Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 1813: The True Danger Emerges


The furious [Life Swallowing Giant Snake] roared, opening its massive jaws and attempting to swallow Brunhild and the twins in a single bite as Ariant and Eriant freed the beast from their Sand Prison to give them more room for conjuring magic.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Brunhild panicked, wondering what they were doing! Her eyes panicked as the utterly massive jaws of the snake were approaching, about to swallow her whole.

"Don't worry, trust us!" Ariant said.

"Unleash all the Holy Light Magic you've got, Brunhild!" Eriant roared.

The twins channeled all of their spiritual power, divinity, and mana together into Brunhild's Magic Aura.

"O-Okay!!!" Brunhild didn't hesitated, her eyes glowing brightly as they overflowed with gargantuan quantities of Mana!

Her beautiful and muscular giantess body began to tighten as she channeled the mana all around her veins and muscles, to the very core of her heart and then sent it all out!

"[Heavenly Light Beam]!!!"


An enormous beam of light emerged from within her Staff, being fired directly towards the Snake's open mouth and piercing through its interior!




"Eh?! I-It's not enough?!"

Brunhild panicked, her strongest beam with all her magic still didn't manage to kill the snake, as its entire body tanked the hit and merely continued, seconds before swallowing the three of them and then draining away their Life Essence to the point they would be left like dry mummies the moment they were eaten!

"Don't worry, you did amazingly!"

"It is just what we needed!"

Ariant and Eriant said, as Brunhild glanced back at them, her eyes opening wide.

Hundreds of beautiful, shiny creatures resembling angels emerged one after the other. They were called by the twins' powers and Brunhild's immense quantity of Holy Light Mana.

They were Holy Light Spirits!

"Now, join us, Brunhild!"

The twins called Brunhild to join them, as the young giantess nodded happily.


The three channeled their powers and then connected them with all spirits, less than three seconds before being eaten!

"[Holy Spirit Requiem: Heavenly Sanctuary]!!!"


An enormous light emerged, as all Spirits connected together!


…It was too late.


The massive jaws of the furious [Life Swallowing Giant Snake] closed immediately, swallowing all three of them at once! Its deadly necrotic toxins would make an easy work off their fleshy and living bodies, as they would begin eroding into juice in mere seconds after being eaten!


The [Life Swallowing Giant Snake] seemed to celebrate, quickly glancing back at the City of Goldsand, its commands were within its mind, to destroy it all and eat all living beings there!

It quickly began slithering into that direction, having dealt with the pesky flies annoying it…


However, a little stomachache began to annoy the powerful beast, as it began to feel slightly tired.

And then that slight exhaustion became even worse, it became agonizing pain.


A bright beam of light emerged from the snake's head.


And then another from its tail.


And then countless rays of light began to emerge from all of the snake's interior, its eyes distorting in agony as it opened its mouth, and three figures emerged out of it intact!


The monstrous [Life Swallowing Giant Snake] agonizingly cried, as its entire body was completely consumed by the powerful light of the Holy Light Spirits!

"Die already! And don't you dare come back!!!"

Brunhild furiously channeled all her Mana into the spirits once more, intensifying the light inside of the [Life Swallowing Giant Snake], which then exploded like a firework, illuminating the entirety of the desert's battlefield!



But that didn't end there, the light became a massive beam, which was directed towards the Undead Titan, hitting another area of its body, and blasting it into ashes!



The Titan roared in fury. Its regeneration once more being slowed down as a part of its body was destroyed with another utterly ridiculous attack.

"W-We did it…" Brunhild sighed in relief.

"That was more intense than I imagined… And we stink at snake's drool now." Eriant sighed.

"Uuegh…" Ariant sighed.


The trio didn't realized a shadow had emerged behind them, until it spoke directly at them.

"We underestimated your strength. You seem more competent than you look superficially." A tenebrous voice spoke, as Brunhild and the twins glanced back at the source of it, a tall and lanky skeleton wearing lightweight black armor and holding two purple blades. "I suppose I will have to deal with you while Kireina and your other companions are busy."

"An Undead that can talk so fluently?! What is this thing?!" Ariant wondered.

"Be on guard! He's… incredibly strong, I can feel it." Eriant said.

"Another big shot right after the snake?!" Brunhild sighed.

Brunhild and the twins quickly got themselves in guard, as the skeleton suddenly disappeared from their vision like a blur of darkness, only to reappear behind them!

His speed was completely otherworldly!

"Watch out!" The twins called, as Brunhild barely managed to conjure a Holy Light Barrier.


"Hmph, not bad… However."

The Skeleton's swords quickly began moving, slashing and piercing through Brunhild's magic barriers and shattering the one after the other, drawing closer and closer to her.

"A single slash from this sword will slowly kill you!" Laughed the Skeleton, managing to reach Brunhild's skin, slashing her!


"AAAGGH…! [H-Heavenly Beam]!!!"


However, although Brunhild ended taking a strong hit which left a terrible wound in her stomach, she conjured a powerful beam of holy light, blasting the Skeleton away!



The Skeleton felt surprised, his armor slowly began shattering apart as his skeletal body was revealed, his swords pulsated as they tasted the giantess blood, however.

"Heh, you're not half-bad for being some cockroaches…" He muttered. "However, now that you've been slashed, your life will soon be over.

"W-What are you talking about- Unggh?!" Brunhild suddenly felt an enormous pain in her wound, as she vomited a mouthful of black blood. Her internal body felt as if it was slowly being melted away.

"Brunhild!" Eriant panicked.

"W-What did you do to her?!" Ariant asked.

"Necro Toxin of Divine Underworld Basilisks! Her body will rot away internally slowly and agonizingly!" Laughed the Skeleton Swordsman. "And so will you two!"

Chapter 1813: The True Danger Emerges
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