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Ending Maker novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Chwiryong. 247 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Two heroes of the game Legend of Heroes 2 that were rotten water*.

Kang Jin-ho in the first place and Hong Yoo Hee in the second place.

One day, I opened my eyes and reincarnated as a character in the game…

“Hey…you too?”

“Hey…me too!”

The ending of Legend of Heroes 2 is the destruction of the human world.

But if there’s two of us and we’re not alone.

If it is also the #1 and #2 in the server rankings.

The path of rotten water begins for a perfect happy ending!

(*Rotten water is Korean slang for someone who has played a certain game for a long time and mastered everything. Think of them as oldbies, veterans, or game pros.)

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  • Foreshadowmyass

    Do you know the translator's name? Please reply Hahahha

    6 days ago 0 Likes
  • LimKina

    Thanks for Translator~

    25 days ago 0 Likes
  • Stalker

    Ah...why aren't there any people reading this? Jude and cordelia are so cute and the story is good too.❣️😂👀

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • Mrtda

    There is no chapter 109

    3 months ago 0 Likes
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  • lnwUser20820

    I wish that there was a rival for Cornelia over Jude since Jude is the only one chasing between the two of them while Cornelia just drives Jude's feelings away.

    4 months ago 2 Likes
  • yashsaini2727

    i wish that they start to love each other for real. throughout the novel there are many romantic scenes but in the end both of them denies that they love each other. but they support eachother fully.

    5 months ago 1 Likes

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A good novel with a bit of comedy and romance. The translation is excellent and the plot is also fun and refreshing. Definitely recommended for reading


One of my favorite novel from now on. This novel has both romance and adventure. I like the translation too. I thank the author and the translator for their effort.


A good read for a comedic and romance novel. The translation can be quite off sometimes due to the difference between Korean jargons to english, but the translator put some notes to give the concept.


I have been looking for something good to read for a while and then I found this.
one of the best novels I have ever read
the story is well thought out and the characters are well made
the novel is really good no matter how I look at it
I do recommend reading it


Nice novel. The translation is terrible though. I wish the translator could get an editor or something. Another concern is the repetitive information like the MC being rank 1 in the game. Every chapter the author keep on emphasising that the MC is rank 1.


A really good novel with a dynamic duo. I'm really enjoying the story and the way the main characters handle each given situation.

My only gripe, and a small one at that, is the literal translation of some parts. There are a number of times where one MC calls out to the other and they answer 'Why?', which isn't a typical response when a question was never asked. Or the female MC's excessive swearing, which I get, its part of her character, but she says the same swear in every situation. There's also a lot of Korean specific gaming terms or colloquialisms that would make more sense if I understood Korean culture more as well.

But don't get me wrong, the translation is EXCELLENT, and a lot of thought went into explaining most of the Korean specific terms.

These small things ended up with me reading the novel a bit slower than normal so taking a break every other chapter was necessary in order for it not to wear me down.

Also the female is over the top tsundere........which I hate, but that's just me, so I can't hate the novel for it.


pretty good so far, 2 transmigrate people that play together in the same game now in the same world trying to save it or rather changing the outcome from what they know ... read it for more


here's a a very short summary of the story: 2 people got transported/reincarnated into a game and now trying to save the world.

Why its good you ask?
Read it and you'll know why