Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1178: Nearing The Mysterious Archipelago

Through the week I've accumulated a nice amount of Divine Power fighting Sea Monsters. Nothing as strong as the Giant Kraken though, but by eating their Divine Cores and their meat, I've gotten a nice amount of energy and also some divinity fragments here and there…

The sea seems like the best spot to grind for Divine Power and Divinity Fragments for sure. The amount of high ranked monsters roaming everywhere is insane, and it is easy to find them and fight them without any problem, they seem to be attracted to me due to my presence and authority as a powerful Dragon King, so other governors of their own territories come to fight me off. Leviathan also fends off any threat that I cannot see when I'm busy, but I've been coming out to hunt Sea Monsters every day, at least several times a day.

I've got over two hundred million Divine Power, more than enough to Rank Up and have a lot of leftover Divine Power as well… But I'll leave it for later. I've always used Ranking Up as a last resort powerup when I am fighting a mighty foe, and I would prefer to leave this option like this for later.

What I've been able to realize is that the stronger monsters in here all give me some Divinity Fragments of a "Divinity of Sea Beasts", whatever that really is. I had yet tried to make new Divinities though, as my slots are full for the Main Divinities.

Practicing with my Divinities has become a daily routine for me. Although the System helps in a lot of stuff, it still necessary that I practice with the power I obtain from each Divinity and Skill, so I can get used to them and master their power.

I've also been thinking about what to do with my three Divine Spirit Evolution Tickets and my Divine Spirit Creation Ticket. With those three tickets I could evolve right away Rose, Belle, and Gabriel. But I could also just hold them up for a bit… Also there's the possibility to use all three of them in a single spirit, right? Maybe they would evolve into a completely ridiculous form.

And then the creation ticket is there too… I could certainly get myself something good with it, but I need more materials for that, I already made a powerful Technomancy/System/Heaven/Light Elemental Spirit using Benladra and Kate's residual materials, such as their molted scales and so on.

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I have considered an Ocean Spirit, a Fire Spirit, or even my very own Chaos Spirit! As long as I ask Benladann and Miranda for their scales, a tiny piece of their horns, or maybe a claw it could work… Though if I use Divine Materials, the result would be even better. I've been accumulating them not only just to upgrade my Divine Weapons or something, but also to make a new Divine Spirit.

Belle covers my back with her Dream Magic and all of its utility, Rose is a powerful offensive fighter and a buffer as well, with her Blood and Darkness Magic that can easily devastate everything and her buffing ability by being able to merge herself with weapons and stuff… and then Gabriel covers the elements I have not much expertise on, such as light, technomancy, and so on…

"Welp, I'll leave that for later… We are getting closer now, better make breakfast and prepare to arrive at the island."

As I made breakfast using Cooking Spirits, my family had already woken up and we enjoyed a relaxed morning while eating to our heart's content. Everyone was rather excited about arriving at the Archipelago.

"Are we really going there in this big ship though?" Wondered Benladann.

"Ah, right… No, not really. We'll use Charlotte's ship, she can now summon it at will within any body of water, so we'll bring it out and go with it. This big ship is Fuyu after all, she'll be concealed with Illusion Magic." I said.

"Phew that's good, I was really thinking you forgot about something so obvious." Miranda said while giggling.

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"O-Of course not…" I said, although I had just thought about it yesterday. Before that day, I was already just thinking about arriving with the giant ship made of ice into the archipelago's port.

"Are you excited about going to the archipelago, Benladra?" Benladann wondered, as our little daughter was sitting over her legs while munching on a sandwich.

"Yesh! I want to make… frens!" She said while waving her dragon tail playfully.

"Friends? But you've got plenty of them around here…" Miranda said.

"I want… island frens." Benladra smiled slightly cheekily.

"Fren!" Kate said, agreeing with her sister.

"I guess they're excited about meeting new friends in the island, that's nice." I smiled, my two daughters were way too cute.

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"Anyways, you two girls are slightly stinky, so you should take a bath!" I added, standing up and grabbing the two of them with my hands, they were small enough.

"Let's go take a family bath then, the bath's big enough!" Benladann said.

"Eh? Family bath? This is new…" Miranda said.

"Come on, you'll like it! I'll wash your back and you wash mine~!" Benladann carried Miranda with her.

Like that, after a short bath where I made sure my daughters were well washed and presentable, we quickly got ready to depart. Our group had already mostly assembled inside of Charlotte's ship, and once everything was ready, the ship quickly left Fuyu's interior through a gate that she opened, as we arrived at the open seas easily.


"Alright! Time to get to the archipelago! Shouldn't be so hard, this place only has a single functional port anyways, let's go!" Charlotte said, as her powers quickly fueled her entire ship, making it move rapidly across the vast sea.

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Seagulls flew around the skies, flocking over our ship, as the bright sun atop the skies and the calm ocean waves made this a beautiful scene.

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