End of the Magic Era
Chapter 1385: Mutual Destruction

Lin Yun's blood was sucked by Fred, but there was coldness in Lin Yun's eyes. He immediately summoned the mana in his Natural Demiplane, which flowed into Fred's body crazily along with his blood.

His body was out of control. His blood and even his soul power were flowing away. However, Lin Yun was not scared at all. He was summoning hundreds of times more mana than he could endure every second.

The soul power that was being swallowed melted into the blood and magic power. Then, it was eclipsed in the blood and magic power.

The lack of a soul made Fred immune to almost all abilities that were useful against the soul, but at the same time, it prevented him from noticing the soul power that was melted in the blood and mana. The soul power had been reconstructed as countless tiny runes that were like chains and curses when they flooded Fred's body.

Fred's eyes had turned completely bloodshot. After swallowing one-third of Lin Yun's blood, he finally tossed aside Lin Yun, who had lost control of his body. He craned his head, and let out an excited roar with his bloodstained fangs.

"What indescribably delicious food. The abundance of your mana, the sweetness of your blood, and the purity of your soul power are unbelievable, yet you are only in level 45. That's ludicrous…"

Lin Yun fell on the ground, and stared at Fred, who was laughing crazily. He then put on a mocking, cold smile.

"Idiot, do you know that the way to make a special magic tool is to offer blood and life?"

Lin Yun fell on the ground. Although he could no longer control his body, he could still control his mana. His control over his Natural Demiplane was not weakened at all.

Lin Yun chanted three short and quick syllables.

Immediately, Fred disappeared, and reappeared in front of Lin Yun. His sharp claws that were emitting bloody brilliance were right in front of Lin Yun's face. However, Fred was unable to move any longer. He stiffened as if he had been hit by a petrification spell.

Enormous mana surged out of Fred's body. Chains of runes that were made of soul power darted out of his skin. The blood that seeped out then melted with the chains.

The bloody chains that were as tiny as hair surrounded all of Fred's being. Even his fingers had been tied up by dozens of chains. It was impossible for him to move or say anything anymore.

Seeing the tiny chains, Fred's expression finally changed. Fright and disbelief filled his eyes.

Behind Lin Yun, a gate of light appeared, and Xiuban, Reina, Marianna, and Lord Shawn all walked out of it.

They all saw the emergency the moment they came out. Xiuban's eyes turned bloodshot, and the illusions of four dragons appeared at the same time. Reina simply turned into her original form as a Frost Dragon. Even Lord Shawn transformed into the battle form too.

"Don't get too excited. It wasn't easy for me to catch this goddamn vampire ancestor. Good thing that he couldn't suck me up once and for all.

"Xiuban, haven't you always wanted a better weapon? You have your chance now. Take out Carnage. Do you see the awl? Stab the awl into the heart of the stupid vampire. Aim at the center of his chest. Don't miss the target…"

Xiuban calmed down, and picked up the Holy Blood Awl that Lin Yun had dropped aside, grimacing. He walked to Fred, and looked for his target.

Reina helped Lin Yun back to his feet. She coldly stared at Fred, whose eyes were wide open.

"Stop glaring at me. I know that every vampire ancestor has the power of cursing, but I'm sure you don't have that sort of power right now. You cannot revive, either.

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"My blood, my mana, my soul power, and your life are to be sacrificed to make a weapon that has special abilities. Killing you so easily will be a huge waste.

"Xiuban, do it."

Xiuban grimaced, and stabbed the Holy Blood Awl into Fred's chest. On the tip of the Holy Blood Awl, the bloodstain which seemed quite fresh glowed dazzlingly the moment it hit Fred's body. It was then pushed into Fred's chest thanks to Xiuban's enormous strength, without meeting any resistance.

Instantly, dazzling brilliance emanated from Fred's eyes and mouth. The chains that bound his body contracted. His body turned vaguer and vaguer, and he was completely gone only a dozen seconds later. The Holy Blood Awl disappeared too. All that was left in the sky was a ball the size of a fist that was made of countless bloody chains.

The ball floated towards Xiuban's hand, and turned into a bloody mark.

"Xiuban, just put your hand on the surface of Carnage."

Astonished, Xiuban looked at his right hand that was emitting light. He then put it on the surface of Carnage. The bloody chains then melted into Carnage.

After all the chains disappeared, dense weird patterns appeared on the surface of Carnage. It seemed that Carnage was enlivened, and a heart was beating in it.

Fred had completely perished, and Xiuban's Carnage had been polished and upgraded again. It turned into a special magic tool, and was no longer just hard and heavy.

After Fred died completely, Lin Yun regained control of his body. He slowly stood straight, and stared at where Fred had died coldly.

He had known that Fred had been onto him since the very beginning. The level-47 vampire ancestor could tail someone from dozens of kilometers away. It was impossible to get rid of him.

It was impossible to kill Fred in a head-on clash too. As a special weapon, the Holy Blood Awl could only be used once. It would be destroyed after it hit Fred. If it hadn't stabbed Fred's heart, then it would've been useless.

No spells would've been useful if they had been unable to hit Fred. To control Fred, 99% of the spells Lin Yun knew couldn't be applied. Even if they had been effective, they might not have been able to hit Fred at all. After seeing how Fred behaved after swallowing a bit of his blood, Lin Yun remembered another tale.

It was said that in the Third Dynasty, a terrifying Sword Saint emerged from a remote village in the Odin Kingdom. He held a tiny bloody sword. His hair was white, and his face was pale. He looked exactly like a vampire.

The Sword Saint challenged opponents who ranged from level-1 Sword Saints to the Heaven Rank ones. He was completely gone after he reached level 5 of the Heaven Rank. There was no telling where he went.

Also, that guy boasted a very special ability that prevented him from being killed. No matter how gravely he was wounded, he would recover very soon, and would never die as long as he was still fighting. He was once hunted by a group of people, but he killed all his enemies, even though his heart was stabbed. Then, he left in one piece.

The tales of the man who was known as the Pale Sword Saint were passed on until powerful mages found his weapon in a conquered plane during the heyday of Noscent.

Afterwards, they realized that most of his ability came from the weapon, which wasn't very powerful by itself, but it was made in a special way.

When the weapon was made, it consumed the life of a vampire ancestor, which was what made the weapon special.

In battles, the weapon would constantly absorb mana and vitality from enemies. It seemed to carry some of the immortal ability of the vampire ancestor.

The method to make the weapon was passed on, but it was never confirmed. Nobody knew whether it was possible to get the ability by sacrificing a vampire ancestor.

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Still, it was possible to control the vampire ancestor in such a way.

An enormous amount of mana that surpassed the capacity of mana in the vampire ancestor's body, a sacrificial prayer constructed with soul power, and blood…

That was just a theory. Although it had been confirmed by a crazy mage who experimented on a vampire ancestor he caught in the Plane of the Undead, the method could hardly be used in a real battle…

It was because if a mage had more mana than a vampire ancestor did, then he would be able to crush the vampire ancestor. He didn't have to adopt such a complicated method at all.

However, under the circumstances a moment earlier, it was the only thing Lin Yun could do. To carry out his strategy, he couldn't even summon Xiuban and the others.

Fred was so terrifyingly fast, and considering the horrifying tearing force of his claws, even Xiuban might have been torn apart despite the incredible hardness of his body.

The only thing that Fred wouldn't rip apart directly was the food he was interested in…

An amount of mana that was hundreds of times greater than Lin Yun's stock in his body, one-third of his blood, and one-third of his soul power. He could activate the power of the prayer from inside Fred's body and control him. That was good enough.

Fred would be a living target that was incapable of moving or resistance until his heart was stabbed…

"Let's get out of here. Fred has died. All the vampire ancestors have sensed it. The other vampires within a radius of several thousand kilometers can detect it. If we don't go, we won't ever be able to."

He summoned a magic battleship. Everybody boarded the vessel, which then flew away quickly in stealth mode. After Lin Yun left, law runes appeared in the sky. A terrifying, destructive power swept across everything within the range. All the traces left in the place were erased.

An hour after Lin Yun left, a vampire appeared out of nowhere in the sky. He stared at the ruined battlefield coldly.

"Fred, that dumbass, finally pissed off a formidable being that he shouldn't have. This pure power of destruction seems to be from the Elemental Spirit King. What a stupid guy. He deserved to die…"

"However, killing a vampire ancestor in the Plane of the Undead is a humiliation to all vampires. Whoever you are, be prepared for the vengeance of blood…"

On the other hand, Lin Yun successfully returned to the Skeleton Plane. He didn't examine himself until he was completely safe. He was more gravely wounded than expected.

The cost of mana was negligible. As his Natural Demiplane developed, mana was already something that Lin Yun didn't need to care about at all.

The Natural Demiplane was always in demand of mana during its development, and the magic vines had to fetch mana to meet the demand. The green vines that rose to the sky like a mountain were gathering a river of mana from the void, but it was still not enough for the growth of the Natural Demiplane.

Every bottle of the mana water could replenish half of the mana in Lin Yun's body, so Lin Yun was not afraid that his mana might get exhausted at all.

The loss of blood was not a serious problem, either. As an extraordinary life, he would recover in two days as long as his core wasn't hurt, even though he had lost one-third of his blood.

The most serious problem was the loss of soul power, which couldn't be restored easily even with potions. This time, he had lost one-third of his soul power. Even though his soul wasn't hurt, his soul would still be tired for a long time. The situation was quite tricky because he had lost the soul power passively.

His physical wounds had recovered by the time he returned to the Skeleton Plane. However, it would take at least a month for him to heal his soul wounds even with the help of potions.

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The most direct consequence was that Lin Yun was unable to make use of extraordinary power. He could still understand more laws, but he could no longer exert the strength of a level-5 Heaven Rank expert. He could only emit the aura of a level-9 Archmage.

He had been significantly weakened, and he had to keep a low profile for now, but there were still benefits. The enormous blast of mana and soul power, plus the greatest exhaustion of soul power in history, caused his weakness.

The status of passiveness was the best opportunity for him to understand the power of laws. He had new understanding when he learned the laws without extraordinary power. Still, it was a bit dangerous that he was weakened so badly.

After resting for a couple of days, and getting accustomed to the new conditions, Lin Yun was ready to set off again, this time to the Leviathan Plane.

It was possible to reach the Leviathan Plane from the Plane of the Undead, but it was unlikely to sneak through the battlefield. He could only leave from Noscent.

Xiuban became the happiest person during these days. He grimaced with Carnage in his arms every day. He wandered for days, but didn't find any creature that he could fight. All undead creatures here had been eliminated.

Hearing that Lin Yun was preparing to leave for the Leviathan Plane, Xiuban impatiently waited at the door of Lin Yun's lab, not even having enough time for food or sleep.

A lot of preparations had to be done in the last phase before going to the Leviathan Plane. Lin Yun needed to study more about the Hexagonal Array too.

Also, the samples of new materials he found needed to be delivered to the Gilded Rose. Because of what happened to the Leviathan Plane recently, the Gilded Rose received multiple times more orders. It needed to change its plans accordingly.

Also, the situation in the Leviathan Plane was getting more and more chaotic. Not just the forces that had been informed, but everybody else had sent representatives to the Leviathan Plane, making the situation even more chaotic.

The Gilded Rose missed the time of gathering. It was impossible to claim a turf on the frontline anymore. To occupy a new territory, it had to attack the undead creatures on its own.

After all, the Leviathan Plane had always been the most important resource plane for Noscent. It was also one of the first conquered planes. All the territory in it had been split up. It was impossible to occupy a new territory. Who would let go of the opportunity?

After the preparations were mostly done, Lin Yun planned to take his team to the Leviathan Plane, but all of a sudden, Lin Yun's expression changed, and he entered the Natural Demiplane.

Marianna, whom he hadn't seen in days, was standing at the foot of the pillar, and looking up to the truth runes that were engraved to it. Marianna was staring at the truth runes thoughtfully. She was also gnashing her teeth, as if she had encountered some problems.

Floating amidst the clouds, Lin Yun gazed at Marianna, and put on a playful smile.

No wonder he hadn't seen Marianna in days. Despite having inherited Xiuban's capacity for food, she hadn't asked for food in days. She had surely been studying the truth runes here…

However, the truth runes here were engraved on the pillar, and hadn't been grasped yet. It was even more difficult for someone else to grasp the runes. Without the previous truth runes, it was hardly possible to grasp the new truth runes.

Why was she suddenly interested in them? Marianna couldn't possibly be interested in them, unless she wasn't Marianna…

Lin Yun disappeared and reappeared behind Marianna. He stared at Marianna for a few seconds before he suddenly read a name in demon language.

"Del Rovana."

Instantly, Marianna woke up from concentration. She frowned and bared her tiny tusks before she turned around abruptly.

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End of the Magic Era Chapter 1385: Mutual Destruction
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