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Chapter 228: RUSHING

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Terms used in this episode:

A thousand changes and a myriad of variations – a Chinese idiom that means something that is ever-changing or have countless variations. But in this episode, it can be read in both its literal and idiomatic meaning.


Jude actually needed some time to organize things.

Because he had gained a lot of things in a short period of time after they left the royal capital, or to be exact, after the decisive battle in the royal capital.

‘From the sixth door to Ultimate One, and even a new swordsmanship style.’

In particular, he needed time to learn the new swordsmanship.

Even if Jude had Cheonmujiche, he still needed to train the so-called skill level of the things he newly acquired.


Jude called Valencia’s name as he closed his eyes and focused on his consciousness.

He had already done it once, so he was able to call Valencia much faster than before.

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“You came, my successor.”

The Valencia who appeared in front of him looked quite excited than before.

Did something exciting – no, did something interesting happen?

‘She said that she’s usually asleep all the time.’

But there was a reason for her to stay awake this time.

“My successor, I’ve developed it to some extent. Eh? Yes, I developed it.”

Valencia said as her toes wiggled. It seemed like she was holding herself back from jumping up.

‘If it was Cordelia, she would have already jumped up from her spot.’

No, she would have hopped.

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‘Now that I see it, she’s barefoot.’

Jude looked at Valencia’s feet before raising his head. He smiled as he saw her brightly shining green eyes that seemed to be even sparkling.

“Are you talking about combining the Supreme Sun Divine Art to your swordsmanship?”

“You’re both right and wrong. The Supreme Sun Divine Art is a martial arts based on swordsmanship in the first place.”

It was as she said.

Landius was a swordsman after all.

He was suspected of being a swordless swordsman just like Jude now, but at the time of the first episode of Legend of Heroes, he used swordsmanship with the Supreme Sun Divine Art.

“Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors can integrate with anything. However, you did not use a sword at first, so your current Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors is more like fist fighting than swordsmanship. Therefore, it became necessary to combine the Supreme Sun Divine Art’s swordsmanship and Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors, and the other swordsmanship styles that my successor had learned so far in order to create a new swordsmanship style.”

Doing such work would make anyone feel dizzy, but for Valencia, it was exhilarating.

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She continued with a wide smile.

“The Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors and Supreme Sun Divine Art are both amazing. And the other swordsmanship styles that my successor has somehow learned are quite extraordinary and interesting.”

He blinked his eyes as he didn’t know what she was talking about at that moment, but he soon understood it.

Valencia was talking about the ‘Sword of Wind’ which was Count Bayer’s swordsmanship, and Count Hræsvelgr’s Sage King’s Cross Sword.

Jude didn’t know much about the two, but he was familiar with parts of it.

“Anyway, I will teach you from now on. I’m sure you will also be happy.”

Jude smiled unconsciously when he saw Valencia’s flushed cheeks, and he nodded his head.

Valencia’s joy somehow made him feel better too.

“But my successor. Before I begin, I want to ask you a question.”

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“Yes, please ask away.”

As Jude answered calmly, Valencia put her hands on her waist and had a mischievous expression as she asked.

“My successor, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages when you use swordsmanship with Sword Origin?”

The advantages and disadvantages that occur when fist fighting techniques are used like swordsmanship.

Or rather, the pros and cons of being able to use sword techniques together with fist fighting techniques.

‘I can tell the disadvantages right away.’

First of all, the reach is short.

Meaning the attack range is decreased because of the weapon’s length.

Then what are the advantages?

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‘First is speed?’

Because bare hands were faster than weapons.

Weapons were heavy and it also took some time to manipulate them.

Of course, the latter was not a significant difference at the level of an ordinary human, but this was Pleiades, a world where superhumans existed.

Even the slightest difference could determine one’s life and death.

‘But that’s just the advantage of fist fighting techniques. As for the advantages of using swordsmanship along with fist fighting…’


That word immediately came out of his mouth the moment he thought of it.

And at his answer, Valencia smiled brightly.

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“Yes, speed and flexibility.”

Sword Origin allowed its user to treat their limbs like swords.

In other words, it was possible to reduce one’s movement and respond faster than when using a sword to block or deflect enemy attacks.

The same went for attacks.

‘All of that is about speed.’

What about flexibility then?

“Flexibility in attacking because you’re using all your limbs, right?”

Normally, it was necessary to avoid the enemy’s weapons when one used fist fighting techniques, but that didn’t apply to Sword Origin.

For this reason, a person could carry out as many attacks as they could that they would have normally not thought of when they used fist fighting techniques or swordsmanship.

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“That’s correct. But there is one more thing. Think about it a little more.”

At Valencia’s urging, Jude furrowed his brows and thought hard, and he soon found an answer.

Because Valencia kept wiggling her fingers.

“The free use of your hands?”


Valencia was unable to hold it in this time and finally jumped up from her spot. She clapped her hands and continued.

“You’re not just fighting with a sword-like hand. Because you can do much more with your hands.”

It wasn’t just about using one’s fist and palm.

One could really do anything with their hands.

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With a real blade, it was impossible to use techniques that did not cut the enemy, such as punching and grabbing techniques.

But it was possible to do so with Sword Origin.

“A thousand changes and a myriad of variations.”

Valencia gracefully spread out her hands and continued with a picturesque smile.

“Now then, shall we be enchanted together?”

Let’s learn swordsmanship together.

Valencia took a deep breath and assumed a basic posture, and Jude smiled at her strange choice of words before nodding his head.

“I’ll be in your care.”

“All right, my successor.”

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Valencia firmly answered and raised her hand.

They began training in earnest.


The next morning.

Vanessa reappeared in front of Jude and Cordelia who only meditated all night in the room.

She came with an elf whom they had never seen before.

“This is Carnelia from the Bellias family. She is the swordsman who will learn the seventh sword dance.”

“I am Carnelia Bellias. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

At Vanessa’s introduction, a tall and slim female elf greeted them with a big smile.

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She had red hair that was quite rare for elves who were mostly blonde, and she gave off a very energetic feeling.

“I look forward to working with you.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Cordelia greeted her after Jude, and then turned to Vanessa and asked as if she had suddenly remembered something.

“What about Princess Leica?”

“Her Royal Highness is a little busy right now.”

Vanessa replied with a grin.

Cordelia thought that it was natural for Princess Leica to be busy since she was the crown princess, but she felt that Vanessa’s smile implied something more than that.

‘Did something happen?’

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I don’t think something bad happened though.

Cordelia’s unique gut feeling was telling her something, but she didn’t pry any further.

She didn’t know if it was a bad thing, but she thought that it was a nuisance to stick her head into something trivial.

“I shall guide you to the training area. I believe that it would be difficult to use swordsmanship here.”

Vanessa had spoken to them informally when they had first met, but after Jude and Cordelia were officially invited to the royal palace, she had begun to speak to them respectfully.

‘No, I think it was the time after I signed a contract with the Spirit King.’

Ever since they were guided to the room, Vanessa had begun to use respectful words to them.

‘The Spirit King is amazing, huh.’

From Cordelia’s perspective, it was like the final boss became her summon, but not for the elves.

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The Spirit King was like a pillar of the world that kept the balance of the world just by its very existence.

So it was natural for them to be polite to Cordelia who had been chosen by the Spirit King, regardless of whether she could summon him or not.

“This way please.”

Vanessa guided them to an outdoor training area.

It was like a soccer field as there was grass on a wide open area.

“Are we doing it here?”

The sword dance used in the Banquet of Spirits was usually passed down to only one person. Though Valencia didn’t seem to have strictly followed that rule since she had learned it.

“Yes, the seventh sword dance was lost in the first place because of that rule, so we’ve decided to pass it down to many people this time.”

After all, in a way, it was just a sword dance.

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Jude was convinced and immediately began to teach Carnelia the seventh sword dance, and Cordelia was dazed for a moment before she followed Vanessa and sat in a sunny place to watch the two.

And time passed.

Other elves began to appear one by one in the training area, and everyone seemed to be interested in Jude.

“The story of the punitive force must have spread.”

The story on how Jude fought and how they defeated Jabberwock.

At Vanessa’s explanation, Cordelia smiled and puffed up her chest.

“Ahem, ahem.”

Yes, he’s very amazing. Very enchanting. He’s…ahem, ahem, very charming.

Jude would have liked it if he had seen her raise her chin and tried to clear her throat because it looked cute, but Vanessa only tilted her head.

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“Lady Cordelia? Are you feeling sick?”

“No, it’s not that…hehehe.”

Instead of explaining it to her, Cordelia just laughed and asked again as she raised her chin.

“Jude is on the strong side even among the elves, right?”

“Yes, and it’s quite unique that he can do swordsmanship with his bare hands. Isn’t he special even among the humans?”

“Yes, Jude and his master are quite special.”

Landius didn’t have something like the Sword Origin, but it seemed like he could also do what Sword Origin could do.

After all, he was Landius.

‘Maybe he’s no longer human at this point?’

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It was hard to imagine someone else stronger than Landius.

“Oh, it looks like they’re going to have a spar.”


Cordelia was surprised and looked back in front again, and she saw Jude and an elven knight assuming a basic fighting posture.

Carnelia who had been learning the sword dance was now heading to Cordelia’s side.

“Carnelia. Did they request for a spar?”

“Yes, I’ve learned all the basic movements, so I’m taking a break for a while. Everyone seems to be very interested in Master.”

When Carnelia responded with a wide smile in response to Vanessa’s question, Cordelia puffed up her chest again and said.

“He is my Jude after all.”

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“I mean, um… anyway. Is everyone interested in Jude?”

It was just a repetition of Carnelia’s words, but Carnelia replied with a bright smile.

“Yes. I’ve only learned from him for two hours but… he’s really not an ordinary person. He has a deep understanding of swordsmanship. In particular, he has a really nice body.”

Cordelia was pleased as she listened and nodded her head, but she paused at the other’s last words and blinked her eyes.

“A nice body?”

“Yes, isn’t it really nice? He has a firm chest, thick forearms, and in particular, his thighs and waist… hehehe.”

Cordelia blinked her eyes again.

Did she just giggle at the end?

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Did I hear her wrong?

Cordelia suddenly became alert without realizing it, and she closely looked at Carnelia again. Now that Cordelia saw it, Carnelia was gazing at Jude with an expression as if she would drool at any moment.

But it was then.

“Ah. I think I understand. Actually, my heart is pounding too. His body type is uncommon among our male elves who are lean.”

“That’s right. Vanessa, you feel the same, right? Isn’t his body so good? This is the first time I’ve realized that a body like that exists.”

Carnelia giggled in her delight while Vanessa blushed and nodded her head.

After all, it was hard to find a sculpture-like body like that of Jude’s among the slender elves.

And Cordelia thought.

‘You b*tches?’

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You’ve been looking at Jude like that for some time?

“Kyaa~ Look at those veins on his forearm.”

“It’s popping out.”

Carnelia and Vanessa spoke once again and at that moment, Cordelia became dissatisfied with Jude’s outfit.

Because his body figure was clearly revealed with the tight-fitting clothes the elves had given to him.

In addition, the clothes were sleeveless, so his shoulders were fully exposed.

‘Wait a minute. Even the people watching him are weird.’

There were many blushing elves among the onlookers who had gathered.

Quite a few elves were drooling like Carnelia.

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‘W-wait a minute. No, seriously, wait!’

Excuse me, his fiancée is right here, okay?

I feel a bit uncomfortable if you stare and drool at my Jude like that, okay?

And it was at that moment.

When Jude successfully defeated the elven knight, thunderous applause and cheers poured out among the female elves who were watching.

And a second match began.

The opponent this time was a female elf, and Cordelia’s discomfort grew even stronger.

But something else happened then.

“Cordelia, how long will you be staying here?”

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At Carnelia’s question, Cordelia had a hunch at that moment.

The elf in front of her who was overbrimming with affection for Jude was planning to do something.

“E-excuse me. Jude is my fiancé… okay?”

“Yes, I’ve heard of it. Humans have such a culture, huh?”

Cordelia flinched at Carnelia’s answer.

Such a culture? The fiancé part?

As Cordelia was confused, Vanessa who was watching from the side then said with a smile.

“There is no marriage culture among us elves. For us, having children is rare, so if we have something like marriage, our population will shrink.”

What the hell are you talking about? What the heck are you saying?

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You don’t have marriages? You don’t get engaged?

Have you always been a race that did not care about fidelity?

Come to think of it, these elves have a prince and crown princess, but they have no queens.

Even the mother of Princess Leica is a countess with a different surname.

‘Wait, don’t tell me… So all of these people here are…?’

Cordelia saw the elves, who were drooling while staring at Jude, in a new light.

‘Jude’s in danger!’

When she looked closely, even the female elf he was having a spar with was staring at Jude strangely.

It was like the eyes of a hawk looking at its prey.

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Moreover, the sex ratio was strange. Of the elves gathered here, majority were – no, almost all of them were female.

“I read about it in a storybook… Humans are much rougher and more vigorous, right?”

Cordelia frowned at Carnelia’s question.

Why are you asking me that?


And what are you planning to do if he is rough and vigorous?

‘F*ck, they really look like they want to pee.’

These damn ero elves.

‘Should I just destroy everything?’

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At the time Cordelia began to think seriously, Jude’s full concentration was on the match without even realizing on what was going on around him.

Or rather, he was enjoying the spar.

For Jude, the current sparring match was a great opportunity to embody what he learned from Valencia last night.

‘This is fun.’

Becoming stronger is fun.

Learning new swordsmanship is fun.

Attacking with the body freely and getting closer to the roots of Supreme Sun Divine Art and Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors are fun.

The engrossed Jude began to sweat, and the elves began to squeal at Jude’s wet(?) body.

And as all of these were happening, the finishing touch was added.

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“Jude is really strong.”

Princess Leica appeared with Midas.

But she also looked quite strange. Her cheeks were a bit flushed too.

‘What the… Why are you blushing while looking at Jude? Didn’t you see me and Jude doing that yesterday!’

Even though it was only an attempt, but still.

Cordelia became extremely uncomfortable and struggled to contain her anger before catching her breath.

And she made a resolution as she watched Jude fight against more opponents whom she had already lost count of.


I have to settle this tonight before it’s too late.

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Let’s end this.

Cordelia clenched her fists as she watched Jude.

And that night.

After they had dinner and returned to their room, Cordelia stood in front of Jude and suddenly tried to hand him a letter.


“Let’s run away.”


“Let’s run away tonight.”

“Lady Cordelia?”

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Jude narrowed his eyes and asked, but Cordelia remained adamant. She once again tried to give Jude the letter.

“Let’s put this on the bed and leave.”

It was a letter in a white envelope. It was even sealed beautifully with red wax from a candle.

“Hey, that… is that what I think it is?”

“T-that’s right. It is what you think it is.”

A letter full of romantic words between Jude and Cordelia that they left behind whenever they ran away.

In fact, it wasn’t something necessary since they would be running away from the elves, but Cordelia still prepared it.

‘Because we really need to run this time!’

I need to shake off all these perverted elves!

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But unlike Cordelia who was in a hurry, Jude was calm as he asked.

“But why do we have to leave now?”

“Uh, we have to leave. Two days have already passed. According to our schedule, we should have already been out of the Forest of Eternity, right? What are we going to do if Malekith is resurrected while we’re here? So let’s hurry. Okay? You’ve already taught them the seventh sword dance too.”

“That’s right.”


Why is my lady doing this all of a sudden?

Why does she look so anxious?

“So we’re leaving today?”

“Yes, today. Let’s just leave this letter on the bed and go. If we say that we’re going, Princess Leica will try to stop us again.”

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At Cordelia’s words full of strong conviction, Jude lightly touched his chin before he accepted her letter and said.


“Yes, Jude.”

“Do we have to go now? We haven’t received all the rewards yet.”

First of all, they would be receiving a reward for saving Princess Leica and defeating Jabberwock. In addition, Jude was planning to rip them off.

‘The Spirit King is not a reward.’

Because he just suddenly appeared and chose Cordelia, and was not something the elves had prepared for them.

But Cordelia said with a firm expression.

“Yes, we have to go no matter what.”

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“Then, will you wear the rabbit headband?”


“The rabbit headband. With the tail.”

Why in the world are you suddenly saying that!

But Cordelia was in a hurry. She quickly nodded and pulled out the rabbit set from their luggage before putting it on herself.

“Okay, I wore it. So let’s go now.”

Jude blinked his eyes in confusion at Cordelia’s determination.

He just wanted to tease her a bit because she looked so anxious, but she really wore the rabbit set.

Did something serious happen?

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“Hey, you didn’t kill an elf, right? Or committed some kind of crime?”

“It’s not like that, okay?! It’s just because we really need to get to the south quickly, okay?!”

After leaving the Forest of Eternity, they had to stop by the headquarters of the Guardians of the Holy Cross.

After heading down south, they had to find Landius and Kamael too.

As Cordelia said all that and persuaded him, she pulled on Jude’s arm.

“So let’s get going. Let’s merge.”

“Okay. Then one last thing.”

“What else? You want me to wear bunny girl clothes?”

“Eh? For real?”

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Jude’s eyes sparkled, and Cordelia replied with a cold look as she raised her clenched fist.

“Okay. I wanted to ask you something else in the first place.”

“What is it? You want to go to the toilet? What the hell is it?”


Cordelia’s letter from earlier.

“Can I read it?”

To read what she wrote.

To read the contents of the love letter Cordelia herself wrote.

“No way!”

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No way! Absolutely not! Never!

Do you know how hot my face became when I wrote down all sorts of things!

With a red face, Cordelia snatched the letter from Jude’s hand and ran to the beside, putting down the letter in a place where it could be easily seen.

“Let’s go now, okay? Jude, let’s go, okay?”

When Cordelia stomped her feet and said, Jude finally nodded.

“All right, let’s not delay it any longer.”

As Cordelia had said, the two still had a long way to go.

It might be rude to leave without saying a word to them, but it should be fine since they had done a lot for the elves.

‘I’m a little curious about the circumstances of the elven royal family but…’

Nothing should happen now since we defeated Jabberwock.

I’ve already informed Princess Leica of Malekith’s threat in case she didn’t know.

“Then Lady Cordelia, would you like to ride on my back?”


Cordelia carried the backpack on her back and jumped on Jude’s back, and Jude firmly fixed Cordelia’s position before he turned to the window.

“By the way.”


“How many times has this been?”

Running away at night because of love.

“I’m not sure.”

If I roughly count it, it seems to be around five times.

But instead of counting it, Cordelia tightly hugged Jude’s neck, and Jude smiled happily.

He looked at the letter on the bed with a bit of regret, but he soon cleared his mind.

He thought that it would be more fun to hear it from Cordelia in person.

“Then let’s go.”

“Yes, Milord.”

Cordelia buried her face in Jude’s neck, and Jude became the wind.

He became a black gale that crossed the Forest of Eternity.

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