Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn as a Vampire Dragon with a System
Chapter 1: Reborn... As a Vampire Dragon?

Adrift an ocean of abyssal darkness, an entity of unknown origins was fragmenting.

Its entire body, through the natural forces of the cosmos, began to be torn apart, fragmenting into pieces.

Each piece expanded through the cosmic darkness, traveling far away.

And one of such fragmented pieces fell into the confines of the cosmos.

As it fell, more of its residual darkness began to dissipate, the chaos within its existence began to disappear.

However, like a sudden flash, a force stopped its falling.

It called upon it and swiftly deposited it into a transmigration cycle.

The force, or well, the entity that did this glared as the fragment of darkness twisted and gibbered, as it was purified by the ethereal brilliance of primordial essences.

And then, like many of the souls within this transmigration cycle, it was sent through an endless river that connected to many worlds, to be reborn.

When Chaos gained some consciousness of himself, he developed abilities.

Born in a world similar to modern Earth, but that had recently undergone an apocalypse that filled the world with Miasma, corrupted Mana, he was one of those people who had been born with an Ability.

However, his Ability was not like many others.

The moment he developed his abilities, a large mass of black and slimy liquid came out of his hands. It possessed strange, mutagenic properties, and it was also able to negate other types of elements to an extent… it was a dangerous power.

This liquid was later cataloged as Miasma, the same substance that once impacted this world and brought the Apocalypse, taking the lives of millions, and changing the world forever.

However, what awaited Chaos was not a life as a hero of the world, saving countless people and defeating the mutated beasts that emerged around the world.

Sadly, his destiny was another.

As someone whose mother died when she gave birth to him, and whose father was long gone, he was, like many other children in the apocalypse, an orphan.

Thrown into an orphanage in the slums, he was barely fed a moldy piece of bread and a bit of bone soup every day.

His life was miserable, and even at the age of 4, he barely knew how to speak or understand people because no one took the responsibility to teach him anything.

After all, who would care about a poor child, in such a world filled with madness and monsters?

However, when he developed more of his abilities, one day, men wearing black suits showed up at the orphanage.

Small and defenseless, and without having properly developed any way to defend himself, he was grabbed by these people and then thrown into a special facility filled with scientists.

It seems that the one that owned the orphanage had sold Chaos, like many other children, into a facility that experimented with young people that had awakened abilities.

The scientists experimented with Chaos, and were fascinated by his power, they had never found anyone all around the world that was born or had awakened an ability as unique as his.

The Attribute of Chaos.

"Amazing…! In this world, people had awakened or have been born with many Attributes… But Chaos is an Attribute like nothing else!"

"It is the power contained within the Miasma that arrived on Earth 120 years ago!"

Chaos… an unstable force of nature, nothing within chaos was in order, it twisted everything.

It was not able to disintegrate matter, but it was able to assimilate it into complete disorder, due to this, it had the power to nullify other types of attributes to an extent.

Amongst its many properties, Chaos had the power to trigger mutation on living beings, bringing them power by filling them with miasma.

It was a disruptive power, something that Humans should have never found.

The boy, who was named Chaos by the scientists, was cataloged as a miracle child, someone that would bring a bright future to the world.

Oh, how false was that statement…

Chaos only suffered through his entire life.

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Experimented like a guinea pig, many times he wished, within his young and innocent mind, to die.

They constantly extracted his blood, which also had special properties.

And they were constantly overfeeding him with Mana Potions, as they extracted immense quantities of Miasma from his hands, which produced it almost continuously.

The scientist experimented with Chaos's special body, a body that has somehow adapted to contain chaos attributes within it, and put him through arduous and horrendous trials and tortures, throwing him many attributes to see how he could withstand them.

However, as a young and underdeveloped boy, Chaos grew only weaker, consumed by his own power, he died at the age of 19 barely resembling his age...

But of course, not without the scientists having taken large quantities of miasma from him, which they used to create special weapons of mass destruction, which were later used in wars.

These miasma weapons, however, held too much power, and just as stated earlier, it was a power that humanity should have never played with. Countless lives were lost, and after all these wars, humanity was extinguished.

Chaos had a pitiful first life, and he never had a chance to get revenge, nor to live a better life. Nonetheless, without doing anything, all those that made him suffer died horribly anyways.

After he died, Chaos felt like glimpses of memories ran through his consciousness, places, and things he had never done, and many memories of people speaking to him, large beings, enormous, scaled lizards, pale-skinned people with crimson eyes, and other things.

He was not able to completely assimilate all of such info and felt dizzy.

However, he knew that after death, there shouldn't be anything else.

Yet… What was happening now?

After dying, he found himself somewhere else.

It was so fast it felt like he had simply closed his eyes in one body only to open them in another.

Could this be… did he Reincarnate?

The first thing Chaos felt when he regained his consciousness was coldness like he had never felt before. He felt like he was floating in the middle of an incredibly cold fluid where he couldn't move an inch.

For many weeks, months, and even years, he remained within this place, motionless.

And through this time, he slowly began to assess these strange memories, however, they were very hard to comprehend, they made him dizzy, and he often fell asleep many times.

However, he was sure that his body, whatever his body was now, was continuously growing through this long period of time.

At some point, after approximately 42 years of being in here, he felt like he had grown large limbs, four of them, alongside a long tail of sorts. There were also another pair of strange limbs growing above his shoulders.

His face also grew, and he also felt like he had hair and some strange protuberances growing over his head.

When his eyes fully developed, he opened them and was finally able to see where he was, at long last.

What greeted his eyes was what seemed to be a dark, dust-filled laboratory, where every utensil was strange and rusty, there were many strange jewels of colors exuding colorful auras, large caldrons with boiling green liquids, and… bones, many bones spread all over the place.

There was one bone in particular, no, more like a full skeleton, that was glaring at him with its empty eyes.

It opened its jaw, as it somehow spoke without lips, nor tongue, nor flesh.

"Haha! Hahaha! I've done it! Finally! It took so long but it is done! Welcome, my child, to the world of Ginnungagap! You are one like no one else! You're my perfect creation! A child that shares nothing of me, yet it was created by my grace! Oh, well, you have some of my bones!"

The skeleton began to speak with a youthful voice, as he began to move around, Chaos was baffled to see a skeleton moving without having any tendrils nor muscles holding it in place. It was a surreal sight to behold.

The skeleton in particular was wearing a black robe, and he also had a crown made of black metal, his left hand wielded a long wooden staff with the tip decorated by the skull of something that wasn't a human.

Chaos could not speak, so he glanced at the skeleton as he spoke.

"You are the perfect creation! A being made between two of the most powerful and ancient races in this universe! Vampires and Dragons! My own creation! Hah! I bet that Ancient Order will piss themselves whenever I release you into the galaxy! You and I will conquer this galaxy, no, the universe! And make it ours!"


What was this skeleton even talking about? Vampires? Dragons? Conquer the Universe? Ancient Order?

Chaos was confused, he couldn't understand anything he was talking about.

However, a sudden glimpse of information rushed into his mind, as the memories he was having a hard time assimilating helped him understand what these things were.

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Vampires were a race of supernatural Undead, the strongest of them all, they possessed endless lifespan and insane regeneration abilities, amazing talent with magic, superhuman strength, powerful magic eyes, and many other powers.

Dragons were a race of ancient beings who were cataloged as monsters by some but seen as living Gods by others. Much like Vampires, they had no lifespan and grew slowly, the older a dragon was, the more power they could hold. Their bodies were enormous, covered by impenetrable scales that were immune to most magic, they held strong claws, jaws, and a deadly breath, amongst their many powers.

And this Skeleton said that he was the creation between these two ancient and powerful Lineages.

A chimera between the two.

A Vampire Dragon.

Chaos glanced at the skeleton speak some more.

"Soon enough, in about 10 years, you should be able to fully mature… You don't know how much time it took me to create you! As an Elder Lich who has existed for 12340 years, it was really a taxing job! I guess it could be said that you're the greatest creation in all of my years of existence! You will change the world and…"

As Chaos heard the skeleton speak, he suddenly began to fall asleep again, and closed his eyes for who knows how long…

Through this period of sleep, Chaos dreamed about being back on Earth.

He was a little child like he remembered himself as.

But instead of being alone, he was with his family.

A mother that he never met, and a father that he never knew.

They held his little hands as they guided him into a road in the middle of a park.

It was a beautiful day, the sun shined brightly atop the clear blue sky, and many other families enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness of the day.

He ate the delicious sandwiches that his mother prepared and drank refreshing sweet orange juice.

Afterward, he went to play in the park with the other kids, they were all those of the orphanage, but were happy instead of hateful or alone.

He smiled faintly, as he played with them.

It was a good dream…

But it was only that, a dream.

The only time Chaos experienced happiness was through his very dreams… It seemed that his own mind was trying to help his mental instability.

But in the middle of such a beautiful dream, the world began to fragment into pieces.

Enormous men wearing white coats emerged, covered by black and moldy ooze.

They monstrously groaned, grabbing him away from his parents, as he began to scream and cry.

They began to tear apart his body and use it for experiments, as he was caged into a dark dungeon.

"…Why? Why me…?! WHY?!"

Suddenly, Chaos woke up.

He began to cough and vomit a green and slimy liquid, he suddenly felt like he was able to move his body, and found himself inside what seemed to be a giant capsule where he was confined this whole time. The slimy liquid where he was floating on was gone, and he was coughing the last bits stuck into his lungs.

As he glanced that his body seemed like that of a human, but covered in black and red scales here and there, with a long-scaled tail, and what seemed to be wings behind his back, a sudden dinging sound resonated through Chaos' mind.


[Your Soul has been registered into the [Universal Origin Records]

"Uni… versal… Ori… gin Records…?"

[Assimilating user's power and adapting it into the Records…]


[User's existence does not match any existing entity]

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[Creating new file…]



<Universal Origin Records>

[Name: [Chaos (Self-proclaimed)]

[Race: [Lesser Vampire Dragon Chimera]

[Existence Realm: [Pseudo Demi-Deity: 1/9 (Initial Stage)]

[Blood Core Rank: [Level IV: Draconic Vampire (Initial Stage)]

[Dragon Heart Rank: [Level IV: Adult Blood Dragon (Initial Stage)]

[Bloodline: [Mixed Vampire Dragon Bloodline (Crimson-red)]

[Faction: [Chaotic Evil: World's Enemy (Forced Faction Due to Curse)]

[Vitality: [55.000/55.000]

[Mana: [100.000.000/100.000.000]

[Strength: [14.500]

[Agility: [12.600]

[Stamina: [22.300]

[Magic: [32.500]


[Unique Skill: Chaos Born]

[Unique Skill: Unique Existence: Vampire Dragon]

[Unique Skill: All-Consumption]

[Immortal Body: Level 1]

[Supernatural Strength: Level 1]

[Vampirism: Level 1]

[Bloodwork: Level 1]

[Dragon Breath: Level 1]

[Dragon Scales: Level 1]

[Vampire Dragon Transformation: Level 1]


[Divine Curse: God's Curse]

Chaos's eyes widened as he saw what seemed to be a holographic window in front of his crimson-red eyes.

What was this strange holographic window, and what did it mean?

Before Chaos were to receive any answers, someone in front of him spoke.

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"Happy birthday!"

Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn as a Vampire Dragon with a System Chapter 1: Reborn... As a Vampire Dragon?
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