Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1168: Epic Of Fire Dragon

"Please… We have lost everything… You are the only one that can possibly help us now…"

"The flames are dimming… It won't work…"

"Shut up! We have to try at the very least!"

"It won't work… The Wielder of the Origin Flames is just a myth, and that egg is not even a real egg, is just a rock with paintings on it."

Another voice spoke to the girl, it seemed to be… another girl too.

"But I am a Saint! It… should work!"

"No, it won't, and if the Elder finds us here, he'll reprimand us, hurry up and let's get out of here…"

"B-But…! Please, hatch!"

The girl cried, as Joan suddenly felt something touching the surface above him, which seems to be oval-shaped.

"Wait, oval shaped? Are they talking to me, an egg? Does this mean I am inside an egg?!"

Joan realized the horrid truth a bit too late, but indeed, he was inside an egg.

And then…


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Suddenly, he realized he could somehow move around, barely so. His limbs were very small, and so was his tiny head. However, he quickly tried to push forward, with all his might.

"Unnnggh…! Come on!"

Crack… crack!

The eggshell slowly began to gain several cracks, as the two girls looking at it began to panic, surprised, and flabbergasted by the utterly ridiculous sight in front of their eyes. Indeed, it was very ridiculous because such an egg had not hatched in hundreds of years and was thought to be just an egg-shaped magic stone instead!


"The egg is actually hatching?!"

"I told you it wasn't a stone! HAHAHA!"

Joan kept pushing and pushing, with all his tiny might, until…!


The hard rock-like eggshell blew into pieces, as his vision was finally greeted with multiple colors. And of course, what greeted hi sight at first glance were two girls.

"Huh?! Ah? What the…?!" He thought, without being able to say any word.

His jaws didn't allowed him to easily speak with how long they were. In fact, the only thing coming out of his mouth were strange lizard-like groans.

"Roar…! Groar! Grar?!"

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And as he struggled with his inability to speak, he realized these two girls were not normal at all. In fact they were not even human.

Their skin was as red as blood, their eyes yellow and orange, blazing with bright fiery light. And their hair was long and silvery white. They even had black horns growing from their forehead!

And they were incredibly tall, both being around three meters of height!

They were wearing tribal clothes of some sort, made of animal leather. Their bodies were covered on tattoos depicting blazing flames.

"(This is clearly not Earth, I can tell…)"

And then, he checked into his own body. He had not done this before because he was afraid of realizing what sort of strange, non-human critter he had become.

And the first thing he saw were red-colored scales covering his entire body. He was definitely small compared to the two girls. He had four- no, six limbs, or three pairs of limbs. They were small, and four of them ended into sharp tiny black claws, while the other two, mounted atop his shoulders, were small and with long fingers interconnected with red membranes, like bat wings.

"(I am a winged lizard?)"

He had a hard time realizing that winged lizards often had a name…

"(Wait, that's a Dragon…)"

As he realized his new identity as a winged lizard, the two girls in front of him spoke once more. He quickly realized they looked a lot alike, they were twins. However, one of them was slimmer while the other was burlier and muscular, covered in a few scars, and rather tomboyish.

"Unbelievable… It actually hatched…" The tomboyish warrior-like girl was left speechless, incapable of accepting that her childish twin sister was right.

"THE WIELDER OF THE ORIGIN FLAMES HAS BEEN BORN!" Meanwhile, the other twin sister raised her slim arms into the sky, celebrating the little dragon's birth.

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"(What the heck is happening…)"

For him, this seemed very sudden… He didn't even have a few years to rest and settle down his mind at all and then he was suddenly reincarnated. Although he couldn't really complain, being a dragon was perhaps the best sort of non-human reincarnation he could had ever hoped for.

"(But seriously, I still can't believe how quickly things changed…)"

Everything seemed incredibly fantastical as well. Joan quickly realized that because reincarnation was a thing, souls existed as a result. And so does some kind of divine entity that brought him here somehow, most likely that "Hel" that spoke to him before hatching.

And of course, if souls exist, other supernatural things are most likely real. Magic, monsters, other worlds, fantastical races, and all sorts of other insane concepts he loved to read in the all the reincarnation fantasy stories he enjoyed.

Although his death was abrupt and horrid, his new upbringing quickly filled him with the hope he would be able to live a new life and enjoy all the things he was unable to do in his previous life, including his major regrets.

However, there was something in specific that was really annoying him about this entire ordeal…

"(At first glance, it might appear I am a young, red-scaled dragon, probably a typical fire dragon? Seriously? I could had been anything else, but I get to become a fire dragon by dying in a fire? Is this the irony of life? Is this what you get for dying in fire?)"

Indeed, he was raging over such a small, insignificant detail. But to be honest, it felt like a punch in the face for him. As if whoever reincarnated him here was laughing at him and, just for the irony, reincarnated him as a fire-wielding creature.

"(Then What if I died by being buried in an avalanche? Do I become an ice dragon?!)"

Like this, in between complains over the ridiculousness of the situation, the first Fire Dragon in over a hundred thousand years was born.

Although in this time Drake had yet to even come to Heaven Port, he suddenly felt a strange, tingling sensation the moment our young Fire Dragon was born.

"This sensation… What is this?"

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