End of the Magic Era
Chapter 1384: Velocity

Watching the countless undead creatures marching towards Dirty Blood unstoppably, Lin Yun was completely reassured.

Lords rarely participated in the wars of the undead. Wars were for the cannon fodder to eliminate each other. In the end, the two lords would show up and fight each other. Whoever swallowed the other's soul fire would command all the cannon fodder and claim the territory.

The war of cannon fodder eliminating each other would linger for a long time. Emir didn't have to kill all the undead lords. He only needed to make the war and consumption more intense.

What would a ghoul who was determined to claim Dirty Blood do after he went there? He would definitely sow more chaos in the place that was already chaotic enough.

Skeleton soldiers, ghouls, and zombies were low-level undead creatures. If they were lucky enough to distinguish themselves from their populous group, their disadvantage as a low-level undead creature would become an advantage.

In Noscent's words, skeletons had no rights. The odds of a low-level ghoul becoming an extraordinary creature were only higher than those of a skeleton soldier becoming an extraordinary creature.

They might get killed anytime. It was possible a certain powerful creature would suddenly be in the mood to break their necks. It would be no different from killing some ants.

However, if they became extraordinary creatures, and wanted to occupy a territory, it would be easy for them to rally an army of the undead.

Emir didn't seem to have rallied any army of the undead before. However, when he wanted to have an army, he summoned so many soldiers that they occupied Lin Yun's field of view in only three days. The magnitude of the army was even increasing as they marched.

By conservative estimation, 100,000,000 undead creatures were marching to Dirty Blood under Emir's command, and their number would double by the time they arrived.

That was the advantage of low-level undead creatures. It was very easy for them to summon their kin. They only needed to show their aura to attract countless ignorant kin to gather around them.

Low-level skeleton soldiers took up the greatest population, and ghouls had the biggest bodies.

It took quite a couple of days before Emir's army finally disappeared from Lin Yun's sight. Lin Yun put on a smile.

At first, he thought that Emir was so heartbreakingly dumb that he didn't want to kill him. The guy mistook a human mage under disguise for a familiar friend…

At this moment, just let this pathetic ghoul launch a crazy war.

He didn't have to kill those level-47 undead lords and occupy Dirty Blood; he only needed to haul more undead overlords into the mire of war. In a couple of years, it would be very easy to cut off the connection between the Leviathan Plane and the Plane of the Undead.

Emir seemed to be marching towards infinite Bloody Mary. He had completely vanished. He probably even forgot that his friend Buddy didn't come with him…

Pa, pa, pa…

The sound of applause came from Lin Yun's back. A vampire who was pale and enshrouded in a black cloak was floating with a brilliant smile on his face. He stuck out his tongue, and licked his lips.

"How marvelous. Human expert from Noscent, I can hear your heartbeat from 10 kilometers away. Your boiling blood and your vigor constantly tempt me.

"Such delicious food as yourself should be mine and mine alone. That pathetically stupid ghoul has finally left. Now, human expert from Noscent, are you not going to introduce yourself?

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"Oh, right. My name is Fred, one of the vampires' ancestors. I rank 12th. Please do remember that."

Lin Yun turned around and glanced at Fred coldly.

"It's only been a couple of days. You don't seem to have the patience of an expert of the Plane of the Undead."

Fred casually took out a bloody throne that was made of bones, sat on it, and looked at Lin Yun with a smile.

"Oh, human expert. No need to look around. I've killed every living thing within 100 kilometers. I'm going to enjoy you. You can quit struggling.

"No need to take out your Holy Blood Awls either. I know you have them. That Lilith must've seized the opportunity to trade with you. However, it's surprising that none of your soul power is missing. But it's even more perfect. That's the most delicious food."

After saying that, Fred suddenly disappeared, and then reappeared behind Lin Yun. He remained seated on the throne, and there were no spatial waves at all. He was simply too fast to be seen by the naked eye or detected by magic power.

Lin Yun took out his staff in one hand and a Holy Blood Awl in the other. But instantly, the Holy Blood Awl was gone, and Fred was playing with it on the throne.

"Poor lad, I'm sure you've been tricked by Lilith. This is not the Holy Blood Awl at all. Although it seems to contain disgusting power, it's extremely vulnerable…"

Lin Yun nodded.

"Yes, I know, because I was the one who made it."

Hardly had Lin Yun said that when Fred changed his expression. The Holy Blood Awl in his hand cracked, and the power of light burst out. A dazzling ball of light seemed to be exploding in the sky, obliterating Fred's throne into nothingness. Fred screamed and appeared in midair.

Half of his face seemed to have been burnt in flames, and his skin was gone. His arms and hands were bloody too.

"Damn you, the power of light, the Light Scroll. Lilith must've given it to you. However, you're too pathetic and naive. This disgusting thing does not work on me at all…"

Fred gritted his teeth. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he bared his fangs. A terrifying aura of darkness spread out. His destroyed skin was restored quickly. In only two seconds, all his wounds were healed. He seemed unscathed.

Lin Yun wasn't surprised. He had known that it was impossible to kill Fred, or even heavily wound him, with the Holy Light Scroll. However, one feature of the scroll was that it could mark dark creatures, and make them as eye-catching as lighthouses in a dark night.

Fred, as one of the vampires' ancestors, boasted unparalleled speed. He was so fast that even the experts on his level could not see him with the naked eye. That was another reason why Fred had been so bold. He could not be killed, and he was extremely fast, so nobody was willing to kill him even though he was a troublemaker.

If one failed to kill Fred, one would have to be prepared for the crazy retaliation from a man who had an infinitely long life.

Since the day he left the obsidian city, Lin Yun had confirmed that a vampire was tailing him. No vampires could've seen through his disguise except Fred. Even though most of his strength was suppressed by the obsidian, only Fred could've detected something.

Therefore, Lin Yun was not in a hurry to leave. He investigated and made preparations. To kill a level-47 vampire ancestor was certainly not an easy task.

Also, it was possible that Fred would continue following him while waiting for an opportunity to attack him if he didn't kill Fred. A lot of the things he did might get discovered.

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Fred sneered and disappeared. The next moment, Lin Yun suddenly unfolded his Fusion Shield. Most of the law runes on the shield were gathered in one point on one side of his body.

Instantly, Fred appeared there out of nowhere. He extended one of his hands, and his bloody fingernails collided with the Fusion Shield. The intense energy collision made countless law runes boil crazily as if they were in hot water.

Failing to tear apart Lin Yun's Fusion Shield with one attack, Fred disappeared again, and reappeared on Lin Yun's other side. With a cold smile, he waved his claws again, and they collided with Lin Yun's Fusion Shield.

Mana waves spread out like intense ripples. The law runes jumped crazily. In only one second, Fred's claws had hit the Fusion Shield at least 100 times.

Failing to tear apart Lin Yun's Fusion Shield again, Fred dropped his smile, and extended his other hand. On the front ends of his long fingers, five bloody fingernails were growing out.

When Fred disappeared again, interconnected bloody trails showed up around Lin Yun, and instantly tore apart the Fusion Shield, as well as Lin Yun, who was behind it. Then, the broken pieces dispersed as twisted illusions.

Standing in midair, Fred looked at the dispersing illusion, stunned. He didn't realize that Lin Yun would be able to dodge it.

Lin Yun reappeared hundreds of meters away, looking solemn. That guy was extremely difficult to deal with, even though Lin Yun had left a mark on him. It was almost impossible to keep up with his speed. Two-thirds of the power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array had to be used just to calculate his location and trajectory.

Based on the calculation, he could only capture Fred's trajectory even if he tried his best. It was impossible for him to hit the guy with his spells. He would truly be killed in this place if he didn't slow the man down.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras turned into a gate that was 100 meters tall in midair. The power of earth, water, fire, and wind erupted and twisted the space, driving away all the other powers. The area within a radius of 3,000 kilometers was caught in a weird and chaotic state.

The earth, fire, water, and wind in this place turned unstable. They seemed to be evolving in reverse, making this place return to utter chaos. In this area where elements were turbulent, Fred was obviously slowed down. Although he could break through the storms easily, he had to slow down a little bit.

Because of the tiny loss of speed, it was possible to keep up with him. At least, it was possible to capture the marks and detect where he had moved.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras had constructed an area of turbulent elements. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was revolving crazily, calculating Fred's trajectory, and predicting where Fred would be…

A Four Element Bomb was released. Based on Fred's trajectory, it should've hit Fred precisely. However, he changed his direction in the last second, and avoided the Four Element Bomb.

Floating in the sky, Fred put on a mocking smile.

"What a poor kid. Did you really think you could beat me so easily? Since you are aware of the goddamn Holy Blood Awls that can kill me completely, then you should know how difficult it is to kill a vampire ancestor.

"Poor kid, stop struggling. I've smelled the fragrance of your blood. Your heart is beating with fear. It's already dinnertime. This is when delicious food should be enjoyed.

"Don't worry. I won't kill you so easily. You're such delicious food that I'll eat you in two meals, wait, three meals. Yes, I'm going to eat you in three meals…"

Lin Yun stared at Fred more and more solemnly. He almost felt that it was impossible to defeat the level-47 vampire.

An ordinary level-5 Heaven Rank mage would've been drained within three seconds without being able to put up any resistance. A level-6 Heaven Rank mage could only struggle for half a minute at most, on the premise that Fred was not in a rush to kill him.

Also, as one of the vampire ancestors, Fred had a terrifying speed and recovery ability. Of all the level-7 Heaven Rank mages, nobody could possibly kill him except the holy light mages who carried special weapons. It even remained unknown whether they could survive.

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A crisp sound echoed next to his ears. His shield was shattered again. This time, Fred was even more astonishingly fast. Lin Yun had only detected the location of the marks, and didn't have the time to react at all before Fred easily tore apart his shield.

Fred scratched Lin Yun's right arm. The robe offered little protection. A bloody mark that was a dozen centimeters long appeared on Lin Yun's right arm.

Fred suddenly reappeared in the sky, with bloodstains on his claws. Wearing a strange smile, he gently sucked the blood on his hand, as if he was swallowing something most delicious.

"Ah… What delicious food. No, it's even more delicious than I thought. I should wait a while longer. I should wait until your pure mana and your soul completely boil and melt into your blood. Then, I will swallow your mana, your soul, your blood, your everything.

"A natural-born extraordinary life. You are a natural-born extraordinary life. I'm truly lucky. It doesn't matter whatever you are. It's been 20,000 years since I tasted a real natural-born extraordinary life.

"You are a natural-born extraordinary life that's only level 45. You're truly favored by fate. To be honest, most of the natural-born extraordinary lives that are still alive are too strong for me…"

Lin Yun watched Fred, who seemed to be drunk while floating in the sky. He suddenly had a bold idea. Or rather, he remembered certain tales.

In tales, vampires weren't local creatures of the Plane of the Undead, but had been created by external power in the Plane of the Undead from death. Blood, the source of life that the Plane of the Undead was the shortest of, was their power source.

Therefore, they pursued blood and all living creatures. Especially, they craved the blood of creatures that lived in sunlight.

There were, of course, other tales, but they hadn't been confirmed yet. After all, for mages, only things that they were completely certain of would be written down as truth.

It was impossible to win a head-on clash, so they had to look for another approach.

Lin Yun solemnly activated his mana. The illusion of his Demiplane appeared behind his back. The power of laws surrounded his body. In the illusion of his Demiplane, the truth runes on the pillar glittered one after another, and the projections of laws descended.

The power of earth, fire, water, and wind manifested in front of Lin Yun without any disguise. Immediately, a torrent of runes surged in Lin Yun's eyes.

The magic power in the Demiplane was summoned by Lin Yun too. Endless mana flowed into Lin Yun's body and cleansed him. More and more mana surged into Lin Yun's body, making him overflow with it.

But because he was a natural-born extraordinary creature, the overflowing mana didn't cause any harm to him. Rather, it voluntarily melted into Lin Yun's muscles, bones, and blood.

As the pure mana continuously melted into his blood, he became irresistibly tempting to Fred. The blood of powerful creatures, especially human beings, was the most ideal food for vampires.

Lin Yun, on the other hand, was the human being that was the most suitable to provide blood for vampires.

"Your blood is so sweet. I cannot resist it any longer. Human expert, accept your fate. I've decided to let you live on and provide this irresistible food for me continuously…"

Like a wolf that had been hungering for a long time, Fred accelerated to the highest speed he was capable of, and tore apart Lin Yun's shield. He laid his claws on Lin Yun's shoulders, and bit Lin Yun's neck while baring his fangs.

His terrifying speed and strength made all of Lin Yun's defenses as vulnerable as broken paper…

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End of the Magic Era Chapter 1384: Velocity
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