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Chapter ss30 3 days ago

An incredible novel. Trully a novel you don't want to miss ! It's a nice story with a plot that can seem simple or classic but is very well written, with good caracters you grow to like. I especially like the fact that they use their brain. The double lead caracters is not bad even if one is a bit more central. The ending made me feel so immersed, trully not desappointing. And the side stories at the end bring to light some questions we could have had. My only regret is that I need to leave this novel and will have a hard time finding others as good as this !

Chapter ep4 4 days ago

It is a good story but honestly not that great once you start to get over your hype. The only problem with the romance in this is FL falls in love because of the pressure of the environment. It does not have a natural flow in that aspect. (I can respect that type of story too, but the story lacks some depth on that regard. ) Anyways, after that everything about romance is mostly sweet. The fantasy elements, exploration, game elements, combat are satisfactory. Comedy is good; environments are mediocre; some dialogues and some characters are great. There are some inconsistencies which I abhor but there are not many fortunately. Count Chase is the best girl. No not Cordelia.

Chapter 1 12 days ago

My favorite novel without a doubt, despite the fact that I have read hundreds of other novels. I love the two leads, their interactions and their romance. I highly recommend it.

Chapter 58 15 days ago

Okay i'm not gonna lie and be honest, it gets repetitive. The pattern goes; mcs go to a new place, find a boss or enemy, flirt, then run after scamming for rewards. This gets repeated several times for hundreds of ch. I admit, the end picks up but is rushed so minus points there. I loved it at first, i thought it was a great isekai and felt nice to take a break from harem reads. But i honestly think the FL is way too lucky and spoiled. I can't imagine her surviving if ever she was placed in that world alone, thus i think shes dead weight, foul mouthed, and cant let go of her competitive side. It felt like she was a spoiled brat ngl. Thus, i honestly dont like or hate the FL. The ML was great at first, loved him till he started simping, and btw for no apparent reason he fell in love first? It was described as fate despite not knowing the FL's past life's gender or age. Being how smart he is its weird he did not notice her being a student considering how she kept talking about school, and not a job. Since we didnt know the ML's age till the end i felt he was a pedophile since i assumed he was around 35-50 being retired from a job. They also apparently from the start had the ability to talk with their eyes like telepathy despite hating each other before that, and have completely different personalities. I would assume one would need to be in love or have years of experience working together to be able to pull that off. So it didnt make sense to me. Yes, later on they proceed to compliment each other and begin to feel like they are meant for each other. But building up to the middle area the FL was too spoiled by the ML who fell in love with her for no reason, despite having unladylike characteristics like being foul mouthed or being violent to him by hitting him early. She took too long in letting go of her hatred and petty persona like her competitive nature despite the ML already giving her everything and always saying "if she wants it i have no choice" very early on. This mostly pissed me off but i powered through although it was too late for me to change my opinion of them since they took too long to develop. It took 250 ch to actually have decent progress in their relationship from a gradeschooler's relationship to a mature one. Remember, i thought of him as a mature dude because of his job, so I was so mad as to why he was acting so immature? Especially when he gets jealous. Over a simple forehead kiss greeting. I loved it, but a fix for me would be to simply have the FL pull her weight a bit early on. If her appearance was her strong point, then it would have been better if she knew how to make shampoo as a hobby and ML incorporated it into his plans. Grooming skills like hair styling should have been hers and cooking skills to match her beastly appetite. Her usage of her brain was too late in the story thus, she felt like an idiot until the middle areas. So they would at least feel even in contribution instead of being one sidedly spoiled by the person she hated. She also weirdly cooperated with him despite her competitive nature and hated him to the core. I expected them to part ways because of this to compete until later on when they become in love, they start to work together. As for the ML he was too much of a simp and spoiled her. He overshadowed her so much the FL felt pathetic. Then, later on he felt like a pedophile and too much of a simp so it ruined his capable and calm character persona. It feels like they wouldnt have gotten to where they were without him, he could have even gone solo it would just take more time. Such as him being the king piece and the player to a chess game while FL was the queen. Losing the queen doesnt matter, you can just change your strategy, but losing the king and the player will lose you the game. Next, he has too many skills. Some of them should have been the FL's skills such as grooming, cooking, and making shampoo, etc. (maybe as a hobby). Lastly, he got really annoying always comparing FL to other women and says "if she wants it then it cant be helped". LIKE I F*CKING GET IT YOU LOVE HER DAMMIT, whil the FL goes "i hate you" for so long. Gives her too many opportunities that the FL should have gotten herself made the FL look pathetic and too lucky. Like the spirit king, he did the dance u know? Should have been a spirit queen for he ML. Since all he got from that dance is a face full of petty jealousy from a greeting kiss. Thus, their feelings felt uneven all the way to the end since the ML fell in love early he kept falling deeper and deeper, while she fell but not that hard and not that fast until the end part. Furthermore, their strength or the power system was wierd and didnt make sense at times. Such as being already at the 6th door but still leagues below hid master who opened the 7th and didnt have the martial talent that was exaggerated, and the FL got everything that involved servitude. In conclusion, the read is great! (mostly because i'am bias to isekai, nobility, and romance. ) I thought about dropping after 250 but i powered through. Therefore out of 5; +1 star for good start, +1 for good build and setting. -1 for repetitive plot until the middle area close to the end. -2 for the characters but +1 for the cute romance, -1 romance took too long to progress, and -1 since the times i got butterflies were significantly lesser than the times i got pissed and cringed. -1 for the power system it was okay at first, but then got confusing and didnt make sense. Lastly, -1 for rushed ending. 😅 P. S. I actually liked their older siblings' romance more. Would read if there was a story based on them. Especially since the Brother's trauma wasnt revealed. Or maybe i forgot it. 🤔

  • Preiss
    Reader KP:4

    If you read everything they actually explain that it's trully a fated relationship. They have memories of similar past lives so being able to understand each others by locking eyes is understandable after numerous trials together. It may be a bit too much sometimes but well... it's part of the fantasy and romance.

    3 days ago Reply
    • zzZero2
      Reader KP:15

      Yes I read everything, they say its a fated relationship but some things contradict them being fated. One example would be them interfering and setting up their past lives together. If they were fated, they should have just left it alone. Unrelated but Another thing that doesnt make sense is how angels have it hard to get pregnant but cordelia has a decent family lineage and her sister who was an angel got preggy with twins while she has difficulty despite all that night activity with a god, Jude. Also how cordelia murdered jude's family but he still dates her in their first life doesnt make sense. And jude's love for cordelia is on a different level than cordelia's love for jude. Kinda unbalanced feelings, wish cordelia could have done more for jude.proof of this is jude giving her all the last hits and moves with "if she wants it she gets it" in mind. While cordelia still thinks in her competative nature and not thinking "what would make jude the happiest". Even during night activity

      3 days ago Reply
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Chapter ss30 16 days ago

Gets a bit boring midway, but continue if you want a sugar overdose and escape the horrible disease plaguing the world known as Harem. 8/10 romance

Chapter ss5 23 days ago

Good read. The beginning Chapters, especially the wild lands adventure is a bit boring but it gets good at the latter half. The one thing I really like is the way the MCs interact with each other. It just feels natural when they talk with each other. The memes and even the way they call each other ("princess" and "daddy") is funny. This carried the whole novel tbh I actually liked the ending a bit rush. No extra chapters of just pure fighting and straight to the point. Though the fight between Lucas and Maximilian should've been described more.

Chapter ep4 a month ago

This was an awesome novel and was super enjoyable to read. The ML and FL have one of the best interactions I have ever come across in all my years of reading. The growth in their relationship isn't rushed but is steady and filled with heartwarming & comedic moments. Would totally recommend. P. S: there are some non family-friendly moments

Chapter n/a a month ago

The beginning was ok. Really like the interactions between Cordelia and Jude. Current on chaptet 114. It got really boring. Adventure aren't that engaging

Chapter ss19 1 months ago

This novel just kept giving and giving. Loved the romance, the plot was great, the character growth was nice too. Parts of the beginning were not the best but it’s more than worth it to continue. One of my favorite completed novels on this site. I could read side stories about the characters in it forever.

Chapter ss22 1 months ago

Honestly this is one of the romance novles that i quite liked, the pace is just perfect and realistic. The story itself is quite good as well. Sure the ending was a bit lacking but i still liked it so if your wondering to give it a read or not dont hesitate. Easily gets 5 stars