligent creatures gathered here all year round. There were even more unintelligent undead creatures. Although they were only giving away their soul fires to the terrifying monsters in this place, they never stopped gathering.

Lin Yun walked in this place which looked like a refugee camp. There were shabby buildings throughout the area. Some of them were made of stones, and some were made of bones.

The largest building in this place was made of a lot of skulls that were piled up. That was the tavern of the Plane of the Undead.

When he approached the tavern's gate, the skulls that constituted the gate put on a smile and opened it. As if they detected the powerful aura of the new visitors, there was even adulation in their smiles.

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After Lin Yun and Emir entered the tavern of the undead, a level-30 dark werewolf followed them, only to be wreathed by the skulls that the gate was made of.

After only a few seconds, the werewolf was completely gone, and the skulls turned red. Some skulls were crouching on the ground, as if they were going to swallow every drop of blood on the ground.

After swallowing the werewolf, the skulls crammed and regathered into a gate again. They continued staring outside, waiting for the next guest or prey…

The undead creatures and dark creatures around didn't seem surprised at all. They were simply minding their own business. After Lin Yun and Emir came in, they saw scattered undead creatures and dark creatures communicating weirdly on bone chairs.

Soul waves were spreading continuously in the tavern. The voices of many undead creatures could be heard too.

"I swallowed a guy whose soul fire was red. It feels funny. I'm remembering a lot of things from when I was still alive…"

"The liquor here is getting lousier and lousier. Greedy John is a devil…"

Lin Yun felt strange when he heard the undead creatures talk to each other.

He sat down in a corner. Then, a skeleton who was wearing a banshee skin walked close, and violently put half a skull on Lin Yun's table. She then waited quietly.

Emir opened his mouth, and spouted a soul fire. Then, he grinned and picked up the skull.

The skeleton in the banshee skin turned around and left. Emir looked at the liquid in the skull with fascination.

"Hey, Buddy, let me tell you. It's mine. Goddamn it, I exchanged for the Bloody Mary. You cannot compete with me!"

Lin Yun glanced at the sticky black blood in the skull, which was constantly rippling. There seemed to be a twisted face that was trying to break free from the blood. Vague screams were spreading out. As the screams got louder and louder, the ripples on the surface of the blood became more and more intense too, forming a miserable face.

Emir closed his eyes and held the skull. He then swallowed the blood. Looking at the remaining blood in the skull, he opened his mouth, and put the entire container into it.

"Oh, great Pluto, the Bloody Mary here smells even better than before. What a delicious cup of wine. If only it weren't so expensive…"

Lin Yun's eyes twitched. He ignored Emir. The wine of the Plane of the Undead was quite special…

Lin Yun stood there and listened to the conversations of the undead creatures and dark creatures, whose soul waves and whispers echoed in the tavern. Clearly, they didn't intend to keep any secret at all in this place.

Or rather, they thought that everybody knew the things they were discussing.

Seated quietly for three days, Lin Yun heard a lot of leads. Fortunately, those undead creatures had no concept of time. They didn't notice anything wrong when Lin Yun and Emir sat for three days.

The news that the Leviathan Plane and the Plane of the Undead had collided already spread out. However, considering the Plane of the Undead's speed of information dissemination, it would take years before the news spread across the entire plane. After all, for the locals who would never die of old age, they wouldn't think anything could be done in a couple of years.

That was good news. If Noscent mages were fast enough, they would be able to resolve the trouble in a couple of years. By the time the undead creatures arrived, the Leviathan Plane would have been disconnected from the Plane of the Undead.

This place was not far away from the part of the land that overlapped with the Leviathan Plane. The news had just spread here. That land originally hadn't belonged to any powerful undead creature, either. A week after it had overlapped with the Leviathan Plane, the poor undead lord had been killed by someone.

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At this moment, that place was in utter chaos. At least 30 lords of dark creatures or undead creatures were fighting over the land. They were also trying to invade the Leviathan Plane from there and occupy it.

So far, the strongest undead creature there was only in level 47, and the strongest dark creature was also in level 47. They were not just attacking the Leviathan Plane, but also each other. It was said that the level-47 zombie and the level-47 dark werewolf had been fighting for more than a month.

For those tireless guys, a one-month battle was probably just a warm-up…

It was anything but unusual for them to knock each other's brains out as they fought for territory. Suddenly, Lin Yun had another idea.

The undead creatures seemed already used to a plane popping out of nowhere. The Plane of the Undead had been constantly expanding and swallowing other planes. None of the locals thought it was anything unusual.

Having a war against the Leviathan Plane and fighting for territory…

That was just the routine. The outcome would be that the new plane was swallowed, and the Plane of the Undead expanded again. Then, everybody would fight for the new territory.

However, the locals didn't seem to care about the competitions within the Plane of the Undead as they cared about the war against the Leviathan Plane.

If he were to cut off the connection between the two planes, he might cause a counterattack of the local creatures of the Plane of the Undead, and it would remain unknown whether or not the Hexagonal Array could be established. If he bought some time here, then the odds of success would soar…

Was there a more suitable candidate for the task than a local of the Plane of the Undead?

Lin Yun slowly turned aside, and looked at Emir. Emir vigilantly held the skull in his chest. He then hesitated for a moment, and swallowed the rest of the skull container.

"Buddy, don't look at me. I'm out of soul fire. If you want Bloody Mary, you need to take down a couple of hideous skeletons on your own…"

Lin Yun put on a smile.

"Emir, here's the case. Do you want an inexhaustible supply of Bloody Mary in the future? Do you want food that keeps you full all the time and countless soul fires?"

Lin Yun tried to attract Emir, but Emir gradually put on a weird expression.

A few minutes later, Emir reluctantly handed over a cup of Bloody Mary to Lin Yun.

"My poor buddy, this wine is yours. I'm giving it to you. Your brain might have truly been damaged. Poor guy…"

Lin Yun glanced at the roiling, sticky black blood, where a ghost seemed to be struggling and screaming.

"Emir, I'm not trying to trick you into giving me wine. I'm serious. The best opportunity is right before your eyes. You won't ever need to worry about not having Bloody Mary or enough food.

"More importantly, you won't worry about crows again. Countless people will work for you. As soon as you occupy a territory, no crows will ever come close."

Emir suddenly stopped chewing the bones, and pricked his ears. He gazed at Lin Yun with eyes that were filled with the aura of death, as if he had never known Lin Yun before.

"Buddy, I think this is a scheme. Have you encountered a formidable enemy that you need my help to deal with? Poor guy. Last time I helped you bite apart your enemy's skull, you disappeared. If I hadn't been so smart, I couldn't have found you…"

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Lin Yun heaved a sigh. This poor guy was truly touchingly silly. His friend had surely been killed by someone…

"Hey, Emir, listen up, a new territory has appeared recently, and many people are fighting for it. The new territory that has just appeared is our best opportunity. Emir, war!

"Do you know what war means? You can swallow countless soul fires in a war. Nobody will care. You can gather countless servants. If you want Bloody Mary, a stupid skeleton will have it prepared immediately.

"You may have anything that you can come up with.

"However, that's on the premise that you occupy the land that everybody is fighting for, and get rid of all the competitors. As soon as you occupy the place, nobody will be able to compete with you."

"Then, all you need to do is sell some of the territory. After that, you can get anything you want…"

Lin Yun tried his best to brainwash Emir, and Emir listened quietly, and gradually accepted his brainwashing. He didn't remember the details. In the end, he only remembered that he could have anything he wanted if he occupied the new territory.

He would have an inexhaustible supply of Bloody Mary, and more importantly, he wouldn't see any more obnoxious crows…

Emir made up his mind to compete for the territory. Lin Yun didn't need to do anything else.

As a Heaven Rank undead creature who had awakened wisdom, he was instinctively passionate about war. Also, Lin Yun had taught him a bunch of things that he couldn't understand just yet. He even signed a contract that he didn't read…

Everything was perfect…

Lin Yun gave Emir a lot of stuff that could strengthen him, including potions, magic tools, and even the fresh body of a porcupine.

Why was it a body? Because Emir stubbornly believed that a living porcupine was not his food, and that only dead things were his food.

Even though the porcupine was already dying of fright, it was completely different in Emir's eyes after Lin Yun broke its neck.

Lin Yun wasn't even sure if his plan could work. Emir considered the same porcupine two different things when it was alive and after it died. He could not associate them at all.

Lin Yun wasn't confident about what Emir could possibly do with his little wisdom.

However, after Emir left and summoned an army of the undead, Lin Yun became more confident in him.

On a bare mountain, Emir stood on the top of a mountain and let out a roar. In no more than 10 seconds, bumps were rising on the mountain, and a lot of ghouls, zombies, and skeletons were crawling out.

For the next three days, countless undead creatures gathered in all directions. There were undead creatures everywhere as far as Lin Yun could see.

Most of the undead creatures were regular ghouls that had gigantic heads, sharp claws, and big mouths. They crouched on the ground like lions that were ready to attack.

There were countless ghouls. There were also zombies, skeleton warriors, skeleton archers, skeleton mages, skeleton beasts…

Most normal undead creatures could all be seen. Under Emir's lead, the magnificent army of the undead marched to the chaotic land named Dirty Blood.

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Dirty Blood was the part of the Plane of the Undead that overlapped with the Leviathan Plane. It stretched thousands of kilometers long. Marching more deeply into the territory, one would be able to reach the Leviathan Plane.

Dirty Blood was its name in the Plane of the Undead. As for the green land that it was connected to, it was a disgusting place that had been contaminated by the blood of smelly bugs in the eyes of the undead creatures…

End of the Magic Era Chapter 1383: Instigation
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