Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 1697: Awakening The Dao Of Path Jewels!







The Wyverns suddenly began roaring at one another as they started to get more and more concerned. The walls of darkness and chaos stopping their way were right there, and there was, notably, absolutely nothing they could do to break them, quite sadly.

Unless one of theirs have space-tearing capabilities, this entire space is as closed as I desire! I've already spent MP, and it doesn't drain MP unless the domain takes a big amount of damage.

I quickly stretched my butterfly wings as I looked at everyone else while flying on the skies.

"What are you guys waiting for?! Let's go!" I said, commanding them all as they flew across the skies and accompanied me using their own unique ways.

While flying towards the wyverns to pick them up, I began to think what to get with my Skill Points. There was certainly a wide variety of skills, and the higher my divinity, the more the variety became… Although I can also learn skills on my own too through doing certain actions and commands.

So let's better spend the Skill Points in something else… Such as Path Jewels.

[Path Jewels]

A Dao that was specifically made to represent the mystical and mysterious power of Path Jewels, special treasures made by a special Supreme Goddess of Chaos. Within them, they contain the power of countless combined skills, titles, blessings, and concepts, converged together into incredibly powerful Divine Treasures that once held, can bring incredible Path Jewel Abilities and Bonus Stats.

Converging with the Dao of Summoning, the Path Jewel Dao has mutated, and can now grant the ability to Summon a Path Jewel at Random from a large pool composed of the user's previously made Path Jewels. New Path Jewels can be created once the user develops its divinity enough.

Additionally, by activating this Dao, all Path Jewel abilities effects and power are enhanced by +200% and the power of Skills and Magic in general by +50%. Additionally, Path Jewels Abilities MP Cost is reduced by half.

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Summoning Path Jewels cost Skill Points, each summon costs more than the previous one.

Available Path Jewels to Summon (0/1):

This! I didn't even knew Daos could interact with one another like that and generate "Dao Mutations" where several effects interact with one another and end up generating completely new effects or sharing them with one another. This way, I can now summon a random Path Jewel similarly to how I can summon Random Maxima Summons.

All's a gacha at the end, huh?

Anyways, I wanted to use my Skill Points for this very reason, so I can summon an overpowered Path Jewel!


[You have exchanged 250 Skill Points!]

[You have summoned a Random Path Jewel!]


Suddenly, a distortion on space and time happened, as my eyes opened wide seeing the small circular jewel that emerged out of thin air! Its beauty and mystery were truly quite mesmerizing to the eyes!

A pristine red jewel of spherical shape emerged, erupting with wondrous red aura that spread everywhere, attempting to absorb everything within its path voraciously…


[You have summoned the [Path Jewel]: [Monarch of Gluttony]:!]

[The newly summoned Path Jewel has connected to several Skills; all of those skills have enhanced their power and effects!]

[Path Jewel]: [Monarch of Gluttony]

[Path Jewel Level]: [0/10]

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[Path Jewel EXP]: [0/10000]


[HP]: [+10000]

[MP]: [+10000]

[Strength]: [+15000]

[Agility]: [+5000]

[Vitality]: [+2500]

[Intelligence]: [+5000]

[Dexterity]: [+2500]

[Divinity]: [+1000]

[Available Abilities]

[Level 1]: [Abyssal Maws of Endless Devouring] [Great Dimensional Stomach]

[Level 2]: ???


The Path that those who have made Gluttony their own power, something that belongs to their very souls and that cannot be taken away, your own power.

Devour anything that crosses your road through this Path, mercilessly and gluttonously!

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Eat everything, even the heavens, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, and the universe!

The only limit is the one you make for yourself.

The Path Jewel has now been enhanced with the power of the [Soul Book], its abilities had been sealed. New Abilities will unlock with each Path Jewel Level. To level up the Path Jewel, perform actions related to them.

I can't believe it!

The first one I summoned was Monarch of Gluttony from all things, the first Path Jewel I ever created… And it has changed quite a lot. It seems that the Soul Book has modified the Path Jewel, and it is now something between a Skill, an equipment piece, and well, its original Path Jewel form.

It seems that it can now Level Up by earning EXP through doing what… it can do the best I suppose? I guess that means eating things, anything. The more it eats, the stronger my Monarch of Gluttony will grow, and the stronger my Gluttony powers will become as a result!

A Level 1, it only brings two Abilities, but these two are more than enough for what I wanted anyways, so it is perfect!

However, that's not everything. I don't remember the Path Jewels giving me direct stats before. But now they give me bonus to my stats! +15k Strength is a massive boost, with that, I feel way stronger, my strength easily surpasses 50k now, it is more than enough to do what I want.

And just in front of me, the wyverns, enraged of what was happening and then taken over by a mysterious Miasmic Power generated from the Genie suddenly flew towards our direction.

It was finally time to test this power!

Using each Ability costs MP, of course. Creating this domain where we are all inside cost me around 100k MP, and I am steadily recovering it, but still, I only have a bit over another 100k MP. Each of these Path Jewel Abilities, at the minimum, cost 10k a pop, if I use them consecutively, my MP is going to drain away rapidly.

Unless I just keep recovering more than I can lose!


A large flock of over ten Wyverns flew to my side, as a smile creeped in my monstrous, abyssal face.

"Now… [Abyssal Maws of Endless Devouring]!"


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